A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 26. 1 – “Who are you? Are you here to disturb the wedding?”

He Jing originally just wanted to make it clear to his parents, to not have any trouble in the future and he mainly wanted his parents and relatives to remember to show off their wealth.

Afterwards, he chatted with his parents without thinking much about it, and went straight back to the residential building where he and Zhou Cheng were still living.

He Jing’s parents listened to this thing and thinking that  He Jing was worried that everyone would say something wrong and cause Zhou Cheng pain when inviting people they directly connected “Zhou Cheng is no good” and “Remember to show off wealth.” together when they explained it

On the Zhou family’s side, everyone also kept in mind that they must be low-key. The Zhou family members and Zhou Cheng close friends, who only had luxury brands in their closet begin to work diligently in order to participate in the small wedding of President Zhou without making a mistake as they looked for low-key clothes and decorations, and even tried to catch up with recent Tv shows.

They even research team building activities, watched documentaries about ordinary life together taking the notes seriously and treated this small wedding as serious as an exam.

No… people like them would usually not even take an exam so seriously, they treated this matter more seriously than the exam.

In short, it was to keep Zhou Cheng’s requirements in mind they prepared with all their heart and strived to be as natural and low-key as possible!

The two main parties to the wedding didn’t know anything about it.

When He Jing finished his shower and walked out of the bathroom with a towel to wipe his hair, Zhou Cheng was leaning against the window with the window open.

The temperature in midsummer was very high, and the air conditioner in the house was constantly emitting cold air, but the summer breeze outside the window blew in slightly, mixing hot and cold, as if standing in a warm fire with cool ice in his hand.

Zhou Cheng had already taken a shower.

The man wore his home clothes with his back facing him. His broad shoulders were straight and beautiful and his loose home clothes outlined his faint body lines. His tall body made him unable to move his eyes.

He stepped forward, hugged Zhou Cheng from behind, and leaned on the man’s back with his face sideways: “Zhou Cheng, what are you doing?”

Zhou Cheng grabbed his hand, directly pulling from his embrace to turn around.

“Give it to me.” The man took the towel he was clutching in his hand.

He subconsciously raised his eyes, a pair of eyes because just showered moistened with water mist, thick eyelashes fluttered, quietly looking at the moonlight shining through the window.

Zhou Cheng looked down at him, and the sky visible behind him from the window.




Zhou Cheng seemed to be standing in front of the stars looking down at him.

He Jing couldn’t help but feel his heartbeat accelerating and the frequency of him blinking his eyes became much faster.

Zhou Cheng said to him: “I’m thinking about some things.”

As he spoke, the man picked up a towel and covered his head directly, his broad palm covering the towel moved slightly as he gently helped him whip the hair.

His head was dangling slightly, he was just after a shower his face clean and fair, looking very natural without any makeup. His pair of peach blossom eyes slightly squinted as the corner of his eyes slightly curved, accompanied by a comfortable light hum, as if a kitten’s hair was brushed.

Zhou Cheng couldn’t help but let out a light laugh.

He Jing opened his eyes in some confusion, and asked softly, “So…what are you thinking about?”

“Thinking that I met you.”


“I haven’t been in love with anyone else.”

He Jing’s eyebrows moved lightly, his eyes full of stars, his voice still clear: “I can see that.”

“Because I haven’t run into the person I wanted to meet, in fact I think it’s very simple.”

The hot breeze outside the window and the cool air inside the house kept going back and forth, He Jing did not feel hot or cold, he only felt that Zhou Cheng’s action of rubbing his hair was really comforting.

He blinked, the knot in his throat moved slightly as he wanted to say something. Seeing that Zhou Cheng hadn’t finished speaking, he directly raised his hand and hugged Zhou Cheng, leaning against the man’s arms.

The voice still floated slowly into his ears little by little: “I wanted to find a person who will not care about money so I can talk to him about things that have nothing to do with money, and he can spend the whole afternoon looking at me with his chin up, without feeling sour from laughing.”

He naturally did not care about money, as long as he had the money, he was willing to give it to Zhou Cheng as long as he wanted to use them.

Only ……

He Jing blushed.

Yesterday, Zhou Cheng held a laptop in the living room to see the afternoon wedding preparations. He actually had a lot of things to do but it happened that he was in love at the time, and his brain was full of Zhou Cheng. He simply pretended to hold the script, but kept his eyes on Zhou Cheng’s body.

He was so distracted looking at Zhou Cheng the whole afternoon he did not do anything,

He thought that Zhou Cheng was unaware of it, but he didn’t expect him to actually find out.

“I was so lucky to get into your car on the side of the road that day.”

“That’s not true,” He Jing’s eyes rolled, “the story is different when you get into a trafficker’s car.”

Zhou Cheng: “…”

He Jing seemed to hear Zhou Cheng take a few deep breaths, before he went back to talk with him.

Buildings in the Yangcheng area were numerous and there were many prosperous buildings in the distance, but there are no tall buildings in the nearby old city so when you look up the sky is full of stars and the moon is alsohanging high. “I will walk with you in the future, and I will see everything. I will protect you -“

– I will hold your hand,and I won’t let go until I die,” He Jing was used to speak lines so he said in accented tone, “Zhou Cheng, the book “The Ninety-Nine Proposals of the Tyran” is in the living room, awarded for it ninety-nine successful marriage proposals-ah no, touching declaration?”

Zhou Cheng: “…”

“I’ve read it too.”


“I also saw the notes you made on each proposal line.”


“I am still wondering why you didn’t use them that day when you put the ring on my finger, But it turned out you were using it today – mmmm!!!”

The violent and domineering kiss blocked all his remaining words.

The slightly damp towel fell to the ground with a “bam” sound as the summer breeze swept from the window. There were still some water droplets hanging from the tip of the young man’s hair, and the water droplets dripped on the man’s sturdy arm while they moved lightly.

The moon hangs high and the stars shine brightly.

The moon hangs high and the stars shine brightly.



Time always flies quickly when you are busy.

The small wedding of Zhou Cheng and He Jing, planned and prepared by the two was finally here after a month of small manor renovation was completed.

Not only did they purchase every item needed for the wedding day but they also chose clothes for each other and sent invitations to people close to them. They also transplanted dense and lush maple trees around the small manor.

To keep the ceremony romantic, He Jing and Zhou Cheng slept separately the night before the wedding. They went home separately and came to the scene according to the arranged time in the morning.

He Jing was of course transported by his agent Qi Rui, who was like always his part-time driver, just like before. “Ancestor, you really are my ancestor!”

He Jing turned down various announcements during this period of time and Qi Rui who followed him along became idle and gained a lot of weight. At the moment he was wearing a formal suit and felt stifled but he had to act as a driver so his expression was mixture of joy and another feeling “It doesn’t matter if I am your agent, and even if I have to be a part-time driver, why do I need to be your driver when I already have to work as your best men?”

Sitting in the back seat, He Jing smiled brightly: “Brother Qi feeling troubled?!”

He wore a neatly tailored tuxedo, a white suit that fit him well and made his temperament give off a fresher feeling, while his milk blonde hair added a bit of playfulness.

Qi Rui didn’t want to appreciate this dress that was enough to make thousands of young girls scream: “The only thing I’m glad about is that you don’t talk about slutty things every day anymore!”

“If you want to hear it I can still-“

“Stop! I don’t want to! If you say a word, I will immediately push the brakes and let you marry the tire!”

He Jing rolled his eyes but was very sensible not to anger his own agent at this juncture.

He turned his head and said to the lawyer sitting at the side : “Lawyer Chen, you still remember the process, right?”

“Remember,” lawyer Chen smiled professionally and raised the pile of documents in his hand “Once Mr. Zhou comes, Mr. He will find a reason to separate from Mr. Zhou, Then I will follow Mr Zhou and call him aside and explain to him this surprise property division, and have him sign it. “

“Yes, make sure you remember to emphasize that this is a surprise I’m giving him on my wedding day, and he’s not allowed to refuse!”

“Will do, don’t worry.”

The black sports car drove into the manor, speeding on the wide avenue as the blowing wind moved the greenery beside the road on both sides.

On the other side of this estate area, in the largest estate, Zhou Cheng looked into the wide floor-to-ceiling mirror and straightened the lapel of his suit.

The pure black suit wrapped around his frequently exercised body, bringing out every muscle line. The gentleman’s suit made him look taller and his pair of long legs were perfectly outlined by his suit trousers.

The butler stepped forward and respectfully said: “Sir, it’s time to go out.”

“Where are my parents?” Zhou Cheng turned around and walked out, immediately followed by plenty of people. The butler replied, “They are also leaving.”

“Okay,” Zhou Cheng walked to the front of the car, and the driver opened the back seat door for him, but he did not get in the car but turned back to the team behind him and said: “When we get to the scene later, find a moment to call He Jing aside and talk to him about this aspect of property sharing, so that he can sign and complete necessary documents.”

Zhou Cheng got into the car after a group of people neatly echoed “Yes”.

At this time, Zhou Cheng and He Jing’s relatives and friends have also arrived at the wedding site.

According to their previous arrangements, this was just a wedding to inform people close to them. It was deliberately done in a small and unassuming manner just to determine their relationship. When the people around them become more accepting, at that time, they would  prepare a big wedding.


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