A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 24 – In this chapter…

The fragrance of the roses still lingered on the tip of He Jing’s nose, as it was a  deep and strong fragrance.

The candles had all been extinguished so the bedroom was dark, except for the faint moonlight, illuminating a little outline.

He Jing could hear Zhou Cheng’s steady breathing, and the sound of his own heartbeat that he could still not calm down.

Zhou Cheng always slept soundly when he needed to sleep, just like a person who needed to work at any time and needed to rest when he could. Just falling asleep when he wanted to sleep, and waking up immediately when he wanted to wake up.

It’s just that Zhou Cheng slept well but he couldn’t fall asleep. 

Just now the picture of Zhou Cheng kneeling on one knee in front of him was still floating in his mind. The man’s low voice is like snow on the stove, which was clearly chilly, but unusually gentle.

He Jing heart beat faster when he thought of Zhou Cheng wearing a ring.

Although the lubricant makes things a little bit accidental.

Although this ring…

He Jing raised his hand and placed his left hand with the ring in front of him to take a look.   

Even though the night was dark, in the darkness, he could still see the style of this ring.

-exactly the same as the pair of men’s wedding rings he had just bought!

He went to the store to buy it and paid for it himself so he knew the price of this ring better than anyone else.   

How could Zhou Cheng afford this one? He didn’t spend all the money he gave him on this, did you? 

It shouldn’t be enough.

He Jing tilted his head and glanced at sleeping Zhou Chen, still a little puzzled.  

After thinking for a while, he simply sat up, quietly turned on the small lamp beside the bed, and slowly took off the man’s wedding ring and held it in his hand for a closer look.

After looking at it for a while, He Jing realized that something was wrong.    

All the accessories of this luxury jewelry brand have a characteristic, that was the logo. Even if the logo was not visible on the surface of the design, it still usually appeared on the inside of the ring, the back of the necklace pendant and so on.

But on the inside of this wedding ring, there is no logo of the brand.

He Jing was in a daze and only then did he come to his senses.  

Zhou Cheng, he… bought a fake good?

No wonder, he thought. How could Zhou Cheng, a little white face from the countryside know this brand and spend so much money to buy the most expensive one?

But buying  fake goods, Zhou Cheng probably did not do that. He probably just didn’t recognize these luxury brands at all and bought the imitations in some small store and paid for it because he thought it looked good. He did not know that there were not genuine products at all.

He Jing tiptoed off the bed, opened the cabinet, and took out the wedding ring he bought.  

The two rings looked exactly the same under the warm yellow light.  

…. should he change it?   

He was serious about being with Zhou Cheng, and will wear this ring to attend friends’ banquets in the future. But if it was noticed by the knowledgeable person, Zhou Cheng would lose face.  

He Jing directly put the ring he bought on his finger. As for the one given to him by Zhou Cheng, he put it in a jewelry box and stuffed it into the cupboard putting it away.

Even if Zhou Cheng gave him a fake, he would cherish it.

After doing all of this, He Jing cleared up his deer’s chaotic heart and laid back on the bed leaning slightly against Zhou Cheng. The temperature of the man’s body is transmitted through contact, which made  him feel extraordinarily warm.

He stretched out his hand and turned off the bedside lamp, closing his eyes and finally falling asleep under Zhou Cheng’s steady breathing.




He Jing recent role came to an end and he thought he would have a little more free time but he did not expect that the drama he made last season would be aired in a few days. Since his popularity continued to rise it also attracted a lot of interviews all at once.

Some media have big faces and good cards to play, so they had to go which made He Jing run around for two days.

It’s just that He Jing and Zhou Cheng were seriously determined to get married. Although there is no way to prove it, there was still some process. It’s just that it’s too fast for them to realize that they are together and decide to get married. Together, they will first talk to their parents and ask their good friends and relatives to inform others so they could throw a big party in the future.   

It’s just that He Jing had been so busy these few days that he hadn’t had time to prepare.   

At night, He Jing came back late. When he got home, he was already fighting with his upper and lower eyelids but they would still stick together every few minutes. Zhou Cheng wanted to hug He Jing but he didn’t expect that the young man would be so exhausted. As soon as he threw himself into his arms, the sound of even breathing sounded.

Zhou Cheng looked down and the young man’s face against his chest and his eyes closed tightly, eyelashes quivering gently, it seemed that he was not sleeping well.

That beautiful face was so quiet at the moment, that the usual liveliness has disappeared into a well-behaved image, making one want to take a bite on his baby’s fat cheek.

Zhou Cheng did that too.

He lowered his head, kissed He Jing’s cheek lightly, and hugged him onto the bed directly.

The young master Zhou, who had been served by the servant all his life, looked at the sleeping youth for a while, thought about the process and learned to take care of others for the first time.

After all, without the consent of He Jing, Zhou Cheng did not take any advantage. He put on the blindfold, hurriedly used hot water to help He Jing wipe his whole body and put on his pajamas by the way.

After taking off the blindfold, Zhou Cheng found that He Jing’s palm was still a bit dirty.   

The highly valuable diamond ring was worn on the other finger-as they had agreed, but they had still not fully announced it yet.  

Even though his little white hands were a little dirty, they were still slander and good looking. Zhou Cheng stared for a while, but could not help touching the young man’s fingertips.

He Jing, who had not yet entered a deep sleep, shrank his fingertips subconsciously.   

Zhou Cheng chuckled and carefully took off the ring, intending to help He Jing wipe his hands again.   

But as soon as he took off the ring, before he put it down, Zhou Cheng caught a glimpse of the logo on the inside of the ring.   

He pulled the ring closer to his eyes and looked at it carefully.   

It was indeed a logo. 

This was the logo this ring was supposed to have but when he  went to the headquarters to choose it, he was worried about putting pressure on He Jing and asked his subordinates to give him a ring without a logo.

So why was there a logo on the ring again?

Zhou Cheng put the ring aside, and carefully and cautiously helped He Jing wipe his hand, and by the way, he pressed the other person’s hand muscles with some unskilled ness. The young man laying on the bed, hummed comfortable in his sleep.

Zhou Cheng breathed heavily when he heard this faint meow-like hum. After taking a few deep breaths to get rid of this thought he should not have at this moment.

He picked up the ring and put it again on He Jing hand, gradually understaning why there was a logo. 

He Jing mixed in the entertainment industry so he must be familiar with some of his brands so it was not uncommon to recognize the ring styles. He has been worried that he would put He Jing under pressure but maybe He Jing actually likes these not-so-expensive luxury goods, so he may go to the store and change it to the one with a logo.

It’s so cute.   

Well from his point of view for this kind of small wedding they are planning it was better to prepare things that are as extravagant and expensive as possible.   

He Jing will definitely like it.




“Lawyer Chen, hello.”

Outside the law firm, the young man who got out of chauffered car wore a cap and mask with an umbrella in his hands as he walked at a leisurely pace, his eyebrows and eyes bent slightly.  

Even if only a pair of peach blossom eyes were exposed outside, through the heavy rain people could still notice his good look. Even his greeting voice was clear.

Lawyer Chen immediately stretched out his hand: “Isn’t it Mr. He? Hello, hello you are right on the time please come in.”

Yangcheng has been rainy in the past few days, the sound of rain never ceases, making it easy to become tired.He Jing was very energetic. The corners of his eyes moved slightly and he smiled and stretched out his hand to shake hands with Lawyer Chen. Then he closed his umbrella and followed Lawyer Chen into the office.

“Can you tell me in detail what you want us to do ?” Lawyer Chen knew He Jing’s identity. Before He Jing came, Qi Rui signed a confidentiality agreement with him, so he could ask directly.

He Jing sat down at the desk and took off his mask, revealing his beautiful face.

Lawyer Chen was a little distracted for a moment, but He Jing seriously said: “The thing is, I’m going to marry my spouse in the near future, but for some reason, we can’t have marriage security.”

When he finished saying the word “spouse” lawyer Chen slowly regained his mind and seemed a little disappointed.   

As a celebrity, this kind of mentality has become more and more common. So it was no strange at all: “I am not very familiar with the law in this area. I wonder if you can do things like property notarization and division…. Or is there  a way to share property that can be guaranteed by one person and half? “   

At the same time–  

Zhou’s Headquarters Building. 

In the office on the top floor, raindrops hang on the glass of the floor-to-ceiling window for a moment, leaving water marks.   

The sky was dim and cloudy, but the spacious office was bright, with incandescent lights on, depicting the outline of the man.

Zhou Cheng was dressed in a dark gray suit. The straight  shirt neckline outlined his slender neckline, making him look more stable and reliable.

The head of Zhou’s legal team and Zhou Cheng’s private property adviser were sitting opposite him, sitting upright, waiting conscientiously for the boss to speak.

Zhou Cheng flipped through the documents sent by his subordinates. He Jing suddenly appeared in his mind as he leaned on him when he was sleeping so he couldn’t help laughing a little.

…The two subordinates on the opposite side were so scared that they almost fell from their chairs.

The person in charge of legal affairs wiped his sweat: “That…”

The financial consultant said cautious: “Sir, you called us to …?”

Zhou Cheng raised his eyes.

He seems to be in a good mood, his dark eyes smiling and his already profound facial features had become a little gentler, completely unlike the young master Zhou who usually had a cool facade.

“I’m going to get married in a few days,” He said. 

The two subordinates immediately opened their eyes.

“No certificate.”

The eyes of the two subordinates narrowed in an instant, revealing the gaze of gossip.   

“But I need to prove that he is my other half,” Zhou Cheng turned the pen in his hand and chuckled: “I have discussed this matter with my parents and they will fully cooperate with the procedures. I need you to calculate my personal property within a week, deal with the formalities, divide my property into two equal shares, one belongs to me, and the other for my lover.”


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