A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 27.2 – End

The man already took his hand and said gently: “Let’s go in first, it’s easy to catch cold in the autumn outside.”

He Jing’s head was full of Zhou Cheng not being able to sleep with him so he showed a frustrated expression as Zhou Cheng led him to the villa.

Although the wedding in the big garden at the front had been temporarily called off and postponed by Zhou Cheng, the decoration in the main building had not been ripped off, with flowers and all kinds of exquisite ornaments everywhere.

In the corner of the living room, there were two piles of gifts that were taller than Zhou Cheng.

One pile was a wedding gift from He Jing’s relatives and friends, and another was a pile of wedding gift from Zhou Cheng’s relatives and friends.

Although the wedding could not be held, both parties were decent people so the gifts they bought were naturally impossible to be taken back, so they were all left here.

The gifts were piled so high that He Jing’s mind went to the ceiling as he entered the door. Because he didn’t pay attention at all, and directly bumped into a large piece of gifts.

It happened to be the pile sent by his close relatives and friends.

Large and small gift boxes were dumped on the ground. This kind of gift boxes that focus on exquisite packaging could not be piled high so when they fall down they all make clanging sound.

Several gift boxes were smashed open, and the contents inside were somewhat scattered.

He Jing was called back to his senses by this huge commotion.

Seeing that Zhou Cheng had squatted down, He Jing thought that Zhou Cheng was going to clean up these things so he also followed and squatted down, saying u: “I didn’t pay attention just now ……”

But just as he stretched out his hand to clean up, he found that Zhou Cheng hadn’t done anything. He just looked down at the gifts spilling on the ground, his eyes were slightly confused, and his brows were frowned.

Then he heard the men asking in a low voice: “What is this?”

He Jing followed Zhou Cheng’s gaze, only to see that among the pile of scattered gifts lying on the ground, there were several jars of medicine bottles among them, and some obviously were valuable Chinese herbs.

He picked the medicine bottle and took a close look at the name and a series of small instructions on the medicine bottle.

Zhou Cheng who also saw clearly: “…”

He Jing: “…”

He instantly remembered what he had said to his parents before – at first he thought he was the one who would support Zhou Cheng and was worried that Zhou Cheng and his parents would have trouble getting along well in the future so he sincerely explained that… Zhou Cheng could not do some things.

Looking at these gifts now, his parents must have told his uncles that they cannot tell others about this matter, and then his uncles and aunts also told others that this matter cannot be told to others, so everyone knew that Zhou Cheng couldn’t do it!

Then they give this things to treat this inhumane disease!

Zhou Cheng asked him, “Why are they all used to treat…that aspect?” He stretched out his hand and picked up one of the very expensive looking western medicines, “This one is for infertility ……”

He Jing: “……!!!”

Forget the medicinal materials, what is the purpose of treating infertility!

He and Zhou Cheng don’t need to cure this, right!?

And …… Zhou Cheng must not want others to know about it.

He likes Zhou Cheng so much so he doesn’t want to see Zhou Cheng unhappy.

He Jing swallowed his saliva, his eyes drifted away, his eyes turned, and he whispered with a guilty conscience: “…It must have been given to me!”

“For you?” Zhou Cheng averted his gaze and stood up.

“Yeah!” He Jing breathed a sigh of relief: “They are my elders, it must be me, right? It can’t be for you!”

“You ……” Zhou Cheng wanted to say something but then stopped.

He Jing gritted his teeth and decided that he must preserve the face and dignity of his man in this respect: “Yes, I can’t!”

Anyway, Zhou Cheng can’t so they can only talk about platonic love in this life and they will only kiss and hold hands. Whether he can’t or Zhou Cheng can’t it doesn’t make any difference in fact so it’s better to protect the face of his men.

Zhou Cheng’s eyes moved slightly, staring at him in bewilderment.

After a while, the man leaned forward, dropped a kiss on his forehead, and said: “ It doesn’t matter, I am willing to accept you in any way.”

He Jing only felt that at this moment, his heartbeat stalled for a moment, and then accelerated wildly.

Zhou Cheng had already walked over to the sofa and slowly sat down.

He Jing ran up in three steps and also sat down on the sofa against Zhou Cheng.

There seemed to be a group of flying birds outside the window, bringing an ethereal and distant chirp. The soughing autumn breeze blew the leaves outside the window, and the leaves swayed as the daylight slowly ended.

Zhou Cheng sat by the window, He Jing slightly raised his eyes to look at him.

The light outlined Zhou Cheng’s body silhouette, he could not see Zhou Cheng’s face clearly but he could see the sunlight.

As if this person came from the depths of daylight.

He really liked Zhou Cheng.

He Jing found this wonderful feeling for the first time.

He has always liked handsome men of all shapes and sizes, and he had no resistance to those handsome men with good bodies, always looking at them and not being able to move his eyes when he saw them. Sometimes only thinking about these adult things in his mind. He felt that if he settled down with someone later, it was bound to be inseparable from the body.

But Zhou Cheng has completely broken all his requirements and guesses about his partner.

It may not have been so serious at the beginning, but as days and night passed these days Zhou Cheng seemed to have been born to meet him, he felt it from the bottom of his heart. Whether it was his appearance, body, or the most important soul, they were totally in line t with him.

Even if he has nothing, he was willing to hold Zhou Cheng for a lifetime.

It really …… was amazing.

“Zhou Cheng…”

“He Jing.”

Two voices sounded at the same time.

“You first!”

“No, you first!”

Zhou Cheng’s eyes were moistened with gentleness, his handsome face was smiling, and his deep gaze was fixed on him.

He Jing couldn’t bear such look from Zhou Cheng so he whispered: “Then we are still getting married?”

Zhou Cheng raised his eyebrows: “I was just about to ask this. Today’s small wedding has been canceled. My parents and your parents have said that there will be no such small weddings in the future—”

Before the man finished speaking, He Jing was suddenly interrupted by He Jing’s sobbing voice.

“Wuwuwuwu Zhou Cheng you don’t need to be so cruel! You see, although I am a little silly, a little stupid and do not like to study and do not like to work out but I still learned when you teach me. I occasionally wander off and play mobile games. Novels… I practiced every time you taught me how to exercise … it just that when you do not supervise I will put the phone on the fat shaking machine to let it add numbers of steps…”

“And even if your taste is particularly tacky, I can change my elegant aesthetic for you. Look at this wedding planning, I will accompany you to buy a lot of tacky but rich looking things!

“You can take care of me so l will let you take care of me. I really like you. I don’t need money. It’s enough to have you. You are much more handsome than the black card-hiccups!”

He Jing used all his acting skill he accumulated in the entertainment industry for so many years. In the end, he still revealed his true feelings and even cried and hiccuped a few times.

In this gap, President Zhou whose words were blocked by his wailing, finally found the opportunity, and immediately went on to say what he hadn’t had time to say: “…There will be no such small weddings in the future, we will directly prepare for the big one. Let’s have a big wedding.”

“Hiccup…uuuuuuuu, let me be a thoughtful and considerate little love around President Zhou – ah?”

He Jing was taken aback.

Zhou Cheng looked at him directly.

He Jing: “…”

“So you don’t like to learn the knowledge I taught you. In addition to peeking at my novels while studying, you also secretly play mobile games?”

He Jing blinked his eyes and slowly lowered his head.

“You also do not like fitness exercise and when I am not watching, you use a fat-removing machine to handle the step count?”

He Jing head lowered even more.

“You also don’t like those luxurious and tacky things but you followed me to buy them because you thought I was poor?”

He Jing immediately slumped into sofa pillow pile

The man directly raised his powerful arm and dragged him out of the pillow pile, directly holding He Jing in his arms, not giving He Jing the chance to be an ostrich in the slightest.

He Jing blushed, shrinking into Zhou Cheng’s warm chest, biting his lower lip, his fingertips trembling slightly. He wanted to get closer but felt that it was too embarrassing for him to confess everything.

Zhou Cheng just chuckled and rubbed his hair.

“Just now something suddenly happened.” Zhou Cheng said to him in a serious manner, but with a faint smile in his tone.

He Jing asked nervously: “What is it?”

His heart felt very weak at this moment and because the posture of embracing with his lover on the sofa was really provocative, his voice had a slight trembling, but still was clear and pure

“I just finished listening to what you said.” The  man’s low voice brought serious emotions, it was like a dense forest in the lofty distant mountains calm and reliable, mysterious but broad, “I found, I like you a little more.”

He Jing heart exploded into fireworks at this moment.

He could hear that Zhou Cheng was actually not talking about love words deliberately.

The tone he used  seemed to be like he was tliking his work, summarizing the serious words he said without stigmatizing people so only seriousness and earnestness remained. ????

But this was what directly touched his heart.

He Jing moved in Zhou Cheng arms and listened to this person continuing to say: “I have always wanted to find someone who doesn’t care about my identity or my money. I used to think it was too difficult to find, after meeting you,I felt like  it was so easy to find. There was a person right in front  of me who just wanted to get close to me for my soul.”

He listened, the side of his face subconsciously pressed against Zhou Cheng’s chest, as if he really wanted to see through this good-looking shell and stick directly to Zhou Cheng’s soul.

Zhou Cheng continued word by word: “I haven’t been in a relationship before, and I really don’t know how to coax people, but I’m learning – although I don’t seem to learn very well. I don’t know how to maintain the passion for a romantic relationship with fast marriage. But I can try my best to keep my soul interesting, so that you can see the truest me under the surface of flashy luxury.”

He Jing blinked and slowly crawled out of Zhou Cheng’s arms and sat down, his pair of peach blossom eyes moistened with laughter: “Zhou Cheng you are a serious chatterbox, it make you look much more handsome that your usual less talkative look with trying novels lines.

“……” Zhou Cheng did not blame him for ruining the atmosphere: “We will also re-plan a formal wedding, I will also re-propose you seriously. Is there anything else you need me to do my Mr. Lover?”

He Jing was instantly refreshed, “Any request?”


“Then can we have s*x today?”

“You’re not……”

“It’s okay, even if we help each other with our hands!!! I’m not afraid at all! I am looking forward to it!”

Forget the bed stuff he bought!

Zhou Cheng was so pure, after reading so many novels that only talked about kissing and hugging. It is better not to tarnish the wonderful and pure heart of his man

“Just tonight, I, I, I actually waited for a long time!”

Zhou Cheng’s eyes dimmed.

For a moment, the man’s throat knot lightly rolled, before he responded in a low voice: “Okay.”




The small manor was quiet inside and outside the daytime hustle and bustle disappeared cleanly.

The sky on the outskirts was clean and clouds were sparse. The high-hanging stars and moon could be seen at a glance.

He Jing walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower, and saw the man who had taken a shower in advance, wearing house clothes, sitting on the bed with a small box.

The small plastic case Zhou Cheng was holding was pure black, and from the outside, it was impossible to see what was inside, which looked extremely confidential.

He Jing felt a sense of familiarity for a moment.

It seems like ..… at the website that he bought those weird bedding products, when you placed the order you could get this packaging.

He had walked up to Zhou Cheng, just in time to see what was placed inside.

Little pink handcuffs, pure black eye masks, and some cheering items ……

….. sure enough.

Zhou Cheng moved his gaze away from these various bedding items and raised his eyes to look at him..

He Jing was a little flustered.

He can’t say that these are props for Zhou Cheng who can’t do it in any way, right?

At the moment when his eyes met with Zhou Cheng gaze, He Jing eyes twitched and immediately looked away, the knot in his throat moved slightly, blinking quickly his trembling eyelashes showed his guilty conscience and tension.

The man slowly stood up with the box in his hands and directly dumped all the things in the small black box on the big bed that was big enough to sleep for ten people.

He Jing was confused: “Eh? Zhou Cheng, what are you doing?”

Zhou Cheng suddenly reached out and easily pulled He Jing into his arms.

He Jing only felt the sky spinning in front of him for a few seconds as the man hugged him and took him directly to the bed with him.

The bedroom is lit with warm yellow light that was not too harsh and the hazy night light of the outside world spilled in.

He raised his eyes, nervously and slightly expectantly looked at Zhou Cheng’s magnified handsome face that was close to him.

The man’s body temperature was very high at the moment, and heat was coming little by little, his heartbeat was also more rapid than usual.

The most important thing was that they were hugging each other and He Jing felt…

Zhou Cheng was able to do it all the way!!

On the contrary, from the moment he just touched him it was not only possible but also seemed… seemed to be quite good…

He swallowed, and only listened to this man gently say: “I like you.”

“Hmm? Didn’t you say this before?”

“So I like everything about you, whether it’s good or a shortcoming, a normal interest or a strange hobby.”


“So your relatives gave us those medicines for the treatment of physiological functions, thinking you can’t do it,” Zhou Cheng glanced at the things scattered around his voice low and gentle: “Because you have a special fetish in this area and need to use these to be comfortable?”

He Jing: “? No, I didn’t ……”

“Don’t be shy, we are lovers, and I accept everything about you. I have read several such novels, and I have learned a lot about this and I also learned how to use them.”

He Jing: “???”

This instant, he suddenly understood, why Zhou Cheng read so many novels, but have no idea about lubrication! In the novels that Zhou Cheng read, there was a variety of strange ways but none of them wrote about something so basic as lubricant!!!

But in the end these books were selected by some son of bitch for Zhou Cheng!!!

“Zhou Cheng, listen to me-um!!!”

The man had already kissed him, and his fingers touched the uppermost opening of his collar.

The starry sky rose and the bright moon hung high as this night was still long.

He Jing was in a daze and only two thoughts remained in his mind.

Tomorrow morning, even if his back was sore and his legs were in pain he will get up and find that son of bith who give Zhou Cheng these novels!!!

As for what he said before that Zhou Cheng did not learn anything after reading so many novels he will take back this statement.

He learned pretty well.




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