A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 19 – “Has our new boss taken the wrong medicine?”


He Jing said he would do it.

So after two day when he finally got a free day he began to prepare gifts for these uncles and aunts to improve neighborhood relations and show some care to his neighbors.

On this day, Zhou Cheng happened to say he had something to deal with so He Jing thought he went home to see his parents again. This happened to give him time to pull Qi Rui into going with him to the ball and buying a bunch of presents.

As soon as he picked up a set of the most high-end skin care products in the mall, Qi Rui rejected it saying: “Ancestor even if you send a set of skin care products to the whole building, the skin quality of some of these aunts might not be suitable so they will not be able to make use of it!”!”

He Jing nodded and felt that what Qi Rui said was very reasonable.

They walked for a while before He Jing picked up the scarves of top luxury brands.

Qi Rui once again complained: “A lot of people of our parents’ generation don’t care about brands, they think that the scarves they knit are the best!”

He Jing nodded again and felt that what Qi Rui said was very reasonable.

He then went into the jewelry store and thought it would be just right to send each family a thick gold necklace.

“This is always in line with the aunts’ aesthetic, right?”

Qi Rui: “Didn’t you say that they all gave you things made at their own home? Won’t you put pressure on your  neighbors if you send them such expensive things?”

Finally, He Jing walked into a digital store and picked up the tablet.

“This will do!” Qi Rui clapped his hands and agreed: “It’s not very expensive and would only be a few thousand yuan per person. They will also be able to watch soap operas at home thanks to you!”

He Jing decisively took out his gold card and directly bought more than a  dozen tablets to take home with him.

When he got home, it was still early so Zhou Cheng hadn’t come back either. He then simply  picked up his gifts and began to give warmth to his loving neighbors.

He first knocked to the door opposite his own house.

At this time, Zhou mother and father who delayed their work for many days to stay at home, treated it just like vacation, enjoying this kind of “retro” residential building that they have never lived in before. They would also meet their  son’s boyfriend when they had nothing to do.

As soon as He Jing knocked on the door, Mother Zhou, who was wearing a custom-made mask for senior personal care, opened the door without hesitation.

She was dressed in a high-end silk home dress, and behind her was old furniture that did not match her temperament. Her face, which was still covered with a mask, almost startled the young man at the door.

As soon as she saw He Jing, mother Zhou immediately tore off the mask from her face, and her elegant and beautiful face showed a kind smile.

Hello, auntie!” He Jing handed out the gift bag in his hand. “Thank you for the skin care products you gave me. This is my return gift. We will be neighbors in the future so if there is anything I can do for you, uncle, auntie please knock on my door at any time! If you give me a gift… I hope you don’t care about the price. ” After all this tablet was worth a few thousand yuan which was not expensive for him, but it was still a luxury for ordinary people. He Jing didn’t want to put price pressure on his neighbors.

The young man had lovely facial features, and although his  pair of peach blossom eyes gave off  some amorous feelings, there was still some baby fat on both sides of He Jing’s cheeks. Coupled with his fair and delicate skin, it happened to cater to the appearance loved by the elders.

Good-looking and affectionate, but not aggressive, while still being lovely and gentle.

Mother Zhou for a moment felt that this young man’s smiling face was much more pleasing to the eye than her son’s cold appearance.

She accepted the gift without even looking at it and said with a smile: “Would you like to come in?”

Unfortunately, He Jing did not appreciate this kindness: “Thank you, but I don’t want to disturb you. I’ll go see if there are other aunts and uncles at home.”

He Jing made a few polite remarks, then carried the rest of the tablet as he knocked on another house. Before mother Zhou  closed the door, she took a look and saw that it was the door of the apartment that belonged to Zhou Cheng’s uncle and his family, who were also here to watch Zhou Cheng’s little boyfriend.

Mother Zhou closed the door and carried the gift to the living room and held the gift bags in front of the father Zhou who handled some trivial affairs.

“From your son’s boyfriend.”


Mother Zhou was also curious.

She opened the package and saw the logo of the box and made an ‘eh’ sound.

This was a product of a subsidiary of Zhou and if she remembered  correctly, it was a tablet.

The gift bags in He Jing  hand all looked the same so obviously they were all tablet computers.

How much can a tablet cost? Even if it was more than a ten of them they were still not as good as her skin care cost.

Mother Zhou r thought of He Jing who said “I hope you will not care about the price.”.

“Well, this child knows very well that he does not have much money but he still gave us gifts.. He also humbly hopes that we won’t care that it’s cheap.”

Father Zhou frowned and said, “Poor child.”

Even though it was just a tablet that was inexpensive and still produced by their own subsidiary, it was still a gift from He Jing heart. Father Zhou  and mother still examined it very happily for a while, and then talked with several Zhou relatives who also received gifts from He Jing.

Even the maids who were arranged by Zhou Cheng to live here received this “cheap” but heartfelt gift.

After talking with several relatives, mother Zhou came to a unilateral conclusion – it was all Zhou Cheng’s fault!

Obviously, he finally had a boyfriend but he still let He Jing live so shabbily, isn’t this the effect of Zhou Cheng not playing a role in his material conditions? The young master of the Zhou family was a man who lived in a manor, slept in a separate mansion as well as woke up in a hundred square meters bedroom everyday, while his boyfriend could only offer gifts worth a few thousand yuan. So unqualified!

In this way mother Zhou together with few other people made a phone call to scold Zhou Cheng.

Today, young master Zhou who was dealing with company affairs for the whole day was reprimanded by his elders from beginning to end on the topic of material goods sharing between lovers.

After the phone call was hung up Zhou Cheng held his mobile phone and remained silent for a while.

His assistant, holding the document that he just signed, trembled, since Zhou Cheng did not speak he was also afraid to move.

For a while he saw the men kneading his eyebrows before he said in a deep voice: “Go and tell the head of the entertainment company I just bought a few days ago to find some  excuse to give him a bonus.”

“Send a ten…. No, 50 million. “




After He Jing gave all gifts, he lazily laid  on the sofa listening to music and playing on his cellphone while applying a face mask.

He just opened the latest update of Xiao Huang Wen when Qi Rui suddenly made a phone call to him.

Years of work consciousness made him answer the phone without thinking.

“Hello! He Jing!! It’s really a day! “

“……” Nothing  makes people more constipated than just getting ready to read Xiao Huang Wen and then hearing Qi Rui’s howl in the next moment: “Brother Qi, can you calm down?”

“You know, the company just informed me that they are giving you a bonus!!”

He Jing pressed some part of the face mask that started to slide, his voice very vague: “Oh, don’t they do it often? Calm down!”

“Do you know how much you are getting?”

“Not just the previous little-“

“Fifty million!!!”

He Jing froze and directly jerked to sit up straight. His face mask was brought down by the violent movement, snapped and hit his legs.

“How much???”

“Calm down! 50 million!! “

He Jing suspected that he was hallucinating: “Has our new owner taken the wrong medicine?” 


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