A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 17 – “Be warm to him so he can feel some affection.”

He Jing didn’t  know what Zhou Cheng thought.

He just wanted to bring Zhou Cheng to the place where he worked before his debut, so that the man he liked could see his life before he became a star.

He Jing held Zhou Cheng’s hand with both hands and unwittingly leaned on Zhou Cheng’s shoulder.

The small orphanage in the suburbs was very quiet, there was no heavy traffic in the city center and only the playful sound of the children playing in groups.

The scale of this orphanage was not so small and as far as the eye could see all the low-rise buildings bathed in brilliant gold light.

The young man’s eyes were clean and dazed as he recalled the time when he played games with the  children at work. In a happy voice, he said: “I was actually quite happy at that time …”

“I understand.” The man suddenly said, his voice low and hoarse, it also seemed to be a little  distressed: “I understand, and you will be even happier in the future.”

He Jing tilted his head and said “Of course I will be happier in the future.”

Wasn’t he talking about his working experience? How can Zhou Cheng understand it?

His eyes moved, and a few thoughts flashed through his mind, and he suddenly understood– he almost forgot that Zhou Cheng was a migrant worker from the countryside in the city. He must have seen many children living in his old place and played with them, right?

Then he would understand why he was feeling so happy. It was normal.

He simply skipped the topic and said: “Anyway, I was discovered by Brother Qi later and  I signed an economic contract and made money. I often bring candy gifts to them to relieve my work pressure – sometimes it is very stressful in the entertainment industry!”

For some reason, Zhou Chenghui held his hand harder and harder, but the man controlled his strength well so he did not feel any pain even when his hand was held tight.

This symbolizes the subconscious action of unwillingness to let go. He Jing heart beat a little faster unconsciously. Fortunately, wearing a mask his face could not be seen by others.

“I brought you here today to show you the place I was before I made my debut–“

The man suddenly raised his hand, fingertips sliding across his mask to press his lips.

He Jing raised his eyes and happened to meet deep dark eyes.

It seemed to be mixed with life but also looked a little distressed.

He Jing: “?”

Zhou Cheng said slowly: “I see, we will be happier in the future and I will accompany you every day.”

He Jing blinked blankly.

He brought Zhou Cheng here to let him know who he was before his debut. His simple and ordinary life before he made his debut.

Spread out everything to Zhou Cheng, express his love to this man and hope to be with this man all the time.

But he only said a few words and Zhou Cheng understood everything.

He also gave him a promise.

Zhou Cheng promised him that he would stay with him all the time.

He Jing grasped Zhou Cheng’s wrist and pressed  the hand against his lips slightly so he could pull down his mask.

Next moment, he leaned forward slightly and licked Zhou Cheng’s finger.

The man’s fingertips  retreated  subconsciously and his deep black eyes seemed like a night dotted with stars, quiet and calm.His eyes rippled under the intense emotions. “Me too…” He Jing whispered a little sheepishly: “I will also accompany you.”

He felt that men gaze as he slowly approached but in a moment he would be able to kiss him on the cheek.

He swallowed and his Adam’s apple moved slightly.

Beside him, the children’s playful voices suddenly stopped and their clear voices sounded in twos and threes: “What are you brothers doing?” , “Brother, what are you and this brother doing?” , “….”

He Jing: “….”

Zhou Cheng: “…”




In the next few days, He Jing’s schedule started to get busy.

His current crew was close to completion and his movie was almost finished so some follow-up interviews and upcoming variety shows were coming one after another, which were prepared for him after the mysterious boss bought the company a few days ago.

It’s just that after signing, nothing happened, so he thought that acting coquettish and slutty fulfilled his goal. .

The thing he worried about the most did not happen so He Jing  began to look forward to a better life with Zhou Cheng. From that day on, after taking Zhou Cheng to the orphanage where he worked before he gradually began to talk to Zhou Cheng about some things he was interested in and his past memories. But he did not know why Zhou Cheng would always use this….. look of pity?

Maybe he thought it was hard for him to make money and support his family.

However, all this hard work up now was worth it, he was now able to afford supporting Zhou Cheng.

Thinking of Zhou Cheng, who was as beautiful as flowers at home, He Jing became even more motivated to work. He Jing was so busy these days that he could only let Zhou Cheng stay at home and take a break. At night, when he was exhausted from work he would try to pull Zhou Cheng into the bed.

——Then Zhou Cheng changed from sitting by He Jing bed to getting into the bed with him.

But literally it was still a pure chat with the cover on.

He Jing thought he finally found a gay to become his brother.

But there were no tears even if he wanted to cry.

It was another morning when he woke up after sleeping together under a quilt. Before dawn, He Jing was pulled by Qi Rui to shoot an advertisement.

Zhou Cheng, who always maintained a good schedule, also woke up. But after He Jing left, instead of going to work at the company as before he asked his driver to take him back to Zhou manor.

There were several big manors in the outskirts of Yangcheng and it was basically the place where rich people lived. The developer of this area was Zhou family so all large manors were basically booked by the top class of Yangcheng when they were still in development while the small manors were always for sale sporadically.

It was at the gate of his own manor where he first “met” He Jingnby chance.

Zhou Cheng first went back to his estate and picked five or six servants who had been with him for many years. According to their age of men and women, he gave each of them a house in – residential building where He Jing lived.

“You will move in as soon as possible, each disguised as a couple and become He Jing’s neighbors,” Zhou Cheng explained: “Be warm to him so he can feel some affection.”

These days, Zhou Cheng asked his people to buy all the vacant houses in the residential building where He Jing lived. Zhou Cheng felt distressed when he thought that He Jing was an orphan who grew up in an orphanage and works hard in the entertainment industry by himself.

After thinking about it, he decided to find someone to live next to He Jing house and give him more care from his elders and neighbors.

Zhou Cheng ordered it one by one and his several servants nodded one after another. Then they went to pack up their things to move.

None of the servants in the main house of the Zhou family were vegetarian (None of the servants in the main house were born yesterday), but at the end of the day the sun set and cloud appeared all over the sky. The originally empty and quiet residential buildings become more lively.

When He Jing came home, he happened to see a pair of uncles and aunts exercising downstairs and there seemed to be a bag of delicately packed cakes on one side.

He was about to walk away when the uncle stopped him: “Young man!”

He Jing immediately stopped and said blankly: “Ah?”

He was still just a little fresh meat and he was wearing a mask at this moment so he should not be recognized by this uncle and aunt right?

As soon as he thought about whether to go up or turn around and run away, the aunt walked up to him with the cake then handed it to him directly and said frankly: “We just moved here. Do you live here? From now on, we will be neighbors so please accept this gift from this aunt.”


“Take it. I don’t have any children either so if you want to eat something in the future remember to knock on my door. I live in 302. Don’t be nervous, just treat us like parents, and feel free to ask for anything! “

He Jing: “???”

He declined several times, but the two uncles and aunts were very insistent.

He thought that he might live here with Zhou Cheng for a while so having a good relationship with his neighbors would not be a bad thing. After that he would prepare some better gifts and come to their door to thank them.

So he entered the building with a cake.

But before he could enter the elevator, another man called to him: “Young man!”

He Jing turned around blankly.

This uncle was obviously in good health as he walked to him at a brisk pace and handed him a bag of wine: “Do you live here? I haven’t seen you here before. Since I saw you for the first time I will give you two bottles of wine-I brewed it myself. We all are neighbors. I’ll be in touch with you a lot in the future. if you have anything, just call me and treat me like your family! “

He Jing: “…” 


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