A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 26. 2 – “Who are you? Are you here to disturb the wedding?”

Therefore, the people who came to the small manor to attend the wedding were very close to Zhou Cheng and He Jing, and naturally there was no media.

The guests were now seated in the open air in front of the manor, and a lot of self-service champagne, desserts and western dishes were arranged on the spot. On the other hand, Zhou Cheng and He Jing had to go to the place behind the manor to neaten their clothes and accessories before following  the process of communicating with the guest.

Zhou Cheng and He Jing arrived from the back door of the manor so when they met, the guests were almost there.

It’s just that the situation at the scene was somewhat “harmonious.”

The guests holding the invitations distributed by Zhou Cheng looked a little shabby.

They actually looked good and had good temperament, even some women who were obviously elders looked very young, if you don’t look at their clothes, all of them looked extraordinary.

However, their dresses were very simple and you could not see any well-known luxury brands. Some clothes actually have patches on them – clothes that looked brand new with brand new patches. It looked like they had been cut out of newly bought clothes and then patched out.

It can be said to be looking very deliberate.

The guests holding the invitation cards distributed by He Jing were almost covered with famous brands, and several even wore thick and heavy gold chains around their necks, that shone in the sunlight.

They are not only wearing high luxury or top luxury clothes but many patterns of the clothes had large logos but the accessories and bags on their bodies also almost had their price tags attached.

These clothes were all very new and some girl even forgot to cut the label of her skirt, her mother chased after her trying to rip the label off.

It can also be said to be very deliberate.

Although all the guests mingled in the manor’s piazza, weaving in and out of rows of Western-style meals and wine, the picture between He Jing’s relatives and friends and Zhou Cheng’s was so different that it was easy to tell who was invited by Zhou Cheng and who was invited by He Jing.

He Jing’s uncle, wearing a floral shirt with a brand logo printed in a floral pattern and three thick gold necklaces around his neck, held a tall glass in his hand, toasted the man who had picked up the champagne at the side, introduced himself, and then asked: “Hello, may I ask if you are ……? “

In this casual and lively little wedding occasion, the very handsome middle-aged man wore a plain white T-shirt with a light gray patch on the hem but this patch still looked as if they were hand-sewn, new and well-made.

He clinked a glass with He Jing’s uncle and said politely: “I’m Zhou Cheng’s uncle, nice to meet you.”

He Jing’s uncle glanced at the patch, and said sincerely: “It must be quite difficult for Zhou Cheng, isn’t it? You guys have really worked hard.”

Zhou Cheng’s uncle nodded: “It’s really not easy, a whole lot of people in the family depend on him, so I’m really grateful that Mr. He Jing is willing to marry him.”

“Don’t worry,” He Jing’s uncle patted his chest: “We will all be here in the future and if there is anything you need help with we will all give a hand. This is my business card and the name of the company I run, if there are relatives on Zhou Cheng’s side who are looking for work, they can come to me as well.”

Zhou Cheng’s uncle took the business card and marveled pompously: “Oh! You are so amazing, don’t worry, if we have juniors who want to do something, I will definitely let them invest in your company—”

Before the word “investment” was finished, Zhou Cheng’s uncle patted his forehead and muttered to himself in a low voice: “… is not right, we have to keep a low profile.”


“Ah, I didn’t say anything, I mean, if we have juniors who need to earn some money to support our family, we will find you! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome!”



He Jing arrived at the manor first.

The area of ​​this manor was not large, except for the necessary large square, swimming pool and other places, there are only a few small buildings, so the price was not very expensive.

The largest small villa was naturally the place where they lived.

When He Jing arrived at the main building, with the help of the makeup artist, he cleaned himself up again and put on makeup. Then Zhou Cheng also arrived.

His face showed a big smile when he turned his head to look at Zhou Cheng who had just come in.

After so many days together, this was the first time he saw Zhou Cheng wearing such formal and masculine clothes. The pure black did not look stereotypical on this person’s body but rather outlined his silhouette even better. His eyebrows looked stern but the pure black pupils looking at him looked unusually gentle.

He Jing bit his lower lip, his face flushing with anticipation and excitement.

“You’re handsome.”

“Very good looking.”

His voice sounded together with Zhou Cheng’s.

He Jing’s eyes rolled with a rare shyness.

The stylist stepped forward and pulled Zhou Cheng to do Zhou Cheng’s haircut. He Jing suddenly remembered his plan of property division and hurriedly made an excuse: “Umm …… Zhou Cheng, I’ll go to the front to see if there are any oversights, you do the styling first?”


He Jing restrained his expression, accelerated his steps and walked out with his phone, came to the small garden outside the villa, and sat down in the gazebo.

Confirming that there was no one around, he immediately called the lawyer Chen who was waiting outside.

“…… Yes, he is now doing his hair, when the stylist walks out, you just go in immediately with the documents ……”

On the other end of the phone, lawyer Chen was busy answering yes.

He Jing hung up the phone, his mind fantasizing about Zhou Cheng’s reaction. If his little handsome boy saw the contract and agreement and learned that he had given half of his property to him, he would be especially surprised and happy, right?

Wouldn’t he directly happily rush out and give him a fierce kiss?

The more He Jing thought about it, the more he felt that his wedding gift was particularly good so he giggled as he held the phone.

But just when he laughed a few times his face suddenly stagnated.

Seven or eight people in black suits appeared in the small garden, all of them looking elite with serious faces, holding a pile of – no, there was even a person carrying a big paper box directly to his side, and this paper box was filled with documents.

He Jing hugged himself tightly for an instant:”Who are you! Are you here to disturb my marriage?”

Zhou Cheng’s personal legal advisors and financial advisors: “……”

“Huh…” The elite man carrying the cardboard box put down the cardboard box in front of him, “Mr. He, it is like this, we are Mr. Zhou’s personal advisors, specializing in helping him with this aspect of his affairs. Mr. Zhou explained to us that this time we must let you finish signing-“

“Wait a minute!” He Jing raised his hand, signaling this elite man to stop first, then looked around at these few people who were already standing in the gazebo: “Who is Mr. Zhou? Who is the boss who wants a paid subscription of me? I told you I’m getting married today so I will resist to death!”

Everyone present showed astonished expressions.

“Mr. He, what are you talking about?”

“We are Mr. Zhou Cheng’s personal advisors.”

“Isn’t the person you are marrying Mr. Zhou?”


He Jing was stunned.

“Who!? Zhou Cheng!?”

The elite man had already taken out the documents from the cardboard box, put a fountain pen into his hand, and laid out the documents neatly on the stone table in front of him.

“Mr. He, these are the documents we have prepared, we will do all the formalities for you and Mr. Zhou. We just need you to sign it.”

“There are also some things that need to be operated by the electronic platform, you can wait until the wedding is over and we will teach you how to operate it. You can rest assured, we will take care of it for you.”

He Jing was dumbfounded.

He blinked blankly and looked at the pile of documents in front of him. He hadn’t fully reflected why Zhou Cheng had personal advisers yet.

But Young master Zhou personal advisors didn’t give his fragile little mind time to buffer at all, and all swarmed around him, talking in turns.

“Mr. Zhou said that we must let you finish signing today, this is to show you his heart and it’s a surprise he prepared for you.”

“Mr. Zhou has a lot of assets, including stocks, real estate, funds, liquid cash, annual dividends from the Zhou Group, and many fragmentary real estate. If we start signing now we should be almost done before the wedding so it’s a race against the time.”

“This is a rough calculation of the value of all the property, the numbers read out would be too long so please Mr. He count the zeros directly to see if you have any questions about this amount…”


The other end.

The stylist went out after giving Zhou Cheng a good haircut.

Zhou Cheng sat on the chair and raised his eyes to look at himself in the mirror. The stylist used the right amount of hair gel to stabilize his short hair. His forehead looked refreshed, neat and handsome and together with his black suit it made him look even more handsome.

He chuckled lightly.

At this time, his personal advisor should have found He Jing according to his arrangement, and he was now signing, right?

He hoped that He Jing liked his gift.

He knew that He Jing had always cared about the gap between them. Before today’s wedding, He Jing had mentioned it to him many times in private, asking him not to care about the difference in money and status, obviously loving him and having low self-esteem.

But starting today, He Jing doesn’t need to feel inferior.

He used this method to make his lover fully equal to him, although it was half of his assets Zhou Cheng felt it was worth it.

He slowly got up, intending to go see how many documents He Jing had signed now but before he could walk out of the door there was a knock on the door: “Is Mr. Zhou inside?”

The voice was unfamiliar, definitely not of those staff members he had met just now.

“Yes, who is it?” Zhou Cheng asked.

“I’m He Jing’s lawyer, can I come in for a moment?”

He Jing’s lawyer?

Could it be that He Jing read the documents and was dissatisfied with them but was too embarrassed to say so, so he asked his lawyer to talk to him?

Zhou Cheng hurriedly walked up and opened the door: “Please come in.”

The middle-aged man who looked like a lawyer from the first glance held a folder in his hands.

There was also a small nameplate hanging on his chest, like a brooch with a company name engraved on it. Zhou Cheng glanced at it and knew that the person in front of him was surnamed Chen.

As soon as Zhou Cheng opened the door, this lawyer Chen handed out his business card, introduced himself and then went straight to the point: “Mr. Zhou, this is some transfer documents that Mr. He Jing asked me to do regarding the property, please take a look at them, if it doesn’t make sense, we can just start signing as we go through the formalities.”

“What?” Zhou Cheng was stunned.

“Mr. He said please make sure he will accept this surprise. This is proof that he wants to be with you and is willing to share all his property with you.”

Mr. Zhou, who was not even sure exactly how many properties he really had: “……?”


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