A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 12 – “As soon as I looked at my mobile phone our company had already changed the owner!”

Before Zhou Cheng met He Jing, he never thought that one day he would have this kind of emotion about protecting a stranger who he met at the side of the road and who he would want to protect for the rest of his life.

In fact, he and He Jing didn’t know each other for long, but every time he saw the young man’s peach blossom eyes, his heart filled with desire.

He had been looking for a person who was not interested in his money and demanded  for a clean love. Even Yancheng’s upper class circle had a clear understanding of his requirements, and never called him out when they went out to play.

He Jing however, was always breaking his requirements.

Even now, when He Jing listened drowsily and was probing his cheeks on hand, he thought his action was particularly cute even as he looked from the distance – he felt that even if He Jing was a person who wants to muddle through without putting any effort, he would be willing to spoil him like he would raising a canary.

But He Jing, who should have approached him for money still worked so hard, knowing that he had succeeded in seducing him, he still filmed seriously. He even tried so hard to learn some knowledge from him.

Even though He Jing clearly knew that he was attracted to him, he did not become arrogant and even made some clumsy attempt and forced himself to make some intimate moves. Zhou Cheng could see He Jing’s hand shaking every time he was afraid.

So he never touched He Jing.

He was waiting for He Jing to be willing.

Zhou Cheng turned around and went back to another tent umbrella to cool down. He then took out his mobile phone and began to deal with the company affairs. After a while, he began to read the “Love textbook” given to him by the housekeeper.

He Jing was so serious that he did not have the heart to disturb him.

By the time they got home from work, Zhou Cheng had already read two books of boys love literature.

. Gradually, street lights could be seen lightening up and the stars and moon decorated the night sky. 

Zhou Cheng sat in the back seat of the car and He Jing lied beside him.

In the last scene He Jing had before they could leave the set that night, , He Jing’s role happens to be just a decoration. His character was asleep in this scene so He Jing just needed to close his eyes and lie there motionless, waiting for several other actors to finish their shoot.

In the last few days, He Jing who had been keeping fit and “loved” learning while still filming at the same time had become tired. Today was the first time he filmed with his eyes closed from morning till night.

At the beginning, everyone thought he was acting too much but when the director called “cut” for the first time and He Jing did not move and even his breathing could be heard when you got close to him,  everyone found out that he was asleep.

The suddenly inspired director decided to not wake him up and let him sleep under the sour gaze of several other actors.

Then Zhou Cheng carried him into the back seat of the car.

One of his hands embraced He Jing’s shoulders while the other came around his body so that the sleeping youth could comfortably use him as a pillow as he slept. Holding his phone in one hand, he saw the messages on the screen.

[Sir, the entertainment company that signed Mr. He Jing has been completely acquired by us. We have sorted out the relevant company industry documents and will send them to your work email. Please check them. 】

Zhou Cheng silently turned off the screen.

In this way ,regardless of whether He Jing was being suppressed or forced at the beginning, he would no longer need to worry.

Previously he had given  He Jing many resources but he had refused to  sign them. Should he be worried about that?

Now that the acquisition was complete, in a sense He Jing was already an artist under the Zhou family. No matter what he wanted to do he could spoil him.

There were few people on the road so the car soon stopped in front of the dilapidated residential building. It was late at night and there were very few people in this desolate residential building so it was black.

Qi Rui slowly stepped on the brake and looked at the rear-view mirror to look at the dimly lit couple at the back seat. He was blinded and said “bah’ Qi Rui who was dealing with the affair these days, said angrily: “We are here, He Jing please get up!” With these words, Qi Rui honked the car horn several times.

Zhou Cheng frowned at the agent insensitive attitude.

He Jing slowly opened his eyes at  the sound of the car horn of his agent and let out a  “ahem” with bleary-eyes.

He rubbed his eyes vaguely: “How come we are filming here? Has the venue changed?…..  Zhou Cheng, you are a guest star? The director has a good eye…. “

Qi Rui: “…”

Zhou Cheng: “…”

With patience, President Zhou gave him a brief account of why he woke up on his own doorstep. He Jing woke up slowly as he got off the car yawning.

In the driver’s seat, Qi Rui browsed the internet for new news on his mobile phone and said: “Let’s go. I’ll pick you up for work tomorrow. Even as an agent, I live like an assistant.”

When Zhou Cheng and He Jing got out of the car, Qi Rui’s voice suddenly stopped.

With a shocked look he quickly unfastened his seat belt and stepped out of the car right in front of He Jing: “I’m so f*cked up! He Jing you come with me for a moment!”

Qi Rui was about to drag He Jing to one side when  Zhou Cheng immediately blocked him standing in front of He Jing and said with some hostility in a low voice: “What are you doing?”

“I have some business I need to speak to He Jing!”

He Jing was still in the dazed state of having just woken up. In the twinkling of an eye, he saw his own manager being stopped by Zhou Cheng. He raised his hand and pulled the corner of Zhou Cheng’s coat, confused: “What are you doing? Brother Qi wouldn’t kidnap me. “

Qi Rui: “…… In fact, I don’t think it’s very profitable to kidnap and sell you. “

After all, apart from Shen Wencheng who was too focused on his face and Zhou Cheng, a pretty boy who did not know He Jing “notoriety” in the entertainment industry, even if Qi Rui tried to pimp him he might not be able to get a good price.

He Jing nodded in agreement and looked at Qi Rui who seemed to be very worried. He whispered to Zhou Cheng: “Would you please wait for me? I’ll have a word with brother Qi.”

Only when he spoke did Zhou Cheng move aside.

As soon as he stepped aside, He Jing was quickly dragged aside like a dog by Qi Rui.

Before he had time to ask, Qi Rui said  hurriedly: “Our company has been maliciously acquired!! It’s a sudden news, as soon as I looked at my mobile phone, it had already changed the owner!”

He Jing uttered “Oh” in a bored way and said: “Change of ownership is change of ownership. Anyway we are all wage earners.”

“But my friends in management told me that the people who bought our company were the ones who asked you to sign several pounds of contracts that day!


He Jing who was in the middle of another yawn, choked at one and his pair of eyes widened.

“Fu*k I am done!” He Jing gasped “I’m going to be retaliated against and targeted and later imprisoned till I develop Stockholm syndrome!!!”


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