A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 8 – “Didn’t You Mean It?”

He Jing was confused.

He said he liked Zhou Cheng’s muscles not that he liked to have muscles himself!!!

He wanted to enjoy the other person’s muscles,, not his own!!

He was still in a trance when he was led in the gym by Zhou Cheng. But even in a trance he didn’t forget to rush forward to pay for the card——

Everything that happened afterwards left him very confused.

Before, even if he had to lose weight and keep fit, he only trained his  buttocks to keep his weight. But now for the first time, he was wearing a mask to keep fit in such a gym full of sweaty muscular figures.

He Jing: “……”

Zhou Cheng looked very serious.

He Jing was bewildered the whole time.

Zhou Cheng urged He Jing to complete a full set of fitness exercises. After returning home and taking a shower, He Jing was completely unable to move.

Zhou Cheng tenderly helped him rub his calves and squeeze his shoulders – although his skills were not very good.   Afterwards,  he still walked out of the master bedroom without looking back and closed the door for him gently .

He Jing: “…”

He felt weak all over now especially in his legs. . Even his waist felt very sore at the slightest movement. This was clearly the state he has always dreamed of.

——But why was everything wrong!!!!

The master bedroom was quiet and silent. He Jing laid on his bed without a sound and still could not even hear any movement from the bedroom next door.

He wanted to talk to Zhou Cheng about the muscle misunderstanding, but he felt weak all over.

Because he was too tired from the training, He Jing went out the next day only because of Qi Rui urging.

Before, he and Zhou Cheng didn’t have time to talk so when He Jing was dragged into the car by Qi Rui, Zhou Cheng followed him with a gentle expression.

He Jing hissed as soon as he got into the car.

Zhou Cheng immediately turned his head: “What’s wrong?”

He Jing frowned, held his waist with one hand and said in a clear voice that was mixed with some aggravation: “My waist is sore ……”

Qi Rui in front of him – agent/driver violently stopped almost stepping on the accelerator at the end.

The car wobbled a little and the still soreHe Jing was swung all over: “… Brother Qi can you be nicer to me?!!”

Qi Rui’s voice trembled: “You – your back is sore??? What about Zhou Cheng? “

The man who had already stretched out his hand to rub He Jing waist froze strangely, his voice low: “Me? I didn’t do much exercise so I am not sore.”

Qi Rui: “!!!” The agent felt that his worldview had collapsed – He Jing was actually the one with the sore back.

The information received was so shocking that Qi Rui didn’t speak for the whole journey.

He Jing felt that this matter was too humiliating. Originally, Qi Rui would laugh at him for using his agent to wipe his behind. But if he talked about going to the gym with Zhou Cheng in the car, he would be laughed to death by Qi Rui.

Zhou Cheng was silent.

Until the car stopped at the set, the car remained inexplicably silent.

Zhou Cheng thought back to He Jing’s liveliness earlier and blamed it all on Qi Rui’s inexplicable questioning just now – perhaps his little lover was viciously attacked by his agent.

It seemed that he had to help He Jing get rid of other people’s control a little earlier.

Before getting out of the car, Zhou Cheng took out his cell phone and sent a text message to his subordinates, asking them to buy He Jing company as soon as possible.

He Jing stepped out of the car with sour legs.

Although he usually complained to Qi Rui every day he was still dedicated to his work. Today, there were many fans squatting outside the set so He Jing smiled as soon as he got out of the car.

One of the fans with pink hair was familiar to him so he said without putting on airs: “Good morning.”

Immediately, it triggered a scream.

He Jing lifted his hand and gently put his fingertips on his lips: “Shh, we are on the set, don’t make noise.”

Zhou Cheng looked at him from behind.

Today the youth was wearing a fashionable brand name sweatshirt – this brand Zhou Cheng knew was one of his subsidiary companies. In order to please him, his little lover even worked hard at such minor details.

This brand of clothes was very simple, in addition to the logo in a small font, the whole piece of clothing has no extra pattern. Just the cut and fabric were particularly fine, worn on He Jing body they showcased the slender figure of the youth.

Looking from the side, He Jing long eyelashes slightly fluttered.

With a smile, he took the postcards handed to him by his fans one by one, and very carefully signed them before handing them back.

Zhou Cheng accompanied He Jing to the set twice, and also accompanied He Jing to shoot a commercial on the first day they met. He had seen this serious look on the other person several times already – eyebrows slightly curved, showing a faint smile, gentle and affectionate.

The same as now.

After He Jing finished signing, he turned around and saw Zhou Cheng who was slightly dazed, he first smiled and bowed towards the fans before pulling Zhou Cheng arm: “Don’t be dazed, let’s go.”

A fan who knew him well directly called out to him: “Jing Jing, who is this?”

He Jing laughed: “My assistant!”

Helpless Zhou Cheng did not refute.

This was supposed to be a small incident…

But in the evening, He Jing was still filming and NG several times when Qi Rui found out that something happened on Weibo.

The photo of He Jing holding Zhou Cheng’s arm was put on Weibo, originally it was just a few visiting fans jokingly shouting: “The assistant is so handsome, he gives off a CP feeling with little Jing.”

In the photo, He Jing’s short blond hair was blown by the wind. He was smiling sideway as he was turning back, his eyes bright as he met the eyes of Zhou Cheng behind him.

Even his slightly raised chin was covered in a layer of shiny glow.

It’s a picture full of ambiguous atmosphere taken by accident.

Most fans in this way of work were career fans or girlfriend fans so naturally they did not use CP with an unknown assistant as the way to gain traffic. A few people shouted that it was so cute so it should pass but then another person from the crew retweeted this Weibo.

——Shen Wencheng.

Qi Rui knew very well that Shen Wencheng had some background, and was some family little boy who came to the entertainment industry to play around. When Shen Wencheng first joined the crew, he expressed his interest in He Jing and did not care about his rumors, until he saw his “evidence” with his own eyes.

Shen Wencheng forwarded the fan Weibo saying it was very grotesque.

Shen Wencheng v: He Jing assistant is very handsome and little girls in the crew stare at him every day. If  He Jing did not occupy him everyday, someone might have already expressed his love / / forwarding Weibo…. “

Although Shen Wencheng was a newcomer he was still a member of the circle. Not to mention that He Jing has more and more potential for a line of traffic recently, and his popularity was not low.

When his Weibo was seen by the fans it became crazy.

——Shen Wencheng clearly meant that He Jing and this assistant have something to do with each other.

As a result, there are many voices that He Jing had no distinction between public and private and that He Jing sexual orientation was disgusting. There were also people who thought that He Jing was deliberately selling corruption. The public opinion that He Jing was deliberately hyping it up has reached its peak.

He Jing had just finished a scene and before he could sit down and take a breath, he was pulled into a cubicle by Qi Rui.

The topic on Weibo was deliberately heated by some marketing accounts.

. “…… they say that I acted this way on purpose using Zhou Cheng to hype the topic and sell a corrupted  image to attract fans?”

Qi Rui rubbed his eyebrows and said “That’s right.”

He Jing took the phone and looked at it for a long time before finally flattening his mouth and throwing it back into Qi Rui hand. Turning around he went out to find Zhou Cheng.

General manager Zhou already learned about this matter thanks to his housekeeper report.

He was a little upset, his eyes moved and it coincidentally collided with He Jing who came trotting over – He Jing seemed to look a bit anxious.

“Zhou Cheng!” The youth immediately took his hand.

“I know about Weibo ,” Zhou Cheng said: “Did you do it on purpose?”

Deliberately using the marketing number for hype, let everyone know their relationship and thus announcing his status as little lover.

It’s normal for a rich family to have such a thing going on. Zhou Cheng’s own relatives had  such an accident. He had a relationship  with a female star outside and rice was cooked, the actress became pregnant with a child but she did not inform his relative. Only once the child was born she immediately informed the media that she was marrying into a rich family.

Zhou Cheng never intended to never be so irresponsible.

But he was still a little angry. How could his little lover use such underhanded tactics?

He Jing was dumbfounded.

When he saw the Weibo, he worried about Zhou Cheng’s anger  so he wanted to admit to his own mistake first before Zhou Cheng saw it, but he didn’t expect Zhou Cheng to know about it so quickly.

He bit his lower lip, his eyes slightly aggrieved: “I …… I just couldn’t help it.”

He really did not mean to let this picture be taken!

He liked Zhou Cheng so much so how could he not hold him hand?!

“Did you do it on purpose?” Zhou Cheng looked at him.

“I admit, I was a little intentional.” how could it not be intentional to hold hands? He Jing blinked: “But that’s because I like you so much that I want everyone to know that I like you…”

The man looked at his soft eyes and some deep emotion flashed in his gaze.

“This is too dangerous,” Zhou Cheng said: “Don’t do it in future.” Using the power of public opinion was not something he did not like but there’s also the possibility of something going wrong. It’s not that he did not want to acknowledge He Jing.

He Jing froze his eyes and became  even more aggrieved.

But he didn’t want his gentleman lover to be unhappy, so he nodded: “OK…”

He really didn’t look at the wrong person.

Zhou Cheng was so dedicated!

He actually even considered it from his point of view and did not want him to be affected by the public opinion on Weibo. So they could not even hold hands outside in future! As his kept man , he didn’t  even care if he  would be acknowledged by others, but only cared about his golden backer carrier.

Not bad for a simple man from the countryside!


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