A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 3 – Are you waiting for him to take the initiative?

Only when it was time to go home, did Zhou Cheng reflect on what he had promised.

But the youth in front of him had already been coldly driven to work by his agent.

Young master Zhou was a man of his word so although he frowned, he had no choice but to take out his specially prepared keypad phone and send another text message to his housekeeper.

The last one was: [You don’t have to pick me up. 】

The new one was: [Not going home tonight.】

However, ten seconds later, Zhou Cheng, who had just sat down in the rest area of the studio, saw a new text message displayed on the screen.

[Sir, do you need birth control supplies?】

Zhou Cheng: “…:”

He Jing quickly changed his clothes and came out.

He was a little late after the wedding due to the presence of the media. However, he was fortunate to have already had on light makeup so he was able to directly change into a goose yellow sweater, which accentuated his temperament.

The studio was set up outside the flower field in the suburbs. It was a print advertisement for the new season of light luxury men’s wear.

The young man who could not even drink a cup of milk tea at the moment, buried his chin slightly in a goose yellow sweater collar, behind him were thousands of flowers still blooming in this late spring day. The setting sun seemed to leave a halo around his body as his short light blonde hair were gently blown out of his face.

He Jing smiled faintly, with the corner of his mouth raised his eyes also slightly curved, his eyes hiding a river full of stars.

Zhou Cheng couldn’t move his eyes away for a while.

It was the first time he has seen such a person, living such a hard life, being suppressed by his agent, even forced to get close to him due to his livelihood but still keeping everything nice while working.

When the work was over, he must take He Jing to buy a milk tea shop as a thank you gift for the ride.

He Jing had already changed his pose again under the arrangement of the cameraman.

When he turned around, he glanced at Zhou Cheng, who was sitting in the rest area, looking at him.

The handsome man was holding his chin in one hand and his cheap keypad phone  in the other. His brows were furrowed, and his gaze seemed to be mixed with sadness.

He Jing felt a thump in his heart.

Does this handsome gentleman really not  like gentle ones?

Then he has to finish this advertisement quickly and turn into a coquettish bitch on the way home!

He made up his mind not to let Zhou Cheng see too much of his current gentle image, so his next shots actually reached 10000% work efficiency. The success rate was so high that even Qi Rui was dazzled.

Kwa-cha-cha-cha took a series of advertising pictures.

Qi Rui started the car and turned the steering wheel as he tsked: “If only you worked so hard every day, ancestor.”

Forced to sit in the passenger seat by his agent and completely unable to “deepen his love” with Zhou Cheng sitting in the back seat, He Jing mouth flattened as he looked at his agent with cold eyes completely  not wanting to talk.

Zhou Cheng has been completely sure – he saw the darkness of the entertainment industry.

Such a hard-working artist, forcing a smile in front of the camera but his agent still actually thought he was not working hard enough.

He even started to feel a little heartbroken.

If only He Jing didn’t approach him for his status.

Zhou Cheng’s thoughts were mixed so he didn’t say anything along the way.

He Jing only thought that Zhou Cheng did not like his gentle persona but he could not do anything about it at this moment in front of his agent, so he could only urge Qi Rui to drive quickly.

Finally when arrived the handsome senior just got off the car when Qi Rui suddenly grabbed him.

“Do you really plan to bring him to your house?’

He Jing blinked his big bright eyes: “Otherwise what? You don’t want me to take people to the hotel again.”

Qi Rui: “…… I’m furious!”

“Then I’ll get out of the car, and you’ll blow it up by yourself?”




“Forget it, go.” Qi Rui suddenly let go of his hand: “Anyway, you will chicken out again and will definitely want me to wipe your ass again. It’s easier to wipe your ass at home than at the hotel. “

He Jing, who was half outside the car suddenly turned back and stuck his tongue at him: “My white and tender butt is not for you to touch, you are not handsome.”

Qi Rui: “……” He’s breaking his contract! He is going to withdraw from the circle!

He Jing had already put on his mask and ran away in a hurry.

He hurriedly pulled on Zhou Cheng’s arm and entered the elevator.

This small residential building was not new, although the facilities were complete the decoration between the residential buildings was not new. Even the elevators were covered with all kinds of false advertisements and telephones.

Moreover, there were not many people coming and going. Obviously, many residents had already moved out.

It did not look like a place where an extremely well-paid artist would live.

As soon as the elevator door closed, He Jing immediately wrapped his hands around Zhou Cheng toned and powerful arms and was about to rub them together and take off his mask to smile coquettishly when Zhou Cheng suddenly opened his mouth: “Does your family live here ……?”

“Hmm?” He Jing nodded, his eyelashes moved slightly. Half of his gaze which was not covered by the mask, was as delicate as a porcelain doll: “Yes.”

Fearing that he would scare this good-looking senior who was too poor to buy a proper mobile phone, he thought for a long time before remembering that he had such a property besides those villas.

Fortunately, it was not sold because it was too dilapidated.

Otherwise, it’s not good to take people to your villa all at once. If the good looking senior regarded him as one of these rich people who fired him, wouldn’t he be wronged?

With a wink, he deliberately suppressed his voice and whispered in a trailing voice: “Do you like it here? In the future, you can live here as you want.”

He has money!

He will take care of you!

He likes nothing better than a little white boy!

He Jing blinked his eyes only to see Zhou Cheng’s dazed look as if he had frozen. Then he looked at him with softened eyes.

“I like it very much, it’s very good here.” The man raised his hand and rubbed his short, fluffy hair: “It must be hard for you.”

Even in such a dilapidated house, this senior thought he would have a hard time letting him live here…

This good looking gentleman was really having a hard time!

He Jing tried to put on an accent to make his voice a little more coquettish and cheap: “As long as you like it ……”


The dilapidated and slow elevator arrived at the designated floor.

After all, He Jing was a popular idol. Even in this community where half of the people have already moved out, He Jing was still very careful.

As soon as the elevator door opened, he immediately pulled Zhou Cheng out  the door.

The small commercial house, which had not been lived in for a long time, was not outdated inside.

Although He Jing had not lived here for a long, long time he still asked his housekeeping staff to regularly take care of his properties. At this moment, although there was no smoke and gas in the house, it was clean and had everything he would need.

Although He Jing finished his work fast, it was already nighttime.

The moonlight mingled with the night lights, making it look hazy and cold.

The warm yellow light inside the house sprinkled, ambiguous and thoughtful.

——But things seemed to be going a little differently.

He Jing tilted his head.

The senior gentleman he brought home rubbed his hair after he entered and then sat on the old but clean sofa – closing his eyes to rest.

He Jing: “……”

Was he waiting for him to take the initiative?

This man doesn’t seem to like gentle green tea types but sexy sultry ones. It seems that he may like the active type.

But he ……

He wimped out.

He Jing sat on the other side of the sofa, looking at the men wearing cheap clothes sitting there. His hands twisted together, fingertips constantly winding as he was unable to say a word.

But he was really handsome.

His body shape was also good.

He fell in love at first sight

But he was a wimp ——

In the silence of the living room where only clock ticking sound could be heard. He Jing’s mind suddenly remembered  the words that he heard in the car – “Anyway, you will chicken out again and will definitely want me to wipe your ass again. It’s easier to wipe your ass at home than at the hotel. “


He moved his buttocks and slowly approached Zhou Cheng.

The man raised his eyes to look at him, even without brand clothes he gives off an aesthetic  effect.


He swallowed his saliva and his left leg leaned on Zhou Cheng’s right leg.


The man’s deep and magnetic voice seduced him but he only felt his cheeks burn with panic.

He can’t chicken out!

“What’s wrong?” The man asked him.

He Jing took a deep breath: “You …..”

He will not let Qi Rui wipe his ass!

His ass belonged to this handsome senior.

Only this senior can wipe it!

“Would you like to wipe my ass?”


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