A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 16 – He Jing growing alone like this should be lacking love

Zhou Cheng had made up his mind, and the thoughts in his heart were already clear.

He Jing was not like those little lovers adopted by his friends from the entertainment circle. He was not only a default pastime under the money transaction.

He Jing was different from those people.

The young man in front of him seemed to love to smile, and was born to be on the flirty side. His peach blossom eyes always burned with a bright light.

There was no desire for money in those eyes.

He was the only one in He Jing’s eyes.

Thinking about this, Zhou Cheng gave a light laugh.

“What do you laugh at?” He Jing did not know how Zhou Cheng who was not very happy just now suddenly became so happy again: “You are not angry anymore?”

He has just explained that he flirted with that handsome boy to be with Zhou Cheng.

Sure enough, the man nodded: “mm-hmm.”

He Jing was once again moved by Zhou Cheng.

If fact it was his first time raising a little lover as golden backer and there were many places he didn’t notice. It was only when he was suddenly reminded unexpectedly that he found that he didn’t have a good idea

But Zhou Cheng has always been so gentle to him and for such a long time, Zhou Cheng did not mention money to him.

He really liked Zhou Cheng.

He really really liked Zhou Cheng.

A lover’s relationship was different from a foster relationship. He wanted to be a lover with Zhou Cheng even if their relationship was that of completely supporting him, he was willing.

“Zhou Cheng.” He called out to Zhou Cheng.

The young man’s voice that sounded so vibrant thanks to the microphone, echoed in the spacious corridor with a faint murmur attached to it, as if it was a whisper close to his ear.

He Jing was still leaning against the glass wall of the conference room, in front of and behind him, the overlapping light and shadow outlining Zhou Cheng’s body, carving the man’s silhouette to be extraordinarily handsome.

Zhou Cheng lowered his eyes: “Hmm?”  

“The crew is about to kill me so I have nothing to do today, why don’t you come with me to a place?”

“What place?” The man asked him.

He Jing smiled in a mysterious way: “Come with me and you’ll see.”

He had just been teased to the point of weakness by Zhou Cheng, and now he finally became somewhat relieved, standing up straight he took Zhou Cheng hand and smiled: “Let’s go.”




When He Jing came, it was Qi Rui who brought him here in their car. When he left, Qi Rui didn’t want to see them feeding him dog food so he went to the mall next door to drink milkshakes by himself.

He Jing took the keys of the car and led Zhou Cheng all the way to the parking lot.

All kinds of things happen in the entertainment industry, and  He Jing was also a famous “mess” in the circle, leading a handsome guy to show off was really nothing in everyone’s opinion.

He Jing also did not care, meeting some inquiring gazes of some friends along the way, he pulled Zhou Cheng to the front of the car.

He released Zhou’s hand  and walked toward the driver seat, but the man actually did not separate from him to sit on the copilot seat and also walked toward the driver seat.

“?” He Jing tilted his head. “Zhou Cheng, what’s wrong?”

“How can I let you drive?” Zhou Cheng’s voice was very calm and gentle. “I’ll do it.”

The man said as his broad palm had already grasped the car handle.

He Jing blinked blankly and blurted out: “Do you have a driver’s license?”

Zhou Cheng was about to nod as he  reached for his wallet in his pocket when his action came to a standstill.

President Zhou who used to be a workaholic and relied on the driver to get in and out, left his driver’s license at home after he went there to change his clothes.

Zhou Cheng: “…”

He Jing saw that his eyebrows and eyes moved slightly and he did not speak for a while so he chucked as he pulled Zhou Cheng’s hand off the car handle.

“I’m glad you wanted to help me drive it.”

How could Zhou Cheng the poor men from a very small village know how to drive?

Subconsciously trying to help him do these things has been already engraved in his mind as kindness. Zhou Cheng has been so eager to help him that he forgot that people who had not been to a driving school and had no driving license were not allowed to drive.

He smiled and stood on tiptoe as he kissed the side of Zhou Cheng chin.

He liked Zhou Cheng chin very much and his short mature man’s stubble, bringing a slight tingling to his soft lips, it was like a touch to his heart.

After the kiss, He Jing, who was still innocent in this regard, blinked his eyes and immediately blushed, turning his head as he slipped into the driver seat.

He heard the man sighing helplessly and walk to the other side to sit in.

“I’ll drive it later, or someone else will drive it.” The man said.

He Jing turned his gaze and showed a bright smile again.

Zhou Cheng was very happy when he thought of taking his driver’s license to help him drive in the future.

What’s more, sometimes Qi Rui was tired of driving so he could find another assistant. Today, the mysterious boss who wanted to have hidden rules with him will certainly learn how randy he was and should give up on him. Then he can be in love with Zhou Cheng as they would go filming together.

He Jing thought happily and hummed as he started the car and stepped on the throttle.

He was not  responsible for driving  and was picked up for most of his work so in fact he did not drive very often. The care model was also on the large side so He Jing drove it more carefully, wandering slowly in the center of Yangcheng for a while before driving to a place in the suburbs.

“…… orphanage?”

Zhou Cheng stood at the entrance, his confused gaze sweeping over the large sign at the entrance.

He Jing opened the back of the car which was actually filled with a pile of gift boxes packed in delicate decorative paper bags. There seemed to be children’s watches and stationery in each paper bag.

Zhou Cheng knew the packaging of one of them, this was one of Zhou’s relatively high-end candy enterprises. The package was fine and the taste was also very unique  and it was not too expensive or cheap in price.

Because they were placed in the car, they collided a little during the drive and these  paper bags were cluttered together but it could still be seen they were put here early and were ready to be used.

The young man counted the bags and roughly picked up a dozen bags before putting on the mask and locking the car. Then he walked up to him happily and said with a smile: “Let’s go in!”

“What is this?” Zhou Cheng stretched out his hand and took most of the paper bags from his hand to carry himself.

“Of course, it’s for the children.” He Jing led Zhou Cheng in and as soon as the concierge saw He Jing, who was wearing a mask, he let him go without questioning him so it was obvious that it was not the first time the youth had come here.

He walked inside lightly, “I usually come here to play with the children when I have time, but my schedule is busy and I am too lazy to run around so I simply always have these in the car.”

He Jing walked to the small playground.

A dozen children were playing by the slide, and once they saw He Jing, they actually rushed toward him with familiarity.

The orphanage children seemed to not know any celebrities and just shouted: “Thank you brother” one by one and then took the gifts from Zhou Cheng and He Jing, and kept asking He Jing why he hadn’t come recently.

He Jing smiled, under the cover of the mask his pair of exposed eyes slightly curved, eyes shining with brilliant brightness as his trembling eyelashes cast shadow from the gold daylight.

He replied patiently, saying he was busy recently.

Children no longer paid attention to it and after talking for a while returned to playing.

Zhou Cheng stood aside with his pocket in one hand and looked gently at the young man in front of him as he asked gently: “How did you think of coming here?”

“Because I have been here before,” He Jing replied naturally “So I have a little affection and the children are very lovely. So I like to come here and relax.” After all, before his debut he worked here and his parents also praised him for his good heart.

Zhou Cheng was stunned.

He used to … stay here?

This was the orphanage.

He Jing, such a well-behaved yet lively person, turned out to grow up in such a place? He Jing …… was an orphan? A child from an orphanage, without a father or mother, without help and he still fought in the entertainment industry until now, how much must he have suffered?

Zhou Cheng’s eyes became more and more distressed.

He Jing, who grew up so alone, should be lacking love very much.

No wonder he slicked at him every day.

Knowing that he had so many things to deal with, he wasnstill willing  to jump up and down every minute,as well as  coax him to sleep with him and ask him to accompany him to the film set.


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