A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 13 – “Zhou Cheng …… please, I, I want to ……”

He Jing said that he was not afraid to die.

No matter how popular artists were, how could they compare to the power of capital?

If they  really wanted to deal with him, now that his company was in the hands of another person, whether it be  openly or secretly, it was just a question what kind of ideas they would have?

He had already thought of this when he refused, but at most he thought that afterwards he might encounter some difficulties in his acting career. He really didn’t expect that the other party would be so arrogant as to buy their company directly!

At first, he refused to be supported by the gold backer and became one himself.

He Jing wanted to think that he himself was cool.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was over, but there was nothing he could do at present. So he said goodbye to Qi Rui and turned around to take Zhou Chengxian home.

The dilapidated residential building was quiet, extraordinarily quiet. Only cicadas could be heard from time to time and old couples bickering downstairs could be vaguely heard.

After taking a bath, He Jing was dressed in light blue household clothes and his gold hair was still a little wet after washing. Because of the special needs of the character he acted a small section of black could be seen at the roots and was not dyed gold. Which added a little cleverness to the youth.

His thick eyelashes were illuminated by the arm yellow light from the bedside lamp in his bedroom making his eyes look a bit brighter.

The aroma of shower gel still permeated the surroundings. When he saw Zhou Cheng wearing the pajamas he bought for him. He finally felt a little happy since the time he heard that his company was acquired by a “rival”.

He Jing moved his eyes and sat on the bed leaning against the pillow.

Zhou Cheng chuckled and sat down at the edge of the bed before opening the book about management.

——After a few days of studying He Jing tried every means to suggest to Zhou Cheng they should have s*x. But because he did not know how to do it, Zhou Cheng sat by the bed and taught him these things.

His handsome senior was really good.

Even if he was so poor that he needed to come to the city to find work he was still very proficient in these profound things. He must have studied it very seriously before.

His Zhou Cheng was very good.

With a handsome face that would make others feel resentment and muscle lines that could make others unable to take their eyes off, Zhou Cheng was still very cultured.

But if he becomes suppressed tomorrow, will he not be able to give Zhou Cheng the best?

He Jing suddenly felt a little depressed.

He bowed his head and flattened his mouth. As soon as he tried to rein in his expression and look up, Zhou Cheng’s voice came into his ears: “Not happy?”


“What did Qi Rui say to you just now? you’ve been absent-minded since you got home.”

He Jing raises his eyes and suddenly bumped into Zhou Cheng’s deep gaze. The man’s pure black eyes were like a dark winter night with white snowflakes falling, quietly and steadily.

All of He Jing’s acting skills were not enough, so he subconsciously told the truth: “… The company I am signed in was acquired. “

His tone was really a little low so Zhou Cheng said in the next moment: “You are not happy?”

He Jing was stunned for a moment.

He looked at the man in front of him and at the open book on the man’s slender legs, his broad palms pressed against the edge of the book as he sat upright.

With only the bedside lamp emitting the warm light in the room he could only see Zhou Chen close to him and the concrete appearance of the dilapidated but simple furniture around him.

The light sketched the outline of the man, when He Jing looked, he saw that Zhou Cheng seemed to be unhappy.

The “yes” that he was about to blurt out was swallowed in his throat.

Why was Zhou Cheng unhappy?

By the way, Zhou Cheng knew that he had rejected several pounds of contracts proposed by another person. Qi Rui should have told Zhou Cheng if he asked him about it.

In that case, Zhou Cheng who was so smart should know that he may lose the biggest source of income, right?

Was he worried that he would be  unable to support him?

It was still possible for him to make money to support their family even then so he can’t let Zhou Cheng have no confidence in him.

He Jing’s brain met a wall and his pair of peach blossom eyes slightly curved as his gaze became distracted.

He shook his head and said: “No, I’m quite happy. I was tired of my old boss.”

The low pressure suddenly released from Zhou Cheng’s body dissipated because of this sentence.

So he was worried that he would not be able to make money to support his family.

Really, Zhou Cheng was only responsible for being handsome at home so there was no need for him to worry about his career.

He Jing curled his lips, today he seldom heard Zhou Cheng words so he picked up Zhou Cheng books and threw them to the bedside table, then he pounced forward and hugged Zhou Cheng neck his lips almost touching Zhou Cheng’s chin.

The man seems to have just finished shaving his beard so his chin was not as slightly pricked as before, his hands intertwined with He Jing as they become tangled with each other. His eyes blinked quickly and his eyelashes fluttered lightly.

“We, we ……” his nervousness was back as he felt Zhou Cheng hot breath on his face and said: “Tonight let’s don’t learn it, let’s learn this… …”

So many days!

But he was only kissed on the mouth!

Didn’t Zhou Cheng like coquettish and cheap type? He had to perform it today!

In the next moment, He Jing trembled slightly as he leaned slowly taking initiative to kiss Zhou Cheng’s lips.

But before he moved, the man suddenly hugged him hard, and his tall body covered with the fragrance of shower gel, directly pressed him into the pillow making him unable to retreat.

The man’s lips moved slightly as he changed from being passive to actively attacking, and pried open He Jing’s lips.


For the first time, the 800-year-old virgin He Jing was so violently hugged and kissed till he was unable to breathe. When Zhou Cheng released him in contented maner, he was already flushed and panting on the pillow.

The sound of both men breathing became louder.

He Jing had only one idea in his mind – Zhou Cheng was reading BL literature so fast these days!!!

Is he going to come next?

He Jing found that he didn’t seem to be afraid. Under a slight case of lack of oxygen, his brain was full of Zhou Cheng’s abdomen / muscles. He was so excited that his whole body shivered as he looked helplessly at Zhou Cheng who seemed to have made up his mind.

The man who had already covered him, moved once again.

Zhou Cheng looked at the shivering He Jing and all emotion hidden in his deep black pupil. His breath gradually stabilized as his look of loss of control slowly faded away.

This was the sudden change, Zhou Cheng that was buttoning his collar also took smaller breaths.

He Jing looked at him blankly, his fingertips still trembling with excitement.

Zhou Cheng said in a low voice “You are afraid, forget it.”

He Jing: “!!! I, I am not!”

The man raised his hand and he gently touched his cheek with his fingertips, his voice very gentle: “You are shaking like this it’s okay to take your time.”

“Really, really not!” He Jing with his trembling hands pulled the corner of Zhou Cheng’s clothes and said sweetly: “Zhou Cheng…… please, I, I want to ……”

Zhou Cheng’s expression became more and more gentle … he was so lovely.

Zhou Cheng gave him a “I understand you” expression, then leaned over to pick up the management book that He Jing had thrown on the bedside table. He opened it solemnly, as if the kiss just now was just an illusion.

“Come on,” Zhou Cheng chuckled, “Let’s continue to learn.”

He Jing: “QAQ.”

This was totally different from what he wanted!


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