A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 22 – He Jing Was Almost Blinded By The Diamond

After Zhou Cheng went home, he looked at the pile of documents he took home when he bought the manor. After thinking for a while, he felt that his actions might still be too slow.

Now that he confirmed his relationship with He Jing, they have even slept together on the same bed for many days, but he hasn’t done anything yet.

Giving money and resources looked almost the same as keeping a lover.

Since he decided to spend time with He Jing, he should show his attitude.

He Jing had already gone out to film crew so Zhou Cheng sat on the sofa in the living room and thought for a while. After thinking it over, he went directly in the opposite direction of f He Jing’s house and knocked on   the “neighbor’s” door .

It was his father who opened the door.

Father Zhou was wearing a pair of delicately decorated glasses and there seemed to be a voice of  disdain coming from his mother in the house. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Zhou Cheng and pulled the glasses: “How about it, is your father handsome?”

“…” Zhou Cheng told the truth, “…a little coquettish. “

Father Zhou immediately took off his glasses.

Zhou Cheng followed his father through the door and saw his mother applying a face mask as usual.

“Dad, Mom, I’vecome to you to discuss something with you.”

He sat down upright on the sofa and solemnly explained his intention to establish a relationship with He Jing.

Although there was no way to get the marriage certificate for the time being, the Zhou family was a big family and there were many ways to prove the relationship. A wedding attended by people close to the Zhou family, the sharing and notarization of property, the division of shares… all would prove the relationship between two male lovers.

Zhou Cheng had recently read a lot of BL novels about two men given to him by his housekeeper.

When the tyrant in the novel gets married, he almost always encounters opposition from his parents, so the two male protagonist need to go through many difficulties and gain recognition.

Especially the kind of love that bursts out suddenly in the short time, most of them will have a period of struggle with the tyrant boss’ parents.

Therefore, Zhou Cheng said that he was very serious when proposing marriage and emphasized his attitude.

When he finished speaking in a serious manner,  he already had several policies in his mind to deal with the opposition of his parents, such as vacating his father’s stock and company rights, and then returning these after the marriage, and apologizing…

On the other side of the sofa, father Zhou lowered his head and looked at the newly bought glasses, as if he wondered why his wife and son did not like his style. After listening to what Zhou Cheng said, he had no idea that he had already been erased once in his son’s mind.

When Zhou Cheng finished speaking, father Zhou slapped his thigh: “Then why don’t you go quickly?”   

Mother Zhou tore off her face mask and hated that iron could not be turned into steel: “So you haven’t proposed yet?”   

Zhou Cheng: “……”




The next day, President Zhou appeared at the headquarters of Zhou’s jewelry brand in a very high-profile manner.

The man was dressed in a serious looking black suit. The collar of the white shirt outlined a powerful and perfect neckline, and the jacket of the right size wrapped around powerful and smooth muscle lines. It was clearly a stereotyped collocation, but his body was full of noble and mature temperament.

It’s a pity that Zhou Cheng’s face was full of imposing momentum. Behind him was a swarm of elite dressed company executives, walking through the office area which made the other people in the company straighten their backs and not dare to even make the smallest movement.

Zhou Cheng did not squint, and followed the product manager to the sample exhibition room.

“Please look at them,” the product manager brought Zhou Cheng to the most expensive rings. “They are all new products this season, the production volume is very low, and the price is the highest.”  

Zhou Cheng glanced over and some of the wedding rings on the cabinet were very luxurious, some were very simple, while the design was very beautiful.

He watched them for a while without speaking, while the product manager was already sweating on his forehead: “If they are not to your satisfaction we can design according to your requirements? But it may take a while…”

Zhou Cheng’s eyes narrowed slightly while his Adam apple moved: “No, I’m in a hurry.” Anyway, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future and if He Jing really likes it, he can make one every day.

He looked at these wedding rings carefully, and finally chose the one with the highest cost, higher price, and most luxurious one.

According to Zhou Cheng’s own vision, the one with the best design was what he wanted to buy.

But he then thought that this ring was to be given to He Jing, so…the richer it looked the better? The more diamonds it had, the more he could show his heart to He Jing!

After all, it was written like this in novels.

He pointed to the most expensive model and looked at his company’s flower-shaped logo, in disgust: “Make a new logo.” He said: “”This one is too tacky, erase it.”

“Yes Yes Yes!!”




At the same time, after a period of thinking, He Jing decided to propose to Zhou Cheng as soon as possible to determine the relationship between the two of them.

Then they could go to bed happily!

He took a leave of absence with the film director early and went to the largest jewelry store in Yangcheng.

A pink flower logo was hung at the entrance of a jewelry store. There was even a logo sculpture at the entrance, which directly occupied a large area of the lobby. You don’t even need to walk in to know that this store was bound to be very expensive.

He Jing was a regular customer.

In the entertainment industry, although he was not a big capitalist, it was a place full of money. He Jing never wronged himself when buying things so it was the best place for him to shop.

As soon as he entered the store,the sister at the counter who was already familiar with him directly took him upstairs to things with the highest price.

He Jing smiled, his eyes brighter than the dazzling jewels around him: “I want to buy a wedding ring, just give me the most expensive one.”

The counter elder sister was stunned, and looked at He Jing with a gossipy  expression but did not say anything. The sales people in this kind of place usually deal with a lot of stars and could never say anything about it.

What’s more, He Jing brought her big business.

She immediately led He Jing to a bright cabinet and pointed to the most dazzling and luxurious ring decorated with diamonds: “This one is the most expensive in the store. Would you like to take it away with you now?”

He Jing was almost blinded by the diamonds.

Honestly speaking, it gave off a nouveau riche feeling.

But there was nothing better in the store that would show his lover his financial ability to take care of him. 

With a big wave of his hand, he took out his gold card and said: “Go and check  it out.” 


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