A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 21 – He should give He Jing a status as soon as possible

When Zhou Cheng, under his umbrella, walked in the direction He Jing pointed out, he found that the place looked a bit familiar.

It seemed to be the sales department of the Zhuang Park developed by the Zhous in the outer suburbs, where he had come to choose a site when the project was first completed.

It’s just that later, as a boss with countless zeros describing  by his net worth, Zhou Cheng took care of everything every day and never came here again, so the staff here naturally didn’t recognize him.

At that moment Zhou Cheng thought “did He Jing want him to give him a manor?”

Was his little boyfriend beginning to learn how to ask him for something?

Although Zhou Cheng could not see He Jing’s face he could still hear a smile in He Jing voice – He Jing sounded very happy.

He Jing was happy, so was he.

Later, if He Jing liked anything, he directly will ask his assistant to go through the formalities. He will give him as much manors as he wants. If they were not enough, he will buy another piece of land to build them.

Seeing the young man leading him in while he seemed to be quite familiar with the place. He even greeted several sales people that he had been in contact with before, obviously he came here before.

Maybe He Jing did not want to waste his time and picked what he wanted before they came here.

Sure enough, after He Jing came in, several sales reps directly took out a series of formalities contracts, as well as a selected architectural model.

“I’ve already selected it before today. This is the small manor at this address, look at this model.” He Jing pulled him to the front of the manor model and pointed out: “All the things that need to be prepared in advance are ready. You just need to get your credentials. Do you like it?”

Zhou Cheng had been ready to send the manor to He Jing so he didn’t react for a moment.

“What?” He asked.

He Jing took off his sunglasses and blinked. His eyes were full of expectation: “For you as a gift. I chose several places but after thinking about it, I think you do not like noise so I chose this one here.” It’s a bit far away, but it’s also convenient for him to send Zhou Cheng by car later.”

Zhou Cheng slowly understood.

He Jing brought him here, not to receive the manor, but to give him the manor.

Zhou Cheng remembered the rough pricing that he had just scanned. It would cost more than 40 million to buy this manor, which happened to be almost 50 million.

Fifty million.

It was the money he arranged for his people to give to He Jing.

He asked people to arrange for a reason to give the 50 million to He Jing, but was it noticed by the other party? He Jing,this was…. His way of returning the 50 million to him in this euphemistic way?

There was a sweet and sour sensation in Zhou Cheng’s heart. It was an emotion he had never experienced before. It was like running in the heavy rain, but it seemed that someone had stuffed a mouthful of candy into his mouth.

He Jing was not a person who only had his money in his eyes.

He Jing didn’t want to accept his gift.

The two ideas were intertwined. Zhou Cheng smiled helplessly as he patted the brim of the cap worn by the young man.

He Jing was patted by him so his hat brim was lowered. He raised his hand and pulled it up again. The only pair of eyes exposed outside. The eyes exposed outside were clear and clean, like the morning after the rain which was pure with some water vapor.

“You don’t have to do that.” Zhou Cheng told him.

As a result, He Jing glared at him for a moment: “Why not? I’ve been choosing it for several days! Take out your papers quickly, and we’ll just go through the formalities. “

He seemed to be in a bit of hurry.

Zhou Cheng was silent for a moment then smiled and nodded: ”Alright”

He didn’t want to make He Jing unhappy.

This 50 million, which was insignificant to him, might be too much pressure for He Jing and he wants to give it back to him. He couldn’t make He Jing’s life worse.

Zhou Cheng did  everything according to He Jing. Seeing that the young man’s smile was getting thicker and thicker, he didn’t say much. Zhou Cheng followed whatever formalities He Jing wanted him to go through.

After all the formalities and payment procedures were done, there was still light rain outside and the ground was wet.

As soon as they opened the door and walked out, the smell of grass and trees rushed towards their face.

Zhou Cheng opened the umbrella and took He Jing into his arms. When they stepped out of the door he asked: “Why did you do this today?”

“Eh?” He Jing was stunned: “Zhou Cheng don’t think about it. I just want to be nice to you. I want to fall in love with you on an equal footing. You mustn’t think too much about it! “

It was Zhou Cheng’s turn to become stunned.

Equal love?

Does He Jing feel that the relationship between them was still very vague so that’s why he does not want to accept his gift?

Zhou Cheng suddenly understood.

Asan orphan, He Jing had struggled to become a wage earner in the entertainment industry, but he had been suppressed by the company and his agent. He must have a lot of self-esteem all the way to now. So that was why He Jing refused  the resources he gave, returned the money he gave, and beat the subordinates he arranged to sign the contract.

Because he was worth hundreds of billions of dollars but he had no reputation or money. The more he loved him, the bigger the inferiority complex he had.

He should give He Jing a status as soon as possible. 


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