A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 10 – “Words are words, I will take you to learn.”

Shen Wencheng’s face instantly turned red, he raised his hand and pointed to Zhou Cheng: “You… you… You!” for a long time, but Zhou Cheng only raised his eyebrows, as if he was not afraid at all.

He Jing never thought that his little lover would be so tough, and that he would be able to use such a shameless move in order to help him get out of this situation.

Zhou Cheng was “Shameless” but Shen Wencheng was also shameless. He who had wanted to use money to block He Jing’s options , pointed with a trembling finger first  at Zhou Cheng for a long time before finally pointing at He Jing’s face.

The youth blinked, a pair of peach blossom eyes reflecting the bright light. The bottom of his eyes were a little confused: “What are you pointing at me for? I don’t have any pocket money.”

Zhou Cheng glanced at Shen Wencheng and then at He Jing, and with a bland expression he took out the check he had just put away from his pocket and shoved it directly into He Jing’s pocket, saying blandly and calmly: “Your pocket money.”

As if this was not a million yuan cheque but a yuan bill.

He Jing became a little worried by Shen Wencheng’s move, but Zhou Cheng pleased him very much with just this small action.

Was this a matter about money? No!

The little lover he raised was very measured and even knew when he needed to give up on money he received. Not worried at all that he would not get enough maintenance fees! This was absolutely reassuring to him as his Golden backer. He has to live up to Zhou Cheng’s trust in him and show his dedication to his handsome  senior.

When he became  free later, he would have  to think about how to become an all-round golden backer.

As for Shen Wencheng…

He knows that the Shen family has a lot to do with the film and television company where he worked right now. Only in this way Shen Wencheng could be put into the cast. And  him refusing to sign this contract before must certainly have offended the company’s top management and bigwigs. The important thing  right now was to quickly make an  effort and receive roles so he could earn money and support his family. Then all that would be left was taking care of Zhou Cheng and living a good life with night every day.

He Jing’s thinking had been thrown to an unknown place at this time. When Shen Wencheng finally made a cruel remark from his anger: “He Jing, if you really want him. Remember your choice and reaction today, I will not just let it go!”

He Jing: “…”

He was sure that Shen Wencheng not only relied on his connections to join the crew, but that he was also  interested in those TV dramas and movies before joining the group!

These are the lines that only appeared in the overbearing president novels 800 years ago!

Only the uncles and aunts of the last decade would read it!

He Jing did not plan to do those superficial tricks with Shen Wencheng, and asked Qi Rui to help him return the money to Shen Wencheng. As for this check, which carried the professionalism of his family, he was reluctant to return it.

He blinked and this time he carefully looked around to see if there was anyone around before he took Zhou Cheng’s hand.

On the other hand, Zhou Cheng was constantly recalling the fragments of the overbearing president novel his housekeeper showed him.

As an unforgettable overlord, he clearly remembered the phrase that Shen Wencheng said was also in the novel.

[She lowered her head pleasantly looking down at the situation of this woman who had done so many bad things.

She looked at the vicious woman who had competed with her for a man, who was now crawling on the ground. She could not even feel a little pity in her heart as she felt very happy.

“You deserve to be where you are today,” she said

“You only rely on the fact that he loves you!!!” The vicious woman glared at her, “I won’t just let it go!!!”

Knowing what the vicious woman cared about the most, she sneered, shook her head and said: “Give up, he can’t like you. Your breasts are not  even as big as mine.” ].

Zhou Cheng glanced at Shen Wencheng chest and then looked down at his own chest.

After years of strict elite education, President Zhou, who was born into the upper class of the aristocratic circle came into contact for the first time with such an approachable thing as the novel under the encouragement of his housekeeper. Equating the novel with the doctrines and theories he had read before.

He sighed and read the long sentence as it was written: “Give up, he can’t like you. Your breasts are not even as big as mine.”

When it comes to chest muscles, Shen Wencheng, a white-chopped chicken who lacked exercise at first glance could not be as good as him.

For some unknown reason, Shen Wencheng looked at him in shock. Without saying a word he turned his head and walked away in resignation.

Zhou Cheng turned his head to look  at He Jing.

The youth held his hand tightly, his pair of eyes was covered with a layer of mist as spiritual and pure, his voice was clear and moving: “Zhou Cheng ……”


“You really understand me” He Jing blinked his eyes “Understand what I like about you.”

Of course Zhou Cheng knew.

He Jing liked his money and he still wanted to do what he needed to get benefits from his side.

From the first time He Jing appeared beside him, Zhou Cheng knew that this was just a bad trick played by his competitors. But he felt totally different to He Jing, especially when he saw the young man looking at him with watery eyes. When he thought that the young man working hard every day was forced to commit himself to him in exchange for his future, yet he was unmoved by the benefits he could give him he could not feel even a trace of disgust.

He became even better to He Jing.

“I understand,” Zhou Cheng laughed lightly his eyes full of confidence: “I know my identity very well–“

He Jing suddenly raised his hand, his slender fingers moved as his fingertips rested on his lips. Hie yes clear as he looked at him saying: “You are not allowed to talk about your identity! I actually, I actually hope we get along without thinking about these …… You can let it go a little bit! “

Then He Jing blushed.

Zhou Cheng’s heart was touched by this moment.

He Jing was privately hoping that he was not the president of Zhou and that he would get along with him as a lover.

Does this mean that …… He Jing actually genuinely liked him? Not for the money, not for the shares, and not for his identity?

He Jing refused the box of banknotes he had his housekeeper send to him, and also refused the best film and television resources he had arranged for He Jing.

The young man in front of him was already flushed, even his neck and earlobes on both sides were dyed red. Now he was raising his hand to unbutton the button as he whispered: “Let do, for example…. There is no one here now, so do you like it here….  I can do it….. “

He clearly said seductive words, but his tone was trembling, and the fingertips of his collar were also trembling uncontrollably.

Clearly afraid yet performing impatiently.

He was distressed.

Zhou Cheng raised his hand, pinched the young man white and tender face as he nodded and said: “Ok, I won’t mention my identity in the future.”

Then he stopped him, lowered his voice and said “You don’t have to do this now. I know what you want. Didn’t you say you wanted to study? When we go home in the evening, we will study first. “

In the next moment the young deer-like eyes immediately showed joy and expectation.

He has been pursuing a partner who doesn’t love his money but he did not expect to be attracted to an artist who came after his money and power.

Zhou Cheng spoke to He Jing until his next scene was coming. Then He Jing reluctantly went to work alone.

When he was left alone he picked out his cell phone and called his knowledgeable housekeeper.

“It’s me” He said, quoting some introductory books on economics and management before dictating He Jing home address: “Prepare this book for me and send them directly to this address.”

“Yes sir.”

“Also speed up the acquisition of He Jing company.”

“Don’t worry, sir, we are the best tools to help you win the love and business war!”

Zhou Cheng frowned:“But, there’s something wrong with me today. Is there anything wrong with the book you gave me?”

He briefly described what had just happened with Shen Wencheng and his reaction to the response he gave according to the plot of the novel.

President Zhou felt that this textbook did not seem particularly professional: “I said it in accordance to  the development in it, but Shen Wencheng reaction was completely different from that in the novel.”

The housekeeper seemed to let out a long sigh.

“Dear sir,” the housekeeper said, hating that iron could not become steel: “You should bring in the perspective of the male lead and not the female lead.”

Zhou Cheng disagreed: “But the novel is told from the perspective of female lead.”

“But you should be a majestic and domineering president!”

 He attributed his misunderstanding to the way the book was written: “Then you should find me some novels from the perspective of male lead.”

“Yes, sir, I’ll pack it together with this economics and management textbook and send them to this address. Is there anything else I can do for you? For example, pretending to be a robber to make you a hero to save beauty? Forcing your little lover into huge debt so he has to ask you for the noble exchange of body with money? Or making him lose his job so he will have to work in a bar  under your name so you can stop beside him when you are inspecting the industry and lift his chin and say ‘Oh, man, you have attracted my attention…’ “

Zhou Cheng: “….?”




He Jing has been working hard all day.

He did not care how the outside word kept telling him he was rotten or how the fans started the war. He was now more serious and dedicated than the day before and became so efficient that the whole crew looked towards him with admiration.

On one side he offended some big shot and on another he offended Shen Wencheng. He needed to hurriedly finish filming this before he became suppressed and earn more money to take care of his little lover.

After all, his Zhou Cheng was considerate, dedicated and highly professional. He doesn’t ask much from him, his golden backer so if he did not work hard in his career he would break Zhou Cheng’s trust  in him.


As soon as he got out of the elevator, Zhou Cheng asked him.

He Jing turned his neck and nodded: “A little bit.”

“You don’t have to work so hard. I’m here.”

“It’s because of you,” He Jing smiled: That’s why I have to work harder to be worthy of you.”

Zhou Cheng patted him on the head.

When they came to the door, Zhou Cheng picked up a box of books he said he had bought and went into the house with him.

When Zhou Cheng opened the box in front of him, He Jing saw a pile of familiar books piled at the top of the box – all of them were the most popular overbearing president ones, some of which he had just finished reading!

Just the right thing for him and Zhou Cheng, two virgins, to learn from!

“You, you are so nice ……” He Jing immediately blushed, shy to the point that his toes were constantly curling up, his hands folded together, and his voice trembled: “You said that you wanted to study with me, so you really prepared these…”

Zhou Cheng nodded his voice moistened with magnetism: “Words are words, I will take you to learn.”

The words fell as he moved his hands toward the box, moving the books on the top away and grabbing three or four thick books.

“Principles of Economics”, “Management”, “Microeconomics” ……

The calm and steady voice of the man weaved into He Jing’s ear like a devil whisper.

“Zhou Cheng …… these ……”

“We’ll learn about this tonight. Take your time and learn a few hours every day.”


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