A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 7 – “Are you, are you going to be here?”

Qi Rui was dumbfounded.

When he reflected on what He Jing had done, his whole person becomes confused: “you, you, you –“

He Jing slapped the table hard: “I know what I’m doing! I definitely won’t fall for it!”

He was also a little afraid after he finished his speech – a boss that could take out so many contracts at once. You didn’t even need to think about it to know he could hide him forever with one sentence!


He Jing thought about his savings and a senior gentleman who was waiting for him at home. He thought that hiding was not a problem.

The biggest dream of his life – to have a handsome man to sleep with every day – was about to come true.

So looking serious, He Jing turned around and left without hesitation.

Qi Rui froze for a moment, He Jing had walked out of the conference room. The bitter agent hurriedly chased after him: “Ancestor, wait for–“

He Jing walked faster.

As soon as he walked into the elevator, his legs suddenly went weak.

Qi Rui slipped in before the elevator door closed: “Are you crazy? Why didn’t you sign? You could at last sign one or two commissions ah!”

He Jing held the handrail inside the elevator and said: “Brother Qi!”


“My legs are soft.”

“Then let’s hurry back and reverse the situation.”

“Do you think this big guy I’ve never even met will get angry? And follow the scenario of having some people kidnap me at night and send me somewhere quiet so they can tie me up and then I will be photographed like this and that?”

“You shut up !!!!”

He Jing mouth flattened.

He said in a tone that clearly stated he felt wronged : “Refusing is refusing, he should not be angry.”

Qi Rui has a headache.

He Jing’s phone vibrated several times in a row.

He took out his cell phone and looked at it. It turns out that as soon as he walks out of the conference room, the gossip about him already spread in the circle.

Several well-informed friends have sent him WeChat to ask him about it.

Lu Yuanxing: [I heard that you refused a contract more than thirty centimeters thick?

Yan Qing: [What is that legendary thirty-centimeter contract about? Do you need my help?

Hua Xun: [Is it true about the contract? 】




He Jing looked at them one by one but at the end he did not say anything.

From his side even after rejecting the contract, nothing seemed to happen. But it was still better for him to see what the big guy behind it was going to do. If he was not going to do anything about it and if there was nothing he could do to change anything, He Jing thought he could make use of his savings to travel the world with his senior husband. 

He was not afraid at all.

At the other end, Zhou Cheng finished his company very quickly and then he went back to his manor – the place where he met He Jing at the beginning intending to personally keep an eye on people who cleaned it. After He Jing finished signing the contracts he will pick up He Jing.

As for the contract, he directly asked someone to sign it with He Jing.

The first thing you need to do is to get to know the person you are talking to. Anyway, He Jing originally got close to him for other reasons. Now he gave so much to He Jing, he will understand it without any further explanation.

Wasn’t it the same with the money bouquet last time? He Jing knew it was from him when he received it.

Zhou Cheng was ready to go home and told the housekeeper what he intended to do: “Choose the biggest bedroom for my new lover to live in. Also, help me find out who is the boss behind him. Then using business means make the boss behind him go bankrupt.”

This way his young lover would no longer have anyone to intimidate him and could have the peace of mind to have only him as his  golden backer.

The housekeeper nodded: “Okay. Sir, does your lover have any preferences? How many maids do I need to arrange for him?”

Zhou Cheng footsteps stopped.

It suddenly occurred to him that when he went to sleep at night the young man always took care of the chores personally.

Bring He Jing to the manor all at once…. wouldn’t He Jing feel at loss?

Zhou Cheng changed his mind: “Forget it, you first prepare a suitcase of clothes for me, I’ll stay at his house first.”

“Yes, sir.”

The well-trained domestic helpers were fast and in the moment they prepared a suitcase full of casual clothes for Zhou Cheng. Before master Zhou had time to order the purchase of inconspicuous cars and other things, his subordinates called in.

“What’s up? Is the contract finished?”

“Sir, it’s like this…” The subordinate’s voice trembled: “Mr. He, Mr. He he ……”


“Rejected all the contracts ……”

Zhou Cheng froze.

The subordinate was still trembling: “Sir, please tell me what I should do now? Should I bully or ……”

Zhou Cheng hung up the phone.

He turned around, took the suitcase from the maid’s hand and picked up his smartphone and computer he left for the last two days. Then he told He Jing address to his housekeeper: “Send me back.”

“Yes, sir.”




When He Jing came home, Zhou Cheng was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

The man actually changed his clothes and wore a casual sports suit without any logo, but the fabric looked well made and has a good texture.

The afternoon sun shone into the narrow living room, exposing the shaggy dust in the air.

The man also had a not-so-large suitcase beside him, along with a computer and cell phone.

So he went shopping with the money he gave him yesterday.

He really wanted to experience the pleasure of shopping with his kept men.

unfortunately, Zhou Cheng went by himself and he didn’t want to blame Zhou Cheng. He walked forward with a smile and threw himself into Zhou Cheng arms: “I’m back!”

In the next moment, the calm man suddenly held his waist with one hand and pressed his shoulder with another, instantly turning him over and pressing him onto the sofa.

His scent of adult male hormones seems to be mixed with some light fragrance of the male perfume.

He Jing’s cheeks blushed violently.

It turns out that Zhou Cheng had used perfume and changed into such a nice set of new clothes for the purpose of seducing him as soon as he got home?

What a dutiful little kept men.

He subconsciously gloated as he said in a clear and fresh voice that trembled slightly: “Are you, are you going to be here?”

The man gazed at him and said in low tone: “I heard that you refused to sign all the contracts?”

He Jing was stunned.

You knew about it?” Did Qi Rui say it to him?

Zhou Cheng was still a little displeased as he said suspiciously: “Shouldn’t I know?”

“Yes…” Of course, his little kept men should care about the career of his golden backer.

He was  pressed on the sofa by Zhou Cheng in a way that let him feel that  as long as he shrunk  his head his whole body could nestle in another person’s arms. He Jing did not hold back as he curled up and nestled himself in Zhou Cheng’s arms: “You…”

“Why didn’t you sign it?” Zhou Cheng interrupted him, “Don’t you like those?”

He Jing smiled, blushing with a face that still had a little baby fat, which made  people want to poke it.

He blinked his eyes “Of course I like them. But they ……” he gulped, feeling as if he was a little numb, “Are not as important as you are ……”

He doesn’t want to sleep with a stranger for the sake of popularity and money.

Now that he had Zhou Cheng he was satisfied with everything!

After finishing his words he broke away from Zhou Cheng’s chest and raised his eyes to look at the body emitting an ascetic aura of the man.

Sure enough, he saw that the other person was moved.

“You said…” Zhou Cheng’s displeased eyes were gradually covered by tenderness and emotion. The man looked at him straightforwardly: “Do you like me better than those contracts?”


Zhou Cheng was stunned, and after a moment of salience, he felt a gentle kiss on his forehead.

He Jing continued to confess: “I like you as a person, I like your face, I like your muscles even more, your body ……”

——An hour later.

By searching on his phone, Zhou Cheng brought He Jing to the front of a gym nearest his run-down neighborhood.

Master Zhou looked at He Jing who was staring at him with his confused innocent eyes and then swept his gaze at the commercial gym in front of him which was really not worth mentioning compared to his private gym, and silently sighed in his heart.

The truth was that his little lover was still a little restrained now, otherwise, he would have taken him home directly.

For now, he will make do with it.

He took He Jing’s hand and walked forward.

“Zhou Cheng,” He Jing, who was wearing a mask, looked more and more confused “What are we doing here?”  

Zhou Cheng’s footsteps stopped and he looked sideways at He Jing.

He raised his hand, his long knuckles curved slightly as he touched the bridge of He Jing nose as if he was coaxing a child.

He said gently: “Don’t you like the muscles on my body? I’ll bring you to train with me , so you can have them too.”


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