A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 25.1 – The more he recalled, the more he felt that Zhou Cheng really couldn’t do it.

The sound of the rain still hadn’t stopped.

Yangcheng always had a period of hot sunshine, followed by rain, rainstorm and drizzle. During the period of cloudy days, there was not much sunshine and the sky was also very gloomy, so the street lamps were turned on even during broad daylight.

But He Jing’s mood was completely opposite.

After explaining the matter in the law firm, he put on the mask again, hummed his own song, and walked out under the umbrella.

The sky seemed to rumble with thunder in the distance, as he walked toward his car.

His peach blossom eyes that caused the screams of thousands of fans as his teal pupils reflected the light, as if they were carrying a brilliant river of stars.

He Jing smiled, happily opened the door of the passenger seat, put away the umbrella, and sat in.

As soon as the seat belt was fastened, the engine started and Qi Rui’s voice sounded: “Ancestor, I’ve never seen someone whose fortune shrank  by half and yet he was still as happy as you.”

“I’m happy.”

“Isn’t it too hasty?” The agent who has always liked to play with him was suddenly very serious. “Although I have already told you this on the way here, but you are still young so I still have to say it one more time. You and Zhou Cheng want to marry so fast that you do not even investigate his background. If you do something like a notarization, even if you regret it later, there will be no turning back.”

He Jing’s eyebrows moved slightly as he took off his mask, the corners of his mouth were still slightly raised, and his star-like eyes were filled with a smile.

In his usual not serious manner he just nodded: “Well, don’t worry, if there are any consequences, I will bear it myself. Also I believe in Zhou Cheng.”

Qi Rui “cut” in and said: “What if you are really being cheated off money and affection and he will use you for selling news?”

“Don’t worry,” He Jing said leisurely, “Then I will be on the entertainment headlines for the first time.”

Qi Rui: “…”



When He Jing arrived home in the evening, Zhou Cheng was sitting on the sofa in the living room, with his laptop on his legs, looking down at the screen, not knowing what he was doing seriously.

The laptop style looked very new and seemed to be very expensive. Although He Jing was not someone who liked to play games, he knew in his circle, some seniors who loved digital products. At a glance, he recognizes that laptops of this brand were not cheap and the highest configuration was even more expensive.

It seems that he was right to give Zhou Cheng money left from his bonus. Didn’t Zhou Cheng buy the most expensive laptop in a flash?

He was also quite good at picking.

Then when he knew that he had allocated half of his fortune to him, Zhou Cheng would definitely be even more happy.

“Zhou Cheng,” He Jing changed into slippers and walked up: “What are you doing?”

The man raised his eyes, and his pure black pupils immediately reflected his silhouette.

He Jing pounced forward and sat directly beside Zhou Cheng, leaning slightly on the man’s shoulder to also see the computer screen.

Zhou Cheng just raised his hand, pointing to the computer screen and he said: “I’m looking at some things needed for the wedding, I want to plan it myself. I haven’t done these trivial things before so there are still some things I don’t understand.”

On the screen were some of the things and processes needed for a Western-style wedding.

Many windows have been opened, and there were search results in every aspect, which was enough to show that Zhou Cheng was really serious.

“You don’t need to check it,” He Jing blinked: “Just spend money to find someone to do it.”

Zhou Cheng said: “From the plot of the books I read this with the identity like me, by handling these things personally can show their sincerity.”

An identity like Zhou Cheng…

That’s right, they weren’t married yet and Zhou Cheng still regarded him as his golden backer. Since he did not have money, he had to prepare sincerely.

He Jing leaned on Zhou Cheng’s shoulder and rubbed his cheek slightly. Hearing the man’s breathing speeding up, he immediately stopped his movements.

He raised his hand and rubbed his eyes: “Actually, it’s not necessary, we are still going to have a wedding. It doesn’t matter what your status is.”

“It’s a matter of heart.”

“Then let’s prepare it together?” He Jing smiled: “I also want to show my sincerity. How about you prepare half and I prepare half.”


As he spoke, Zhou Cheng lowered his head and lightly kissed his hair.

He Jing immediately stiffened, and said softly: “I have been outside all day, don’t kiss it, my hair is dirty.”

When Zhou Cheng heard the words, instead of listening, he simply kissed him a little more. From his hair to his cheek, the soft touch extended all the way, till he touched He Jing lips-


“Huh?” The man chuckled, his voice low, his eyes deep: “Are you shy?”

If this was accompanied by a bit of cool background music, it will seem like a domineering president has appeared.

He Jing: “…?”

Why did he feel that the script was wrong?

He was the domineering one, right?

Seeing that Zhou Cheng was about to kiss him again, He Jing raised his hand to block Zhou Cheng’s movements, blinked, and said softly: “That, your mouth, kissed my hair.”

His heart was racing every time he got close to Zhou Cheng, nervous excitement accompanied by a slight fear, his mind muddled.

Only to hear Zhou Cheng say softly “You are not dirty.”

“I think I am .”

Zhou Cheng: “…”

He Jing wanted to stir the paste out of his head.

Every time he gets nervous, there is no door in his mouth. Last time it was wiping his butt, this time it was too dirty.

“That, that, that, I, I, I just–“

“It’s okay,” Zhou Cheng still looked at him gently, but stepped back away from He Jing: “I understand. When we get married, we’ll do this again.”

He Jing wanted to cry without tears.

Actually it’s okay now!

Why does Zhou Cheng stop every time ……

Wait a minute!

He Jing blinked blankly, turned his head and saw Zhou Cheng continue to sit there concentrating on the computer screen, his long fingers moving on the laptop’s touchpad.

As if that close contact just now did not affect the man even a bit.

He Jing himself was a little flushed, after smelling the refreshing soap fragrance on Zhou Cheng’s body there was even a little reaction in that aspect.

But Zhou Cheng did not move a muscle.

He Jing suddenly had a particularly bad guess.

Zhou Cheng can’t be… unable to, right?

He Jing immediately froze, softly leaning on the sofa, his eyes blank, his gaze gradually losing focus.

“Zhou Cheng…” he said in a daze.


“Are you……”

He Jing paused for a moment.

Men don’t like to be asked about it, right?

And if he asked, Zhou Cheng wouldn’t necessarily answer.

Zhou Cheng didn’t wait for his question and asked back suspiciously: “Aren’t what?”

He Jing hurriedly shook his head: “No, nothing.”

He blinked his eyes, confusion and surprise hidden in his pale brown eyes. He hugged Zhou Cheng’s arm in a daze, and whispered: “…Let’s divide the work and assign which part of the wedding we are responsible for!”

The man gave a light laugh: “Good.”



It was another night when two people lay side by side, sleeping under a quilt without doing anything.

Zhou Cheng slept very peacefully again.

But He Jing could not sleep at all.

After the idea that Zhou Cheng could not do it, he couldn’t forget it anymore. At this moment, when he closed his eyes, it was the scene where Zhou Cheng always stopped at the last moment when they were getting along.

At that time he was too nervous so he did not even notice Zhou Cheng’s reaction.

Looking back now, his little lover seemed to have a gentle look every time, with a faint light in his eyes he would stop very calmly.

Saying he is handsome is true but saying he is restrained is also very much true. 

He Jing: “…”

The more he recalled the more he felt that Zhou Cheng really could not do it.

Today He Jing went to bed late, just when he got into bed, Zhou Cheng was not asleep yet and was still awake so he didn’t turn off the light beside the bed.

He turned his head slightly, and under the faint warm yellow light, he saw Zhou Cheng’s handsome outline. The man closed his eyes calmly, and his deep eyebrows were very attractive even when he was asleep.

He flattened his mouth.

He wanted to support Zhou Cheng at first just to be able to sleep with such a handsome guy. It was only later that he realized that he not only wanted to sleep with Zhou Cheng but he also wanted to be with him and that is how he and Zhou Cheng got  to this point.

If Zhou Cheng couldn’t, then wouldn’t the original reason he was with Zhou Cheng be gone?

He Jing blinked blankly, and subconsciously wrapped himself in the quilt.

The quilt was dragged by him, and it seemed that he had taken the part of the quilt covering the man’s side. Still sleeping Zhou Cheng moved lightly and reached out his hand directly and easily wrapped him in his arms.

He Jing was still tossing and turning when he was suddenly pulled by the other side and crashed into a warm chest.

The body temperature was intertwined, the air conditioner made a very slight buzzing sound, and the narrow bed was filled with warmth.

He Jing gave an “umph”.

He arched his arms in Zhou Cheng’s arms, slightly raised his chin and lightly kissed the side of the other person’s face.

If he can’t, he can’t.

In the future, it seems he would be very happy just being hugged like this like this every night by Zhou Cheng.

The person he liked was Zhou Cheng.

If another person was to hold him …… he would not be willing.

As for the bed problems …… well, he can buy some props in that area and let Zhou Cheng learn to, ahem, learn to use it.

He Jing originally was still very spirited but now that he figured it out in an instant, his sleepiness suddenly appeared.

The star and the moon hung high outside, and the dim warm yellow light was shining in the room. He Jing slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep leaning against Zhou Cheng’s chest.


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