A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 18 – “That’s because you’re cute.”

At this time, Zhou Cheng was having dinner with his parents.

The three of them did not have much time to eat together each day so when they did, they made sure to have a good time.

Just like now.

Zhou Cheng acknowledged the significance of He Jing to him, and as someone who always had the power of action in his hands, he began to plan his future with He Jing after visiting the orphanage that day.

Since it had been determined that he wanted to be with He Jing, it was inevitable to determine his relationship with He Jing.

His parents’ side  must be accounted for first.

Over the course of a meal, Zhou Cheng spoke generally about the things between him and He Jing and expressed his determination to bring He Jing home.

“So, this kid is an orphan and had been suppressed by his agent before he met you?”

“Well,” Zhou Cheng thought of this and the young man’s gentle and lovely smile appeared in his mind. “He is very kind and tenacious. After meeting me, he never asked for my help. I even asked him if he wanted to change his agent but he said that Qi Rui was very kind to him and he didn’t want to change it. “

Father Zhou was a calm and elegant middle-aged man and his slightly wrinkled face was very similar to Zhou Cheng’s face but more mature. He was wearing a rather casual home suit and was very kind looking and did not have the airs of the previous generation Zhou family head.

Father Zhou sighed and said: “So you have met a good boy.”

Zhou’s mother, who was even more open than Zhou’s father already had red eyes. The servants quietly removed the dishes and chopsticks from the table and one of them handed her a napkin. The beautiful lady, who was well-maintained gently and gracefully wiped the corners of her eyes and hurriedly said to Zhou Cheng: “Then you must treat this child well. If you decide to be together, propose as soon as possible, and I’ll ask the housekeeper to clean up an apartment for him in the manor. “

Zhou Cheng nodded, and in order to reassure his mother he also explained his arrangement of servants that he had sent to take care of He Jing.

Mother Zhou, who was still crying because of He Jing “Tragic life experience” hearing it, her eyes lit up: “Is there any house left from the houses you bought?”

“Yes.” Zhou Cheng bought every empty house in the whole residential building but only arranged 5 or 6 servants so naturally there were still many left.

Father Zhou’s eyes also brightened as he said “Why don’t you give us some of them?”




He Jing sat in the living room, staring at a pile of things on the coffee table.

The home made cake – had decorations that were more refined than that made by cake shops. The wine that was home brewed – looked of higher quality than some of his high-end ones and tested like it was worth thousands of gold.

They were all sent by his neighbors.

They also said that he should visit them in the future and have dinner at their houses.

Let him treat them directly as parents and he did not have to be polite.

He Jing: “…”

These days, not only do some old uncles and aunts have the same craftsmanship as restaurants and brands, but do they all have so much love?

The next time he makes a video call with his parents, he must tell them that he has met a bunch of kind-hearted neighbors so when his parents have time to visit him, they can also make friends with these loving uncles and aunts.

He was thinking about it when he suddenly heard the sound of the door opening.

He Jing sat on the sofa, his hands on his knees as he saw his men come in.

Zhou Cheng was dressed very casually today in a white short sleeve shirt without logo and simple jeans. It was clearly very boring clothes but when this man wore them, they inexplicably revealed the atmosphere of sophistication.

He Jing swallowed his saliva and asked: “Where have you been?”

He came back in the early hours of the morning these days and Zhou Cheng was usually waiting for him in the living room. It was a rare day today that he was able to get home early but when he got home he could not find Zhou Cheng anywhere in the house. He was going to pack up the gifts from the uncles and aunts and then he would call Zhou Cheng to check where he was..

“Went home.” Zhou Cheng put on his slippers and walked up to him and rubbed his head. “Just wanted to say a few things to my parents and give them some small things.”

He Jing nodded.

It turned out that it was just a normal thing like taking money home. Zhou Cheng rarely saw so many good things and money so he must have wanted to share it with his parents.

He Jing did not ask any more questions and pointed to a pile of things in front of him: “I received a lot of gifts today, all of them from my neighbors. Why are these people so kind now?”

Zhou Cheng bent down and kissed the corner of his eye and said in a low voice: “That’s because you’re cute.”

In his position, He Jing directly pulled Zhou Cheng’s hand so that he would sit down next to him.

As usual, they sat down and chatted for a long time. After washing separately, they lay side by side on the bed. And He Jing would listen to Zhou Cheng teaching him the new “textbook” and continued to learn those winding economic theories.

On the other hand, Zhou Cheng gave the remaining unused houses to his father and mother.  They were happy that their son, who had been single for 800 years, had finally fallen in love, and found a beautiful, strong and miserable little cutie. Mother and father Zhou couldn’t help getting excited about the news that by night time, several of their relatives were already aware of it too. 

Several middle-aged couples put aside a total of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of appointments and business for the next few days and happily moved into the residential building where He Jing lived. They decided to watch the little star who could make Zhou Cheng’s heart beat faster and also send warmth to this parentless child.

The next day, He Jing once again went out before dawn.

Today, Qi Rui was also going to take another newcomer so because the shooting place was not far away he decided to take a taxi directly.

As soon as he came downstairs, he saw several uncles and aunts playing badminton.

These uncles and aunts look much younger than this he saw yesterday. Although he could not tell the age of the aunties, all of them were in good shape, had tight skins and were obviously well preserved.

When he went downstairs it so happened that the badminton fell to his feet.

He Jing subconsciously bent down to pick it up and sent it to the uncle who had just shot this badminton as the rest of several uncles and aunts’ eyes immediately came towards him.

He smiled and said: “Your shuttleco*k.”

The eyebrows and eyes of this uncle were somewhat similar to those of Zhou Cheng so he subconsciously said with greater care and had a favorable feeling in his heart about him.

“Thank you.”

When the other party took the badminton shuttleco*k the aunt who was obviously married to the uncle, picked up a delicate paper bag that had been put aside and quickly walked toward him, shouting: “Young men.”

He Jing felt that his scene seemed to become too familiar.

The well-maintained middle-aged woman handed him the paper bag into his hand. He Jing looked down and saw some plain white bottles and cans in the paper bag, which looked like skin care products, but he could not see any brand of logo.

“We just moved here. Do you live here, too?”

He Jing nodded blankly, holding the bag of suspected skincare products: “This is …”? “

“The skincare products made by this uncle and aunt for their personal use.  They are very rare and precious! Here, take them and if you like them you can come back to us for more.”

He Jing felt that the sentence patterns of these words seemed a little familiar.

“We’ll be neighbors from now on. You’re welcome, just treat us like your parents!”

He Jing felt that the sentence patterns of these words were very familiar.

So in the evening He Jing who just got off work, once again looked at these exquisite things in front of him, which were even more exquisite than the gifts of those uncles and aunts yesterday. Then he could only sigh thinking that the society was really getting better and better!

He also wanted to prepare gifts to give back to these neighbors and give back to this beautiful society!


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