A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 20 – “I, we can …… tonight”

After a few minutes of stagnation, He Jing and Qi Rui had several rounds of “It’s really 50 million”, “it’s true”, “Are you’ sure you’re not counting the wrong number of zeros”, “I am sure”. “Is it after or before tax.”, “After tax.” and only then radically realized that the company really gave him a 50 million bonus.

Although he could be regarded as a respectable little fresh meat, who accumulated a lot of girlfriend fans and mother fans but he could not be regarded as a front-line celebrity. For him 50 millions was something that would take several scripts and variety shows as well as hard work for a long time to get.

And once the tax is paid, it would shrank in the half.

“How come the bonus was suddenly given out?” After the excitement, He Jing still felt a little dreamy: “Should it be because of this mysterious big guy who wanted to sneak in with the hidden rules with me…”

“Don’t worry,” Qi Rui seemed to be eating something at the other end of the call: “I asked and you are not the only one who has received a bonus. They also asked everyone to sign a confidentiality agreement on the amount of the bonus so I do not know how much others get. But if you got 50 million other must have gotten even more. Tut, tut, the new owner is too generous, isn’t he? “

He Jing was completely relieved.

He was so happy in his heart that he put up with Qi Rui on the phone and called him: “Thank you, brother Qi! I’ll invite you to the island for a holiday next time! “

“Oh, ancestor, so you still have a conscience? Well this brother will let you drink as much milk tea as you want these days.”

He Jing hung up happily.

It wasn’t long before Zhou Cheng came back.

He Jing was humming happily when he heard the sound of the doorknob opening. He walked to the door early and as soon as the door opened, he gave Zhou Cheng a swooping hug.

The man’s powerful arm caught him, lifted him into the air, turned around and pressed He Jing against the wall.

He Jing was surrounded by the male hormones and the soap smell unique to his man  – clean and refreshing. In the next moment a fierce kiss swept in and sucked all of his oxygen.

“Well –“

He Jing directly softened in Zhou Cheng arms.

The man was satisfied to see the red face gasping for breath, so he carried him away from the door and gently put him  on the sofa.

He Jing took a big breath, and his blank mind gradually returned to his senses.

He thought Zhou Cheng was not good at flirting, and that was the reason he  refused to sleep with him.

Zhou Cheng has come up again: “Very happy?”

“Well…” He Jing nodded.


“The company paid a bonus today!” He Jing blinked his eyes, his pair of eyes very bright: “Zhou Cheng, I have a lot of money!”

Zhou Cheng smiled.

When He Jing saw Zhou Cheng smile, he also giggled.

He had money so his little lover was happy too!

Under the excitement and feeling aroused by Zhou Cheng’s kiss just now, He Jing was unable to stop himself from reaching out his hand and touching the button of Zhou Cheng’s collar.  Zhou Cheng,” He Jing cried out sweetly,  his eyes reddened slightly , the corners of his mouth slightly raised and his pair of eyes still pure: “I, we can …… tonight”

His fingers had  been pressed on the button, his mind floating, fantasizing about Zhou Cheng’s shirt being completely opened, the muscles outlined by the clothes appearing before his eyes. What kind of scene it would be!

He had done enough homework these days, and even the room was ready with the things that needed to be used.

Although he still couldn’t help the trembling of his fingertips, he was able to take the initiative to seduce even further.

He whispered: “I want to feel your muscles, I like–

Zhou Cheng pressed his hand.

The man’s gentle voice was moist and doting, his black pupils were like slightly burning stars in the dark night “You’ll have it.”


“You don’t have to touch mine,” Zhou Cheng said like  he was coaxing a child: “I’ll take you to practice every day, so you can have them, too.”





He Jing opened his eyes and lay flat on the bed, looking at the ceiling that he could no longer see very well.

The lights in the house had been completely turned off, and it was pitch black, with vague bright moonlight shining in through the cracks in the curtains. Pulling out a hazy shimmer in the darkness.

The man’s even breathing coming from the side made it obvious that he had already fallen asleep.

Obviously not thinking any impure thoughts before going to sleep.

Obviously he was very pure in thought.

He Jing: “…”

How did this happen?

Was he really taking care of a pretty boy from the countryside or had he hired a fitness instructor as well as a part-time tutor?

Zhou Cheng seemed to be reading novels in those aspects these days but was it possible that he still  didn’t  understand?

Then why don’t you sleep with him?

He Jing tilted his head and looked at the man with a perfect and tough outline in the dim light.

Many ideas circled in He Jing’s mind and he suddenly thought of a very possible reason.

He was so happy to receive the bonus today, Zhou Cheng must also like money, right?

It must be because he did not give him enough money.

He had only been thinking about getting to know each other and he had forgotten that Zhou Cheng’s family were not very well off. Even if he wanted to develop a long-term relationship with Zhou Cheng, he had to ensure the material conditions for his lover!

It just so happened that thanks to his $50 million bonus he could become a wealthy lover and golden backer!




The sound of rain was sparse.

After several days of continuous exposure to the sun, Yangcheng finally ushered in a heavy rain. The majestic heavy rain watered the blue color of the world and the sound of the rain gradually became more sparse. In the late afternoon only a sparse rain was left.

The man held the umbrella and protected the young man hiding him under it as the rain water slipped off the edge of the umbrella without dripping on the young man.

They walked to the door of a beautifully decorated sales department that only sold top luxury homes. Zhou Cheng took the umbrella and handed it to the cleaning staff.

Because he would come in contact with many people today, He Jing was fully armed wearing a sky-blue cap, the latest Chao brand sunglasses on his face, and a simple white mouth mask to cover his face.

Originally, such a costume would be very eye-catching, but there was a handsome and angry Zhou Cheng who stood next to him. Because they could not see his face, the staff of the sales department kept looking at Zhou Cheng.

Satisfied with the attractiveness of his pretty boy, He Jing held Zhou Cheng’s hand and smiled happily.

“What are we doing here?” The man asked him.

He Jing said with a smile: “Buying a house.”

He found that he might not have given enough money to Zhou Cheng so that was why he did not sleep with him. Together with Qi Rui, he went through all the good properties in Yangcheng, and finally chose a small manor in the outer suburbs – near the place where he met Zhou Cheng for the first time. He was going to buy a house for Zhou Cheng with his bonus of 50 million.

Zhou Cheng will definitely be very happy!


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