A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 27.1 – End

In early autumn, there was still some summer warmth, but the autumn wind was slightly cool, blowing gently, setting off the surrounding maple leaves.

This small wedding invited a small number of people, all of them were in the garden square in front of the manor but it was not crowded.

Zhou Cheng’s parents also arrived.

Compared to the rest of the Zhou family who are desperately trying to keep a low profile, they were dressed normally after all they were the parents of the groom who will be on stage to congratulate the newlyweds. Father Zhou who usually worked in formal attire, has been more casual in attending banquets over the years, but today wore a rare formal dress. Mother Zhou wore a solemn, light yellow dress and entered the arena with a smile on her face.

When Zhou’s mother entered the venue holding Zhou’s father’s hand, He Jing’s parents happened to be at the entrance receiving the guests.

In order to meet He Jing’s words and convince Zhou Cheng relatives that their family has the strength, He Jing’s parents were also dressed appropriately today.

He Jing’s mother wore a pure white shawl and with exquisite makeup she looked extremely young. She walked up and said politely: “You two are…?”

Mother Zhou replied: “Hello, we are Zhou Cheng’s parents.”

“So it’s the in-laws!” He Jing’s father hurriedly smiled: “Coincidentally, I am He Jing’s father and she is He Jing’s mother. This child got married so quickly that we didn’t have time to visit you in advance, so only today we’re officially getting to know each other.”

Father Zhou: “?”

Mother Zhou: “?”

In the garden where the wedding was held, relatives and friends from both sides with very different styles were also communicating with each other, the garden was decorated extremely luxuriously, and every tableware, bottle of wine and meal was filled with the smell of money.

It was as if the wedding of someone who had just won the lottery, very extravagant and full of brand names.

Many of those present who were talking to each other also had the same shocked expression as Zhou’s father and mother when they chatted with others.

Father Zhou due to his years of self-cultivation was able to hold back his surprise and he exclaimed: “What? Isn’t He Jing an orphan?”

He Jing’s parents: “…Huh?”



He Jing’s whole body was dumbfounded when he started signing.

After Zhou Cheng’s advisors introduced those assets to him, they also gave him a full ten black cards, saying that they were all made by Zhou Cheng for him and that he could reset his password after taking them home.

He went from knowing that Zhou Cheng turned out to be so rich, to accepting that his little handsome senior was really extraordinarily rich, to later taking a look at the mountain of documents and ten black cards and marveling that Zhou Cheng was really too rich.

It wasn’t until later, when he started signing at the urging of this elite man, that he suddenly reacted.

— Why did he think that Zhou Cheng was the little kept lover he was raising?

Because when Zhou Cheng was picked up by the roadside, Zhou Cheng looked very poor. That roadside, also happens to be a place in his estate area.

Then why did he like Zhou Cheng at first sight?

Because Zhou Cheng looked handsome, has a good figure and good temperament.

He Jing: “…”

He looked at the black cards that could be played as poker in front of him, plunged into the file, and wailed: “Do you rich people like to play close to life?”

Everyone: “Huh?”

As soon as He Jing looked up, his eyes swept across a document.

That document was about real estate under Zhou Cheng’s name.

This was this estate area.

The small estate he bought was only one of the inconspicuous ones in this estate area, and it was even less worth mentioning than the other larger estates that covered this vast area.

He Jing: “…”

He leaned on the edge of the stone table, his eyes full of surprise and panic, his eyes moving lightly, his eyelashes trembling, and his adam’s apple rolled lightly, as if it was written on his face, “The world must be playing a joke on me”.

He took a deep breath, stood up, and turned around to go to Zhou Cheng.

Zhou Cheng’s personal advisor hurriedly stopped him “Mr. He, why don’t you sign before you go to do something else?”


“Sir Zhou said, if things don’t get done, we will all be finished!”

He Jing: “…”

Oh he almost forget that his little white face, fu*k his family’s big president can make these men break into cold sweat just by saying a word.

He swallowed, slowly sat down, picked up a pen and began to sign.

There were so many documents.

He Jing at first was thinking, Zhou Cheng is so powerful how he will be able to dominate his heart? But as he signed his hand started shaking.

When he finally finished signing, the fingertips of his right hand were trembling, and the morning sun also raised high, sprinkling gold in the quiet little garden.

“I’ve finally finished signing, I’m going to find Zhou-“

He Jing raised his eyes and his words came to an abrupt end.

In front of him, the man wearing a black suit and tuxedo sat with his back straight, looking down at him with his pure black eyes full of tenderness.

“Zhou Zhou Zhou Zhou, Zhou Cheng ……,” He Jing stammered.

Only then did he discover that Zhou Cheng’s personal advisors were no longer in the small garden and only the two of them were left along with a large pile of f documents signed by He Jing on the stone table of the pavilion.

The breeze blew, and the corners of the documents on the table were turned slightly, the rustle of paper could be heard.

He Jing swallowed his saliva.

Zhou Cheng pulled on the solemn tie, and took it off slowly, his slender fingers moved slightly as the top button was undone gracefully.

He Jing continued to gulp: “ This, this is going to play a field battle? Does Zhou always have to subscribe to me as soon as I pay the money?”

Zhou Cheng raised his eyelids and chuckled in a low voice: “Your identity changes quickly.”

He Jing: “…”

Can he not execute him publicly?

“I’ve asked someone to inform the guests to go home first. I originally thought that you were worried about not being able to integrate into Zhou’s family, so I held a small wedding to let you familiarize yourself with it, but now …… might as well organize a grand wedding.” Zhou Cheng picked up a few documents from the chair beside him and threw them into the pile of documents on the stone table: “Here are a few documents you asked me to sign, I signed them.”

He Jing’s face was already red.

However, Zhou Cheng slowly took possession of him, leaning into his ear and said: “Boss, I signed all the agreements for the division of property, thanks for the package.”

He Jing: “!!! I, I, that was a misunderstanding – um!”

This kiss was different from before.

Although Zhou Cheng was always very restrained in bed, he was like another person when he kissed him as if he wanted to take all his oxygen and let him drown into the kiss.

But this time the kiss was gentle and slow.

It was little by little probing between his lips, step by step letting him indulge until his brain emptied.

The wind got stronger.

The document on the stone table was blown over. When it was about to be blown away, Zhou Cheng bent over and kissed the sitting He Jing, supporting the stone table with one hand and holding the document that was about to be blown off with the other.

Afterwards, Zhou Cheng slowly let go, and stood straight across the red-eared He Jing and said: “… I am qualified as a lover? As long as you like it, what kind of——”

The youth suddenly interrupted him: “I will learn anything. I am willing to learn how to be humble for you, and I am also willing to learn how to fake a smile for your laugh. Zhou Cheng, you’re still very provocative even when you don’t memorize your lines.”

Zhou Cheng’s eyes seemed to be reflecting the feeling of this failure. After a while, he began to clean up the papers on the table and said, “How did you know this was also a line?”

Red faced He Jing stood up abruptly, slapped the table, gritted his teeth and said: “ ‘The ger husband looking for love.’ this is the book you read for three days. I went to bed at night after reading “Management” and you read this one, laying next to you I peeked several times. Because it looked interesting I also secretly bought a copy to read…”

His voice was getting lower and lower, and he suddenly realized that he had missed something as he continued with a guilty conscience: “…It was pretty interesting.”

It was a little uncomfortable to say, He Jing lowered his head, and sat together with Zhou Cheng who was sorting documents to cardboard box: “Why do you, the boss, put such confidential documents in cardboard boxes? Shouldn’t a group of bodyguards protect a safe deposit box? When we had a scene like this it was shot like this.”

It’s a pity that Zhou Cheng was not distracted by him: “So you didn’t take it seriously when you were studying?”

“…Or, I’ve been serious for a while.”

“Peeking at the novel?”

“It’s you, you took the lead…”

“I was wondering how after studying “management for so long, you still didn’t learn well.”

“Then you have also after reading novels for so long did not learn anything from them.”



Zhou Cheng broke the silence first: “Did you think I had no money and wanted to support me?”

He Jing twisted his hands together and asked: “Did you think I had no money and wanted to support me?”

“My parents told me that you are not an orphan? Then why did you tell me that you spent time in an orphanage?”

“Of course not, I took you to the orphanage because I worked there before my debut!”

“…” Zhou Cheng’s throat rolled lightly: “So all those gifts you gave me and buying this manor were actually maintenance expenses?”

“…” He Jing’s eyes flickered: “So the mysterious boss who asked me to sign several kilograms of notice and contracts and bought my agency is you? Zhou Cheng, do you give contracts to people in wholesale mode?”

“Fortunately, only to you is wholesale.”

He Jing: “…”

In the small garden, the seasonal flowers of autumn gave off a faint fragrance, accompanied by the smell of refreshing men perfume drifting to He Jing nose.

He couldn’t help but sniffed, and then couldn’t stop looking at Zhou Cheng’s slightly open neckline.

What to do, Zhou Cheng turned out to be a boss.

He also became a little lover of Zhou Cheng.

Then wouldn’t it be Zhou Cheng’s call on when they go to the bed? If Zhou Cheng can’t, wouldn’t he want to fall in love with him platonically?

This kind of domineering president might be just like the one that novels write about because he is inhumane and then he fell in love with a well-behaved little celebrity and raised him by claiming to be a lover to cover up this inhumane fact.

If that was the case Zhou Cheng would definitely not go to bed with him.

He hasn’t seen Zhou Cheng’s abdominal muscles completely yet!

After finally accepting the identity switch between him and Zhou Cheng, He Jing suddenly felt a little frustrated when he remembered that Zhou Cheng could not do well in bed.

Zhou Cheng had already thrown all the documents and black cards into the paper box, including those prepared by He Jing – compared to Zhou Cheng, his family fortune thrown in the pile of paper, he might not even find them. He Jing forgot for a moment that Zhou Cheng’s family fortune had already been divided into half for him, and recognized even more clearly in his heart that Zhou Cheng might have the final say in their family in the future. 


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