A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 14 – “Handsome are you interested in having a go with me?”

He Jing finally went to sleep with the resentment of “when can I sleep with Zhou Cheng?”  while Zhou Cheng gently looked at the young man sleeping face, kissed him on the forehead and left the He Jing room with the book.

He went and sat down on the shabby sofa prepared for him and stacked the book “Management” with the  “Foundation of Economics” whose corner became creased from reading.

The president of Zhou company finally took out his mobile phone but  instead of dealing with the emails sent by his subordinates he contacted the main person in charge of purchasing the company He Jing was signed for.

Afraid of disturbing the sleeping youth, he tried to keep his voice as low as possible when he called.

“It’s me.”


“You can arrange some of the best resources for He Jing now and let him sign them tomorrow.”


“You don’t have to worry about what happened last time. He was happy to know that I acquired his company so he should agree now.”


“Let’s start preparing the contract tonight. The overtime pay will be increased ten times.”




The next day.

In the morning light, birds flew in the sky.

Qi Rui then He Jing went to the company headquarters and heard that senior management was looking for him.

He Jing who had been thinking about whether he should start to hide now was now full of other thoughts.

Yesterday, he was urged by Zhou Cheng to study Management for a while and then read “Foundation of Economics”.

The poor handsome gentleman picked by him from the side of the roadside has not yet done the final thing needed to become his kept lover but instead took him to do his least favorite, study every day.

But he didn’t want to refuse at all, and even enjoyed reading with Zhou Cheng.

Even when he was stopped suddenly at such a critical moment like what happened  yesterday, he could still feel that it was nice staying with Zhou Cheng.

He seemed to really like Zhou Cheng. Even if everything he did not like was connected with Zhou Cheng, he just felt that all his dislike just changed.

Not only did he like Zhou Cheng’s body, but he also wanted to make Zhou Cheng happy.

He giggled and then got out of the car with Qi Rui.

Qi Rui was shocked: “…. don’t you worry?? Our company has changed ownership, and you were asked to come here!”

“I’m worried,” He Jing said with a smile and his eyes moved  slightly as they were outlined with some confidence: “But I am full of fighting spirit now! Anyway, I must be able to support Zhou Cheng! “

“What about me?”

“Ah? Aren’t we working together? When the money is distributed it’s already divided and my money must be used to support Zhou Cheng! I will be barely able to buy you dinner or something. “

Qi Rui: “… I feel like a wife abandoned by her husband.”

“Farewell.” He Jing his head and looked at Qi Rui: “Brother Qi, you are so beautiful. I don’t want to send you home.”

Qi Rui: “…” He was so angry he wanted to blow up!!

He Jing followed behind Qi Rui, who was already pissed off as they walked into the company together.

He had already thought about it, even if he was hidden and things will be made difficult, he will find a way to make money! If he can’t shoot a movie, he can do variety shows, if he can’t do variety shows, he can pick up endorsements, if he can’t get endorsements he can always go behind the scenes and invest in some Ip, he could also organise some small drama group and so on.

Anyway, the entertainment industry was full of money but he was not a young man who was not afraid of tigers!

…… It rhymes pretty well.

He Jing hummed softly and walked through the corridor of the simple Western-style building. Once again, when he came into the conference room there were several pounds of contracts prepared for him to sign.

He made up his mind to stop the army so when he sat down in the conference room, he had already figured out how to deal with it. He already had Zhou Cheng and he planned to focus on Zhou Cheng and forget the way he used to get along with others. Then he saw that the boss asked him to sign a contract.

In fact, at first, if he met the big boss and used his usual set of tactics this big boss might have already been scared away.

Today, he can also give some advice first, and then try to find a way to scare the other party away!

He thought about it when a few people came from the outside of the door. They were the same people who asked him to sign several pounds of contract last time.

But this time, these people did not bring too many documents with them.

The leader was very respectful to him. When he came in he gave him a friendly handshake and then handed the few documents to He Jing with a smiling face.

He Jing blinked.

“Mr. He, look at the information in these contracts .” The man’s tone was very polite and courteous and did not sound like he wanted to make trouble for He Jing: “If there are no problems, you can sign them now and we will immediately negotiate with Mr. He’s agent arrangement of this notice. If you are worried about something you can find a lawyer to come and have a look now. Everything is up to you. “

He Jing’s eyes widened.

He was ready to come and beg first and then play a slut, but why did they sugarcoat it?

Was it possible that the mysterious and rich boss was still patient with him and to give him one last chance?

He Jing looked at the expressions of those people– very respectful, very polite, very… flattering.

He took another look at Qi Rui and suddenly bumped into his own agent blank eyes.

Forget it!

You can’t screw around with these big bosses so it was better to sign than to be hidden away.

Without saying a word, He Jing didn’t even look at the scripts and the documents related to the variety show and picked up pen and wrote down his name in all the places where the contract needed to be signed.

A few staff members obviously didn’t expect it to go so smoothly. After He Jing signed the contracts it was their turn to sign the contracts.

After these things were done, as a group of people were about to leave He Jing rolled his eyes and was ready to carry out his original plan – to make this boss, like the rest of the entertainment industry feel like he was too coquettish, so he will give up on the hidden rules.

Among the people who came to him to sign the contract, there was a young man in a pure black suit and white shirt. He was pretty good-looking and could even be called handsome.

He looked like a young and promising guy.

After finding the target, He Jing rushed up directly. When the young man was about to leave the  conference room he rushed forward, reached out his hand and quickly pushed the young man to the wall.


During this period of time He Jing who was personally coached by Mr. Zhou to become a muscle master, worked out every day. He Jing had become much stronger than before and quickly threw this skinny handsome guy on the wall.

The sky spun around as if the surrounding people pressed the pause button as they looked toward him with shocked expressions.

The handsome boy seemed to hit his shoulder against the wall and howled.

He Jing reached out and held the wall, assuming a handsome posture. His pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes move slightly as they become more flirtatious, and the light brown pupils clear and bright.

Looking at the handsome guy with a grin over his shoulder, he showed his standard business smile and said: “Handsome, are you interested in having a goat me?”

At the moment, another staff member immediately took out his cell phone and quietly moved out of the conference room as he ran toward the quiet and safe passage of the building, quickly making a phone call.

Usually the owner of this phone number would not pay attention to him. But when it came to signing the contract by He Jing today the other party seemed to be waiting for the result so after a moment the call was picked up.

A low man’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Sir!” The staff hurriedly said: “Although Mr. He Jing signed the contract this time he didn’t seem to be very happy and after signing it he began to beat people up!”Not only he pushed Xiao Li on the wall but he also said that he wanted to fight him! What should we do? Would you like to come over? Your little lover seems to be a little violent… “


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