A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 15 – There’s more than one way to give money!

Zhou Cheng was staying in the company building at this time.

He knew that He Jing was coming to the company to sign the contract today, but he was afraid that his presence would put pressure on him. He could see that He Jing  didn’t want to be unequal with him so Zhou Cheng waited for He Jing to go out and went to the top floor of the company to wait for He Jing to finish.

Maybe if the youth was happy, he could take him somewhere for lunch and shopping.

Unexpectedly, when he turned around his subordinate made such a call to him.

He Jing was beating people?

Zhou Chengmei frowned, hung up the phone directly and walked into the special elevator on the top floor and quickly pressed the floor where the conference room was located.

After He Jing knocked the person on the wall he looked at the handsome boy’s expression without emotion although he was showing an invitation-like smile.

Panic, fear.

If it wasn’t for the chaos of his private life, most people would respond to his request  to get a room even if they meet him for the first time.

When the handsome guy went back he was bound to tell his boss what a casual, coquettish and romantic artist he was!

He was sure that this boss would  give up on his idea of having hidden rules with him!

This plan will work!

In order to ensure the effect, He Jing laughed again:”Little brother, why don’t you speak?”

He was born to do business on the screen and every time he smiled his eyes would become brighter and his face seemed to be embellished with peach blossom.

The staff member was stunned for a moment before he resumed his panic and trembling said: “No, no, no…”

With the achievement of He Jing he withdrew his hand supporting the wall and retreated slightly.

The handsome boy immediately slipped away from him. The staff holding the papers immediately  slipped away as fast as he could.

He Jing smiled softly from his eyebrows and chuckled, planning to show off his “achievements” to Qi Rui who then shouted in surprise: “Zhou Cheng!”

He Jing immediately turned around.

The spacious corridor, with walls erected on both sides with transparent glass, was so wide and bright that the conference room in the floor-to-ceiling window was empty.

The men wore casual clothes, light grey shirt and slightly loose clothes which still perfectly outlines body lines with interweaving of light and shadow.

The men walked slowly towards him with a slightly darkened face, his eyes slightly confused.

He Jing went crazy for a moment  and when Zhou Cheng came to him he found that something was wrong.

“Zhou Cheng?” He blinked. “What are you doing here?”

“I’ve been here all the time.” Zhou Cheng has been waiting at the top floor for He Jing to finish signing.

Qi Rui seemed to find the atmosphere very strange so he timely cut in at the right time to slip away: “Well, I need to pee urgently.”

Before he finished speaking he already turned around and left – but the direction was not of the bathroom.

It’s a pity that no one cared about the whereabouts of this heartbroken agent.

He Jing tilted his head and said: “You were here all the time?”

So Zhou Cheng… in order to see him secretly followed after them and has been eavesdropping outside just now?

He Jing whispered in his heart, no wonder.

No wonder Zhou Cheng looked as if he was not in a good mood – his golden backer went to visit another handsome boy to do his bidding so how could he be in a good mood?

He stepped forward, tiptoed slightly and put his hands around Zhou Cheng’s neck and rubbed his head against the man’s chin. Some slight stubble brought a slight itch but when he was about to say something the men  pressed him against the wall.

Behind He Jing was the transparent glass of the conference room, the room was empty but the clear blue sky outside could be seen from another window.

Zhou Cheng bowed his head and kissed him as hard as he could.

Not until He Jing was out of breath again, Zhou Cheng let go of his lips and kissed the corner of his eye bit by bit from the corner of his mouth.

 He kissed down his cheek as He Jing was breathless , leaning against the window and trembling gently.

For a moment, he even felt that Zhou Cheng liked to watch him gasp.

Zhou Cheng liked to…. bully him.

This man’s skill of  flirting had obviously improved rapidly in the past few days and now even this light kiss which was not violent and was nothing more than a warm touch at the corner of his eye, could make his legs weak.

He only stood thanks to something behind him and Zhou Cheng supporting him in front of him.

“Are you, are you going to be here…” He Jing voice was slightly trembling as his body still shook. But he was not as completely unable to deal with it as before: “Then I’ll call Qi Rui and let him go…”

As a matter of fact, he was still a little afraid….

But it was that just excitement.

He seems to really like Zhou Cheng, he liked him so much he was willing to overcome his own wimpiness and was filled with anticipation.

He Jing shivered slightly and felt that the man had retreated again slightly: “You do not want to be here.”

“I, I did not ……” Why does Zhou Cheng never believe him?!

He wanted it! He really wanted it!

He Jing wanted to open his mouth and argue, but then Zhou Cheng went on: “Why?”


“Why did you do that just now?” Zhou Cheng asked He Jing about beating people up just now: “Why?” He felt that He Jing did not want to sign the contract, otherwise how could such a gentle and obedient young man start beating people up?

He Jing’s eyes moved, reflecting for a moment: “Just now…” He just, cough, wallowed that little handsome man…. Of course to make the mysterious big man who bought his contract company dislike him and give up on the idea to have hidden rules with him so that he could continue to support Zhou Cheng: “Just now… It was to be with you. “

Zhou Cheng was stunned: “With me?”


“So, you really don’t want to sign those contracts?”

He Jing nodded: “Well, I don’t want these things to affect our relationship.”

Zhou Cheng was really stunned this time.”

He always felt that no matter how much He Jing liked him, it was still more or less for the sake of money so he should like these things.

After he found that He Jing liked him, he wanted to make him happy, and naturally he was willing to give up his so-called persistence. He just wanted to make He Jing happy.

But now, He Jing once again rejected the resources he gave, saying that it was in order not to  affect the relationship between them.

“He Jing.” For the first time, Zhou Cheng called the other person’s name solemnly, in a low voice and in a serious tone: “Answer my one question.”

The young man blinked quickly, his thick eyelashes giving a slight shadow while his light teal eyes reflected his figure.

He smiled gently: “What do you like about me?”

Young men almost without thinking: “Like you.”


“Like you, your muscles…” He Jing secretly glanced at the lines outlined by the man shirt and swallowed. “I like your body, your face . You are very good looking and have such a good figure…”

“A lot of people are good-looking and in good shape.” Zhou Cheng eyebrows moved slightly.

“But I only like you.” the young man’s voice was like a clear spring, clearly saying very explicit love words, but still clean and clear: “ I only like your good-looking face and your great figure.”

For a moment, Zhou Cheng felt that his heart beat faster.

He was moved.

The famous golden bachelor of the rich circle of Yangcheng, Mr. Zhou, the richest man in Yangcheng who wouldn’t even give a glance to those beauties, at this moment was very excited about a little artist who was nervous even about kissing.

It was not that easy to like someone.

It was also enough to linger for a long time.

Zhou Cheng sighed soundlessly.

He Jing was willing to give up those resources and money he gave for him, just to have an equal relationship with him, then he also should treat He Jing better.

If He Jing wanted to keep his self-esteem and not accept his money, then he would secretly give it in a way that He Jing would not know that he was the one giving it.

There was more than one way to give the money!


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