A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 5 – How Pitiful And Heartbreaking

He Jing’s eyelashes trembled slightly, his pupils hooked on Zhou Cheng’s figure as his eyes swirled with spring light.

Half blushing, he slowly unbuttoned his top button.

They were at the corner of the set, so apart from Shen Wencheng who purposely followed after him, there were very few people here.

In fact, there was no need to worry.

But when He Jing unbuttoned his top button his hands with white knuckles trembled. Making the finger pinching the second button pale slightly.

He was so scared.

He Jing almost could not resist the urge to cry out.

He was mentally prepared, if Zhou Cheng liked this kind of person, he was willing to make sacrifices for him  – maybe in this kind of place, it would be more exciting.

Also he was the golden backer!

He could not chicken out!

He Jing already scarlet face reddened even more. In a moment, he got up again and bit his lower lip. His breath quickened because of tension.

But his movements did not stop.

But his second button hasn’t been unbuttoned yet when the man standing in front of him suddenly stood up straight and pulled away the hand that tried to unbutton his shirt.

“…Huh?” He Jing ‘s nervousness suddenly disappeared.

He did not know why his own handsome senior face suddenly changed and his voice became low and stern:”Don’t do it if you don’t want to!”

In the man’s eyes, he was three parts struggling and seven parts in distress. He let go of He Jing’s hand and turned to go, but he hesitated.

Zhou Cheng finally rubbed his hair and sighed in a helpless tone: “Let’s go back.”

Only then did he turn around and left.

He Jing stared at the back of his “handsome senior” slowly leaving. His mouth flattened as the joy he felt turned into confusion.

Back on the set, seeing that his scene was about to start, Qi Rui said in a good mood: “Ancestor, if you don’t come back, the director is going to cut me off.”

“I don’t want to come back,” He Jing looked at Zhou Cheng, who was sitting on the side in a dominant position, looking into the distance, and felt hopeless: “I don’t want to shoot this scene. I don’t want to live.”

Qi Rui: “???? Ancestor, can you sober up a little?”

“I don’t want to be sober.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I wanted to seduce Zhou Cheng just now so I would no longer be a virgin!” He Jing gritted his teeth “but then I wimped out again ahhhhhh!!! He now thinks I don’t want to sleep with him-“

Qi Rui covered his mouth, “Shut up about this in public!”

He Jing pulled his own agent’s  hand off and complained in a sultry tone: “Then what do you want me to do…”

At the edge of the set, Zhou Sheng held his old-fashioned cell phone and tried to contact his housekeeper, he caught a glimpse of He Jing agent covering his mouth while He Jing showed an aggrieved expression.

He suddenly felt a tug at the bottom of his heart.

Was his tone too heavy just now?

The little artist was forced to approach him for a living, obviously forced to do his duty as a lover. He  was very pitiful.

Not only that, He Jing was also bullied by his agent. He was angry because He Jing was forced by the other party to seduce him and did badly. Wasn’t that right? As a boss, he should have the patience to tolerate his lover’s occasional clumsiness.

“It’s me.” Zhou Cheng answered the phone.

“Sir, are you coming back today? Today, the managers of 87 branch companies all sent me e-mails. They were worried that you might think that they had a 24-hour dictatorship, and you might suspect that they had the ambition to seize power, thus causing a series of feuds and resentments among rich families. So they jointly wrote a petition requesting you to go back to the town… “

Zhou Cheng hesitated for a moment.

Should he bring a newly admitted young lover home today? He Jing has just seduced him in a place where no one else was around, but if he suddenly takes him home like that, this pure-hearted little artist who never seen the world would be afraid, right?

“Not returning.”

The housekeeper happily said  “Oh” and: “Okay, waiting for your family drama feud.”

Zhou Cheng: “……”

“You help me …… prepare something to show your feelings.. It can’t be vulgar, wrap it as a gift and send it here.”

“Yes, sir.”

A few hours later, He Jing, who had just finished shooting his crying scene was very worried about Zhou Cheng seeing his makeup destroyed and ran into his dressing room as soon as the camera stopped.

He took the tissue handed to him by Qi Rui, and the director followed him in.

The director patted him on the shoulder with glowing eyes “Your acting skills today were very good. Why don’t we add some crying moments in the next scene as well?”

He Jing pursed his lower lip and gave a huff: “No, what if I cry too much up there and there would be no  energy down there?”

The director who was about to reprimand He Jing for his lack of dedication: “……”

Qi Rui almost choked to death: “I’m so tired!!! He Jing, can you shut up! “

“If I shut up, I won’t be able to give my all to Zhou Cheng-“

“Just f**k / shut up!!”

He Jing sat down on his butt and his big eyes were full of innocence as he slightly raised his eyes to look at his agent still with some tears from the previous scene in his eyes: “I don’t want you to f*ck me, you are not handsome.”

Qi Rui stumbled, dizzy: “I mean —— shut up! I’m not talking to you!”

The stunned director took a deep breath and ran away with his 200 jin body as fit as fiddle.

“He Jing!” The crew member in charge of chores on the set approached with a large box in his arms.  

The box didn’t seem to be light and the inside seemed to be stuffed to the brim and even some rustling sounds could be heard during the shaking – it seems to be paper things.

The staff put down the box: “Someone just sent it to the set, saying it was for you, with a note: ‘- letting you feel the warmth of the world, don’t cry. It’s a small token of appreciation, It’s not cheesy at all.’ It should be a gift from your fans. “

“Thank you. Just put it here.”

He Jing immediately stopped his tears, blinked and looked at the big cardboard box curiously with Qi Rui.

It was perfectly normal for fans to visit the set and send gifts in support. But the sentence left by the other party was really strange – he was always projecting an image of a gentle little brother so why would his fans want him to feel the warmth of the world?

Was it because he didn’t bring enough warmth to his fans?

He stretched out his hand with a question mark on his face and a gentle smile on his face but his hand had enough strength to rip open the seal on the box with great intensity.

Qi Rui: “……” Fortunately, there was no one else here except him and this beast He Jing.

The box was opened.

What came into view was a piece of tender scarlet letters.

Large pieces of deep pink and small pieces of white intertwined together, hundred of banknotes were folded into the shape of roses. The gift-giver seemed to be worried about wasting space so roses were tightly packed together and even squeezed to the point of deformation.

A whole carton was full of rose bills.

Qi Rui: “……”

“Who would send this? Is it really a fan?”

“No, this little note just says: – letting you feel the warmth of the world, don’t cry. It’s a small token of appreciation, It’s not cheesy at all.’ – from someone you know. It must be a fan. Your fans like these weird things. ” Qi Rui jumped to the conclusion.

He Jing was a little bewildered: “- It’s a small token of appreciation, It’s not cheesy at all’ ?”

Qi Rui: “Maybe your fans think that money is the most elegant thing in the world?”


“They want to make you happy and let you feel the joy of making money by being a hit? Maybe let you feel the joy of being kept?”

Question marks appeared above He Jing head one by one until Qi Rui said ‘ being kept and the young man’s eyes suddenly brightened as he slapped his thigh: “I know!”


“When my cheap fans visit me on the internet, they give me gifts and money,” He Jing thought he had finally figured it out: “But I want to enjoy Zhou Cheng’s body. Zhou Cheng must think that I’m going to sleep with him and still not give him money! That’s why he ‘s so angry!”

Qi Rui: “????”

“I’m a gold backer but I actually made such a mistake this morning. I actually made a move for nothing.”


“Brother Qi,” He Jing took out his gold card from his pocket: “Do me a favor!”




At night.

The stars appeared and even if early summer had not yet arrived, you could hear the faints chirping sounds of cicadas.

As soon as he got out of the elevator, He Jing went behind Zhou Cheng and held his strong and powerful shoulders in his hands: “Would you like to open the door?” Opening the door, Zhou Cheng will definitely think he was a good golden backer!

The man seemed to have forgotten about the morning incident and chuckled lightly, his voice very magnetic: “Good.”

He Jing legs went limp.

Worthy of being a senior kept men, he was still angry during the day that he did not pay and made a move for nothing. But at night he already began to spoil his golden backer.

He liked it very much.

He wanted to die in Zhou Cheng’s bed in his life.

The corners of his mouth hooked up, his white face with a bright smile and excellent facial features that did not lose color even under the camera was also not obscured  in the dim corridor of the residential building.

Zhou Cheng took the metal key from He Jing’s hand.

He felt that it was his fault for speaking harshly to his new lover this morning. As a domineering president holding half of Yangcheng property, he should be very dashing and doting to agree to the pampering demands of his little lover.

“I’m willing to spoil you,” he recalled what the housekeeper had taught him: “I’ll do whatever you ask.”

He Jing happily hugged his arm.

Zhou Cheng stood in front of the door and picked up the metal key in his hand before sticking it horizontally to the door handle in a handsome and mature posture——

The metal key stuck in the metal doorknob, and nothing happened.

“That ……” He Jing blinked his eyes: “the key should be inserted vertically, in the handle…. Try that hole.”

Zhou Cheng: “……”

In a world full of electronic doors, young master Zhou has never opened such a low-level door by himself. Without a change in his expression, he narrowed his eyes slightly and gave a light “hmm”. He has excellent learning ability so he inserted the key and turned the door handle.

——Then he saw that the old apartment was covered with paper money and there were strings of pink roses stacked with paper money on the table. In the middle of the living room, there was a paper handicraft half a person’s height, a “little Zhou Cheng” stacked with paper money.

Zhou Cheng slowly opened his eyes wide.

He Jing’s cheeks reddened slightly and his eyes looked at him with a little expectation: “For you ……”

Zhou Cheng has received so many so-called surprises and gifts since he was a child but it was the first time his nose became a little sore.

His little lover clearly knew how disdainful the money was to him and even returned the money he gave to him in the daytime in its original form.

It is clear that he had such a hard time, being suppressed by his agent and being chased by the director asking for additional crying scenes. He was also forced by his boss to seduce him, and put down his dignity to do things like taking off his clothes and seducing him.

But he didn’t take his money.

How pure-hearted.

How pitiful and heartbreaking.


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