A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 25.2 – The more he recalled, the more he felt that Zhou Cheng really couldn’t do it.

Zhou Cheng and He Jing divided the parts they were responsible for and roughly discussed the next process.

They decided to get married as soon as possible as they were worried that their families and friends would disagree. They unanimously decided to hold a small wedding first, and the location of it was decided to be held in the small manor that He Jing gave to Zhou Cheng.

As for the invitation to the small wedding, Zhou Cheng himself would invite close relatives and friends, and He Jing himself would invite his close friends and relatives.

Meanwhile, Zhou Cheng has personally purchased some wedding tableware – the part that Zhou Cheng needed to be responsible for.

Zhou Cheng was particularly attentive to these matters. In the past it was his assistant and housekeeper who handled things like this but now he even personally checked every step, even these tableware delivery to the small manor, Zhou Cheng personally went to receive them.

He Jing was free that day so he also came to receive the goods with Zhou Cheng.

As he watched the workers move boxes of expensive tableware into the warehouse, He Jing took his hand, his light teal eyes shining with simplicity and clarity.

“Zhou Cheng, how do you know this brand?”

How could he not know?

Although he did not pay attention to these things before, but, this time he carefully checked each part and chose the best and most suitable one so naturally, he was clearer about this aspect.

Moreover, he knew that He Jing liked money and luxury so the ones he chose were particularly famous and gorgeous brands.

Only to hear the youth beside him laugh: “You really have a heart, and go to understand these things you are not very interested in.”

“It’s okay, as long as you’re happy.”

Zhou Cheng thought that He Jing really liked them.

The workers who came to transport these costly tableware carefully and neatly placed them in the warehouse, not far away there are various renovation noises, in order to complete the renovation as soon as possible to hold a small wedding, the small manor began to renovate several places at the same time. .

Surrounded by noise, He Jing finally took a look at the things in the warehouse, accompanied by the sound of renovation machines and murmured something like: “So you like such extravagant and gorgeous things ah .… then the things I prepare must also be expensive.”

Zhou Cheng who was locking the door of the warehouse and didn’t hear what He Jing was saying for a while: “Huh?”

“Oh, let’s go home.”

“I need to go home,” Zhou Cheng said: “To talk to my family about the wedding.” In order to discuss it together, his parents and several of Zhou’s relatives had made time for it and were already gathered at the Zhou family residence at the moment.

He Jing blinked: “Then I’ll drive you there?”

“No need, I asked someone to pick me up.” Although they were already in the area of the estate, the distance between the estates was also large so Zhou Cheng had already arranged for the Zhou family’s driver to pick him up.

He asked He Jing in passing, “Or you can go back with me?”

He Jing was stunned and hurriedly waved his hand: “No no, I didn’t clean my appearance all day so I have a bit of idol baggage…”

Zhou Cheng: “…”

He raised his eyelids and thought for a while, but still didn’t tell He Jing that in fact his parents had already seen He Jing several times.

He Jing: “Then I’ll go back first, say hello to your parents for me.”

Zhou Cheng nodded.

Not long after He Jing left, the Zhou family’s driver took Zhou Cheng back to his large estate.

A bunch of the Zhou family’s “royal relatives” were already waiting at the main mansion, except for a few of Zhou Cheng’s closest relatives who had met He Jing a few days ago and disguised themselves as neighbors. The rest of them almost all flocked together to ask about He Jing.

In normal days, Zhou Cheng was actually not very patient with these relatives.

Except for a few people in the center of the management of the Zhou family, the rest of the people were just relatives that depended on dividends to eat.

Some of them were even of the same generation as Zhou Cheng, who only knew to make  trouble every day.

But if he talked about their relationship, it would be not too familiar, not too distant.

Zhou Cheng thought about it and since He Jing was the person he chose, He Jing will definitely have contacts with these people in the Zhou family in the future so it will be better if he invited all the relatives he was close to.

The first thing he needed to do to make sure that his boyfriend would not be bullied by these people when he came to the Zhou family so it’s better to declare He Jing’s status clearly from the beginning.

So Zhou Cheng had a rare moment of patience to talk clearly to everyone about the wedding.

The always aloof young master Zhou was now gently talking about the story of his meeting with He Jing to his decision of fast marriage. Everyone in the Zhou family sat aside with shocked expressions as if they were in class they did not dare to miss a word as they listened attentively.

Zhou Cheng started from the roadside encounter with He Jing, and clearly said how pitiful his flash marriage partner was. At the beginning he was suppressed by the company, was forced to seduce him, and then he was busy filming every day when he could not even affrord to drink one cup of milk tea.

The youth spent some time in the orphanage and  finally changed his fate by becoming a star, but never forgot his original intention. When he had time he would give the children in the orphanage food and supplies, and even play with the children.

But under such circumstances, He Jing still had already boarded his boat. Not only did he not rely on him to take the lead, but he insisted on returning all the money he sent out to him, and he was unwilling to accept the entertainment resources he gave, insisting on an equal relationship with him.

After Zhou Cheng finished speaking, some of the Zhou family members present had red eyes and were almost moved to tears by He Jing.

“So, wait for the wedding day,” Zhou Cheng said in a low-key voice, with a serious tone, “I hope you can try to keep a low profile, and don’t let him feel that there is a gap with us, especially in terms of money. This is kind of my request to all of you, thank you very much.”

The people were busy nodding, one by one, promising that the wedding day would definitely be as low-key as possible and they would not show off their wealth.

Zhou’s father and mother also told Zhou Cheng to rest assured that they would pay good attention to proportion, and would definitely not scare his boyfriend.

Only then did Zhou Cheng relax.

On the other hand, after leaving the small manor he gave to Zhou Cheng, He Jing did not return to the shabby little apartment, but went back to his villa in the city and discussed with Qi Rui about what he needed to prepare.

“No way, you…” Qi Rui looked at the list he made, completely dumbfounded: “What are you doing? Renovating the palace? Buy all these things?”

He Jing tilted his head: “It’s not like I can’t afford it.”

Qi Rui opened the computer on the spot and searched out the picture of one of the products in front of him.

He pointed to the extravagant gold and silver thing on the computer screen, pointed his trembling fingertips as he was not able to say anything: “…. I have been with you for so many years, but you started to have such aesthetics? If you let your fans know about it, they will stop being your fans!”

Of course He Jing knew.

The list of items he listed for the wedding was chosen according to the standard of preciousness and luxury.

He actually didn’t care about these extraneous things and just hoped that Zhou Cheng would like them.

According to the aesthetics of Zhou Cheng’s wedding ring, the other party seemed to like luxury and opulence. Things that looked expensive at a glance! From the viewpoint of the tableware Zhou Cheng purchased, Zhou Cheng clearly liked these famous brands!

It was understandable, after all Zhou Cheng was from a poor family and hasn’t seen anything in the world, so he must admire these things very much.

Since his lover liked these things of course he must satisfy him.

“Do you know that these things piled together, will make your wedding look like a nouveau riche marrying a trophy wife?” Qi Rui gritted his teeth.

“I know.”

Qi Rui: “… then can I apply not to be the best man? It’s a bit humiliating.”

“No way!”

Before he could finish speaking, his agent rolled his eyes.

He Jing was thick-skinned and accepted Qi Rui without any emotion and smilingly sent Qi Rui away to pick up the “thuggish” taste goods.

Afterwards, he sat down in front of his computer. Although he was the only one at home, but he was still a little nervous and shy as he looked around for a moment and only then clicked on the website selling that kind of props.

Even if they do not sleep together now, they will sleep on the night of their wedding, right?

Since Zhou Cheng couldn’t do it, it would be better for him to prepare the props first. Even if Zhou Cheng couldn’t do it, cough…. He could use these props to sleep with him.

With anticipation, anxiety, nervousness, and excitement, he went to the websites selling this kind of props to see what he should buy. He wanted to try everything, but he was afraid to buy it.

Eventually He Jing thought – for him it was not expensive so even if he will not use it he can put it away until the time using them would no longer feel uncomfortable.

So He Jing bought a copy of all of them, paid the money and sent it directly to the small estate he gave to Zhou Cheng.

After placing the order, He Jing did not stay idle and drove alone to his parents’ home.

He Jing was not a rich second-generation or a playboy artist with a family company to inherit. Even though his family was a middle class family, their material life was quite rich, but also not too rich. He Jing who worked in the entertainment industry, to put it bluntly, was also ordinary fresh meat who worked for his company.

It was just that he was quite competitive and earned a lot. He bought a villa for his parents early and has a lot of savings.

When he arrived at his parents’ house, the two old people happened to be walking around the villa.

He Jing simply put on a mask and walked with his parents while explaining about the wedding.

The young man’s voice was as clear and fresh as a bubbling spring, and sometimes he would say some amusing words, making the two old people laugh a lot.

He Jing’s parents had known their son’s sexual orientation for a long time, so they were always worried about He Jing identity. It was not easy to find someone and it was not easy to settle down but He Jing reassured them, so they were naturally happy.

“So what does your object do? Are there any shortcomings?”

He Jing frowned.

In front of his parents, he couldn’t say it was a white boy he picked up on the roadside.

He thought for a while and said: “Part time, fitness instructor… ahem, part-time economics and management teacher.”

“That’s still a decent family.” He Jing’s father said.

He Jing: “…… is actually freelance.”

“Is there any downside?” He Jing’s mother asked.

He Jing immediately spilled the beans and talked about a bunch of advantages, then paused and thought about it, but still felt that he had to talk to his parents – after all it was a lifetime thing.

“That’s right, the bed thing, he’s not very good. But I thought about it and I don’t mind it because I like him.”

He Jing’s parents looked surprised. As a man, He Jing’s father patted him on the shoulder and sighed: “You’ve grown up, Mom and Dad respect your decision.”

He Jing smiled: “By the way, Mom and Dad, his family is not very good and he is relatively poor so he likes money. So when the wedding comes, everyone should try to look more generous and rich so it will look like we will have a strong background to put him at ease as well as his family.”

“Don’t worry, we will explain it to everyone, we will definitely show off our wealth without any traces!”


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