He Jing is the second-tier little fresh meat in the entertainment industry, who is famous coquettish sl*t in the circle but in fact he is just a virgin who is looking for men with a handsome appearance and good body.

He Jing wants to meet a handsome guy who loves his money, it doesn’t matter if he did not have money he works in the entertainment industry so he can make money to take care of him.

Then he met the handsome, angry and resentful Zhou Cheng, whose clothes were cheap and he was obviously penniless so he finally could become a golden backer.

Then he began to go to great lengths to give Zhou Cheng pocket money.

Then he was blinded by Zhou Cheng’s black card.


Chapter 1 – You Are Not Allowed To Go To The Hotel! ! ! !

Chapter 2 – There Is A Word Written All Over Your Body – Advanced!

Chapter 3 – Are You Waiting For Him To Take The Initiative?

Chapter 4 – If You Want To Do It Here, I…. I Can Also…

Chapter 5 – How Pitiful And Heartbreaking

Chapter 6 – I am! Determined! To! Not! Obey!

Chapter 7 – Are you, are you going to be here?

Chapter 8 -Didn’t You Mean It?

Chapter 9 – “Take The Money And Get Out.”

Chapter 10 – “Words Are Words, I Will Take You To Learn.”

Chapter 11 – What A Tough And Heart Wrenching Person He Is

Chapter 12 – “As Soon As I looked At My Mobile Phone Our Company Had Already Changed The Owner!”

Chapter 13 – “Zhou Cheng … Please, I, I Want To …”

Chapter 14 – “Handsome Are You Interested In Having A Go With Me?”

Chapter 15 – There Is More Than One Way To Give Money!

Chapter 16 – He Jing Growing Alone Like This Should Be Lacking Love

Chapter 17 – “Be Warm To Him So He Can Feel Some Affection.”

Chapter 18 – “That’s Because You Are Cute…”

Chapter 19 – Has Our New Boss Taken The Wrong Medicine?

Chapter 20 – I,.. We Can… Tonight…

Chapter 21 – He Should Give He Jing A Status As Soon As Possible

Chapter 22 – He Jing Was Almost Blinded By The Diamond

Chapter 23 – You Are So Thoughtful.”

Chapter 24 – In This Chapter…

Chapter 25.1 – The More He Recalled, The More He Felt That Zhou Cheng Really Couldn’t Do It.

Chapter 25.2 – The More He Recalled, the more he felt that Zhou Cheng really couldn’t do it.

Chapter 26. 1 – Who are you? Are you here to disturb the wedding?”

Chapter 26. 2 – Who are you? Are you here to disturb the wedding?”

Chapter 27.1 – End

Chapter 27.2 – End