A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 1 – You are not allowed to go to the hotel! ! ! !

The sky was clear as birds roamed the sky.

There are several manors in the outer suburbs of Yangcheng and the feeling of flourishing summer filled both sides of the road seemingly mixed with the sound of insects.

The wind was not strong, intertwining with the coolness of late spring and the warmth of upcoming summer.

After attending his best friend Yan Qing’s wedding, He Jing pulled his bow tie awkwardly. The suit he had worn all day made him feel restrained and flustered.

The chauffeured car stopped at the entrance of the manor.

He Jing took off his suit jacket as soon as he got into the car and his delicate face showed an expression of dissatisfaction: “I’m so tired…”

“Dear ancestor, can you be less eager to take off your jacket?” In the driver seat, his agent Qi Rui played with the steering wheel with one hand and supported his forehead with the other: “In case you are photographed by the paparazzi squatting outside, do you want to destroy your personal image?”

He Jing was a popular newcomer with the image of a gentle little brother.

He was born with a babyface, but his peach blossom eyes had become his logo. When he smiled gently the amorous feelings of the corners of his eyes would attract fans.

If he had on light makeup and you put him on stage under the spotlight, the audience’s screams would break through the sky.

But even under such conditions, He Jing did not encounter any of the unspoken rules that were not uncommon in the entertainment circle. This was probably because the big guys who could afford to support He Jing and were interested in the newcomers in the entertainment industry have more or less heard some gossip about him.

When seeing the good-looking one it was said that He Jing would already have a room card and it was given more than three hundred times.

His improper behavior made him wander on the edge.

Who could afford to raise such a newcomer and be able to handle it?

Naturally, there was no one.

He had an image of the gentle older brother in front of his fans but in front of the big guys in the entertainment industry, he was a little newcomer who had already slept with countless people. Now, looking out of the window, he sighed “I attended another wedding…when it would be my turn…”

Qi Rui said helplessly: “You’re only twenty-one, why are you so obsessed with weddings?”

“I don’t have a partner.”

“Just like you-” Qi Rui stopped talking.

When He Jing saw a handsome guy, the first thing he would do would be to book a room. Who would be willing to be with such a real self-contained person?

“You should change.” Someone seemed to be on the road ahead, so Qi Rui stepped on the  brakes slightly “Don’t let people misunderstand you again.”

He Jing who was in the passenger seat suddenly stopped smiling and released a gentle laugh instead. If he laughed openly, he would have come off as coquettish. However, once he looks straight ahead he would look surprisingly cold.

“Then if someone really takes a fancy to me, Brother Qi, can you stop it?”

Naturally, he couldn’t stop it.

He Jing body and face were too good. If his notoriously loose persona didn’t give him a shield, he wouldn’t have been able to not dip in this messy water till now.

“You act like this because you are afraid these big guys will start looking at you, but it’s true that you are a face-con.”

He Jing couldn’t walk when he saw the handsome guy.

Whenever he encountered a handsome guy, he couldn’t help but to want to pull them into the hotel room. But when they arrived at the hotel, because they did not understand each other, he got goosebumps and could only rely on Qi Rui to reasonably send the other person away.

He was still a virgin who depended on his own ability to find work. He also relied on his agent’s ability to wipe his ass.

He Jing who was unable to deny it: “…”

The brake had been stepped on for a while, but the man standing at the side of the road looking at his mobile phone still had not moved.

The man only wore an ordinary sweater without any recognized brand name on it and his torn jeans seemed to be of the most popular style on the streets.

But even such clothes could not get rid of the temperament the other person’s body exuded. His tall figure showing a shadow in the slanting sunset.

Due to his tall body, the clothes lines looked smooth and powerful.

Although facing He Jing and Qi Rui sideways, the outline drawn by the golden light from the setting sun made his face look perfect and profound. He seemed to be waiting for someone, as he looked down at his mobile phone and still had not moved from his initial position.

Qi Rui saw he was not moving so he was about to step on the gas pedal to drive around him when He Jing suddenly stopped him: “Brother Qi, wait a minute!”

“What do you want to do?” Qi Rui said in alarm.

He Jing had already rolled down the car window.

“Your nymphomaniac problem again?” Qi Rui took one look at the side of the man face and knew that something was wrong.

He Jing smiled and poked his head out of the car window slightly.

“This gentleman?” He smiled, his eyes curled slightly his voice clear: “Want a ride? You can’t get a cab here.”

Although he didn’t know why the person in front of him appeared in this wealthy district. But just from a glance, you could tell his body clothes did not add up to four-figures, so he was clearly a poor boy.

—— He should have been waiting for a taxi that had not arrived.

The man turned his head at the sound.

His eyebrows were straight, his lips flat, and the bridge of his nose high. His pair of black eyes were extremely bright, with the outline that looked like it was cut with a knife. Like a mirror without a trace of smoke.

Even cheap clothes worn on this person’s body, gave off a feeling of being worth five-figures.

The handsome man’s eyes moved slightly as he looked at them with an unfamiliar gaze – he didn’t seem to know He Jing.

He Jing was out of his comfort zone.

He stretched out his hand and waved: “We can give you a ride.”

Qi Rui opened his mouth and was about to tell He Jing that there was they had somewhere to be.

But He Jing continued: “I’m fine, I’m free!”

Qi Rui: “…” He was going to go bald because of this

The man just narrowed his eyes.

“You are… ?”

Zhou Cheng had just gone out of his manor today.

His friend introduced him to a girl from a company. In order to prevent her from falling in love with his wealth, Zhou Cheng didn’t let his friend reveal his identity from beginning to the end.

His friend just told his blind date he was a freelancer and did everything. In order not to let this girl think he was unreliable, he even let his friend convey that he was always available and was willing to spend time with his girlfriend.

——This was not a lie. The Zhou family industry was all over Yangcheng and Zhou Cheng did everything. As the successor of the Zhou family, he naturally didn’t need to clock in and out of work.

For today’s blind date, the eldest young master of the Zhou family, who has been single for a long time, specially changed into the clothes he ordered people to buy from the street, and asked the housekeeper to buy a small broken car with only a hundred thousand.

But Zhou Cheng had just walked out of his manor and before the car could even come, his blind date already sent a message to call off the blind date.

Zhou Cheng: “……”

Was there something wrong with what he asked his friend to pass on?

With the blind date ending before it even started, young master Zhou had no choice but to pick up the phone and call his housekeeper. As he had just done that, a chauffeured car pulled up in front of him.

The young man was wearing a pure white shirt and the tie around his neck was loosened. His collar was slightly opened, revealing half of the thin collarbone.

He looked like he just comes out of a formal occasion.

Zhou Cheng was shaken by another person bright smile: “You are….?”

He Jing has already gotten out of the car.

He slightly pulled up the sleeves of his shirt and his short light blond hair lifted slightly in the breeze. He reached out, and stretched his slender white hand toward Zhou Cheng arm: “Don’t be polite, only private cars and licensed cars can come in here, so you really can’t get a taxi.”

Young master Zhou had never been approached by strangers so unceremoniously and intimately in many years. Hence why he was so muddled and ended up following the youth to the car.

He did not know if he heard wrong but in the moment he and the youth sat down together in the back seat, the “driver” in front of him cursed softly: “I’m so f*cked!”

Zhou Cheng: “???”

“Where are you going?” As if he didn’t hear it, the young man turned his head and smiled tenderly at him.

“Thank you,” since he had already gotten into the car, it was not good to refuse another person kindness – people with bad intentions could not enter this place. He sent a text message to his housekeeper that he didn’t need to come over. Then he said slowly: “You can go anywhere.”

His dinner arrangement for the blind date was gone and he had already put off his work today. Apart from heading back home, he seemed to not have anything else to do.

He just wanted to say it was okay to drive him to the city, but unexpectedly the youth eyes lit up and his pair of pure black eyes looked like stars.

“So I’m in charge?”

In front of him, Mr. ‘driver’ pressed the horn of car and his voice became louder than a horn as he yelled: “He Jing! You are not going to the hotel !!!!”


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