A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 9 – “Take the money and get out.”

He Jing was a little disappointed that he couldn’t just hold hands with his handsome husband anymore.

But he couldn’t help it – he really couldn’t bear letting Zhou Cheng be unhappy.

It was just a few days since he met this man but his every move touched his heart so he could not help wanting to see a little more.

He Jing saw that there was no one around and rubbed into Zhou Cheng’s arms.

The other side held him, and through his strong chest he could even hear the steady heartbeat of Zhou Cheng gradually accelerating.

He slightly raised his eyes, a pair of deer-like eyes with watery mist looked at the chin of the other person.

Although Zhou Cheng was penniless and depended on him for support, the man was very neat in his personal grooming, and the stubble on his chin was only a shallow layer, obviously carefully shaved.

He Jing stood on his tiptoe and lightly licked the man’s chin.

Some prick, some itch.

He wanted to continue down…

Unconsciously, the person holding him trembled and looked into his eyes.

“…… don’t make a scene.” Zhou Cheng’s voice was slightly low.


He Jing lowered his head before he could finish.

This little handsome senior of his was good at everything, but how come he looked …… not only aesthetic  on the surface, but also very aethstetic  on the inside?

“Zhou Cheng.”


“What do you like?” He Jing asked him “Is there something I didn’t do right?” This was the  first time he had kept a lover  so there must be something he had  not paid  attention to.

Zhou Cheng had slept in a separate room from him in the past two days so he thought there must still be something he wasn’t satisfied with.

He anxiously waited for the man’s answer, unexpectedly the other side dotingly kissed him on the forehead. His gaze was very  soft and distressed: “In fact, I don’t know. You are fine just like this.”

Since he was a child, young master Zhou had  never been exposed to a soulful love and it was his first time trying to get close to a person like this. So he really did not know what type of person he liked.

Every time He Jing smiled he couldn’t move his eyes away.

He added: “It would be good if you smiled more.”

He Jing was stunned and then he understood.

—— What does not know mean? It means inexperienced!!!

He was too happy.

This was the greatest joy of one virgin buying another virgin.

No wonder they were still in platonic hold handing stage after two days. They were both chickens so of course they could not move forward.

Although he had a lot of experience through  watching little videos, his actual experience was zero. Zhao Cheng as a man  from the countryside probably had  no contact at all.

“That…” He Jing whispered: “Then in the evening when we go back, let’s go look for the information.”


“Well, learn a little.”

“Learn what?”

He Jing blinked, his long lush eyelashes fluttered: “Learn what you want to do ah.”

Zhou Cheng was stunned: “What I want to do… ?” He was doing a lot of things, but if you want to generalize it, he was dealing with signatures, acquisitions and major decisions of the board of directors.

“What are you planning to do with this?” He asked.

The youth smiled playfully and a scarlet blush surfaced on his face: “Isn’t that why I’m with you?”

Zhou Cheng was stunned.

His thin lips slightly pursed, and his eyes fell on He Jing as he suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

In fact, he actually knew for a long time that the so-called coincidental encounter at the entrance of his manor was probably just a deliberate attempt by He Jing to get close to him. He also knew he was boring and did not know how to coax his lover with sweet words. Most of the time, he was just not an object that people would really like.

The people who approached him were only after his money.

But He Jing did not ask him for this small sum of money before and he still had some vague expectations.

Now it seemed that this money was just not enough to care.

What He Jing wanted was perhaps something more valuable.

But every time He Jing smiled, his Adam apple moved slightly and his slightly bent peach blossom eyes looked very sassy and playful. In the end Zhou Cheng felt that He Jing liking his money did not matter.

But hearing He Jing’s own admission, he still couldn’t avoid feeling lost a little.

The youth waved his hand in front of him: “Zhou Cheng? Zhou Cheng?”

“Well…” Zhou Cheng ran into He Jing bewildered and somewhat innocent gaze with just glance and his heart softened: “Okay, if you want to learn let’s do it at home tonight.”

During the day, He Jing needed to be on the set.

“Mm-hmm!” He Jing nodded fiercely but before he could become happy he thought that Zhou Cheng looked a bit wrong: “What’s the matter with you?”


Something was written all over his face.

He Jing thought back on the conversation between the two, and suddenly realized that he seemed to have accidentally let out the main thing of the accident.

Zhou Cheng’s favorite type was coquettish and cheap!

What did he say just now in a moment of haste? He actually confessed that he needed to study in order to do such and such things!

Oh, my God!!!!

He Jing was annoyed for a moment and was thinking of mending his ways and saying something tawdry when Shen Wencheng’s voice suddenly came from behind him: “So you are here.”

He Jing turned around and frowned “Why are you here again?”

“I can’t come?” Shen Wencheng snorted:”This set is not fully contracted by the crew so did you buy this land?”

He Jing mouth flattened.

Beside him, Zhou Cheng took a step forward casting a shadow with his tall figure.

“Yes,” Zhou Cheng pondered for a moment: “I do seem to have bought this place.”

He Jing: “……” His little lover seemed to become mad.

Shen Wencheng became angry on the spot: “You really dare to take this?”  

“Why not?”

“Do you know how much money I have?”

Young master Zhou revealed an unexplained cold question mark face: “?”

Shen Wencheng’s expression became more and more dignified: “He Jing, I’m quite fond of you. How about this…”

He took out from his pocket a prepared check for one million yuan: “This is for you, now you can leave him.”

Zhou Cheng subconsciously took it over.

He looked at this slightly familiar paper, which appeared to be a logo of the bank he became a shareholder. Then he recalled the novel of an overbearing president that his housekeeper had given him when he was at home.

[His mother was sitting there with a cup of coffee in front of her, the heat of coffee slowly dissipated, leaving only a wet patch.

The atmosphere in the room made them feel like they were sitting on the pins and needles.”

She sat there with her head down, her palms already sweating nervously.

“Here’s a million for you,” his mother said as she gently pushed the check in front of her: “Now leave my son.”

Her eyes immediately lit up and she stuffed the check into her pocket as soon as she could.

“Thank you for your red envelope! I’ll be with him for a hundred years. ” 】

Zhou Cheng looked at the check from top to button, never personally counting the money before he confirmed the number first.

One million.

When Shen Wencheng saw him staring at the check and not saying anything, he smiled a little more convinced: “Take the money and get out.”

Zhou Cheng raised his eyes to look at him.

“I’m sorry,” Zhou Cheng sighed lightly, thinking about the plot in the original novel: “So you were He Jing elder, sorry for being rude.”

With those words, the young master Zhou who was worth a hundred billion, with assets all over Yangcheng and countless manors, carefully stuffed this check into his pocket and said: “Thank you for your red envelope! I’ll be happy with He Jing for a hundred years. “


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