In the era of interstellar wars, each melee mecha fighter would be paired with a long-range sniper mecha fighter to protect each other in battle.

The sniper mecha master Yan Xueshan (beta) and melee mecha master Arthur (alpha) were such a pair, the two have been partners for six years, eating and living together to develop tacit understanding.

The upcoming showdown was a deadly one.

The day before the final battle.

Yan Xueshan: “Remember to write a farewell letter in advance.”

Arthur said dejectedly: “I have only one regret. If I die this time, I will be a virgin until I die.”

Yan Xueshan gave a cold hum: “…not interested.”

Arthur pitifully asked, “Master, can you grant me this wish before I die??”

Yan Xueshan: “?”

How absurd.

But when Yan Xueshan thought about it, this was his own life and death comrade-in-arms, chastity counts as p – okay he will agree! !

However, neither of them died in the final battle.

Not only did they become war heroes but Arthur also transformed into the Prince of the Federation.

Arthur took out the marriage application form, only missing a signature, and spoke in a trustworthy tone: “Master, didn’t you say that after the final battle you will retire and get married after the final battle? Since you helped me fulfill my wish, I will help you fulfill your wish! ”

Yan Xueshan: What seems to be wrong?

Yan Xueshan : … It seemed that something was wrong?

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