A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 6 – I am! Determined! To! Not! Obey!

Zhou Cheng felt that He Jing must be very short of money.

Today, the housekeeper told him that He Jing was a very popular little fresh meat, signed in good company. In the eyes of the outside world He Jing could be said to be a good star with a beautiful heart.

But in Zhou Cheng’s eyes he was different.

This outwardly shiny young artist lived in an old residential building where already more than a half of the buildings have been emptied. Every day he was closely transported back and forth to work by his agent who squeezed him and had to work hard even for a cup of milk tea.

He had thought that He Jing would be overjoyed to receive the money and would even ask him directly for it later.

But Zhou Cheng did not expect that He Jing would eventually return it to him in such a way.

His nose was a little sore, and when the usually cold-tongued young master Zhou cleared his throat it felt a little sore. But he didn’t know what to say for a long time.

He Jing had already closed the door and holding Zhou Cheng’s arm they looked at each other.

Under the white light of the old living room the tender red color of the paper money was even more eye-catching.

“What’s wrong?” He Jing could see Zhou Cheng’s embarrassment “Touched?”

Zhou Cheng nodded silently.

He knew it!

Zhou Cheng, who came from the countryside to work in the city must have never seen so much money in his life! Although his methods were old-fashioned to Zhao Cheng, it was still a sincere feeling ah!

It was not in  vain that he begged and begged Qi Rui to help him get cash! Moreover, Qi Rui took too much at one and he asked his assistant to secretly come here to prepare. He could not fit it all in the room so he also let people save it for later.

All of this was not a waste of time.

He Jing smiled and rubbed his cheek on Zhou Cheng’s sturdy arm.

He Jing was afraid of hurting his man’s self-esteem, and spoke in a roundabout way. He also praised Zhou Cheng in passing: “It’s all because you are too good. Why don’t you put the money away first? I’m afraid there will be a problem if I leave it here.”

Zhou Cheng must be embarrassed to behave too vulgarly in front of his golden backer and did not say he wanted the money directly for the whole day.

He Jing hurriedly gave Zhou Cheng a way.

Sure enough, the man chuckled and looked at him with a much softer gaze.

“Okay, I’ll take it.” Zhou Cheng raised his hand and rubbed He Jing’s soft short hair. Zhou Cheng knew very well that He Jing did not have much money and must be very scared to see so much money at this moment. So he really should put it away early.

The first thing they did was to bend over and slowly put away all the bills in the living room and spread out the folded ones. All of He Jing assistant’s careful preparations during the day were removed.

After sorting out a large pile of banknotes, He Jing in front of Zhou Cheng stuffed all this money into the drawer at the side of the bedroom and both of them were relieved and satisfied with their own thoughts.

When the moon appeared in the sky, Zhou Cheng, who was struggling to finish his shower in the bathroom, changed into the expensive pajamas that He Jing had asked someone to buy today.

He Jing can understand the slow bath – Zhou Cheng looked like he was not used to many facilities in his home. The facilities in this house were clearly the oldest so it could be seen how poor the environment Zhou Cheng grew up in, in the countryside. 

“Do you recognize this pajama?” He Jing said tentatively.

He wanted to give Zhou Cheng the best and bought the best pajamas within his means in terms of price and workmanship. But he didn’t want to admit it to Zhou Cheng, if he spends too much money at once he will make his men feel at loss.

He Jing stood nervously at one side and only saw Zhou Cheng glance at himself in the mirror, and then glance at the logo at the chest, frowning: “I don’t know. I don’t usually wear clothes with logos. I usually made them separately.”

He Jing was shocked.

In modern society, there was actually a man  who still made his own clothes to wear!

Before that, Zhou Cheng must have bought that set of clothes at the roadside stall in order to find a job in the city. Fortunately, he didn’t despise these cheap clothes in front of him, otherwise it would be very hard for Zhou Cheng to bear.

He Jing stood behind Zhou Cheng, his slender white arms embracing him from behind.

He leaned against the man straight back, and between breaths, he seemed to feel the unique scent of the man who had just bathed.

He said with anticipation, “Then, then let’s sleep ……”

This time they will definitely sleep together!

——Ten minutes later.

Zhou Cheng caressed his head with one hand and slightly lowered his head to kiss his forehead.

The man’s voice was low: “Good night.”

Then he took a step back and closed the door of the side bedroom with a clang.

Zhou Cheng was in the door and He Jing was outside.

One on this side, one on the other.

He Jing: “……”

Young master Zhou went back to the house, and for the first time in his life, he experienced this normal life. He looked around all the things in the side bedroom strangely, and then he sat on the bed with his old person’s phone in his hand.

He pondered over the failure of today’s gift-giving.

As a boss, Zhou Cheng received a good education that made him think about himself three times a day, every time he also pondered over his work mistakes so that he could improve.

He pondered seriously for ten minutes and finally came to a conclusion.

Since He Jing was forced to seduce him by someone behind the scene, the person behind the scene must have already offered him a price. If he throws money directly like this, it will not only put pressure on young artists but also make him not dare to accept it.

The big boss should smash resources – that is how it was written in the showbiz novels.

He called the housekeeper and said: “It’s me.”

“Sir, you are calling so late at night. It is time to prepare birth control supplies?”

“……” Zhou Cheng coughed softly: “Does the film and television company under my name have any script that is being prepared recently?”

“Which film and television company are you asking about?”

“All of them.”  

“That may be some. I will make a report and report it to you later.”

“There’s no need to make a report. All the dramas that haven’t decided on a male lead yet, give them to He Jing. Go do it immediately, it needs to be done tomorrow.”





The next day.

He Jing’s crew had a problem with the location, so the scheduled announcement was postponed, leaving him with a day off.

He was full of joy and planned to get up early in the morning to take Zhou Cheng to go shopping for clothes and buy him several sets of luxury goods. However, as soon as he woke up in the morning and was preparing to take Zhou Cheng to eat an elegant breakfast at a coffee shop, Qi Rui came to him directly in his car.

“Hurry up, it’s urgent! The company wants you to come over right now.” Qi Rui pulled He Jing’s arm  and dragged him towards the car.

“Huh?” He Jing was dragged by Qi Rui with one hand and pulled by Zhou Cheng with another. Reluctant to part with him he said: “What can’t we push it back to tomorrow?”

Instead, Zhou Cheng chuckled in a low voice: “Go ahead, it’s okay. I will allow you to go.” It should be the thing that he asked his housekeeper to do.

Qi Rui tugged him hard again: “You get into the car quickly!”

Half of He Jing’s body was dragged into the back seat but he still did not forget to look back at Zhou Cheng: “Then you wait for me!”

“Yeah.” Zhou Cheng nodded – he could also go to the company headquarters to deal with the backlog of documents.

The car engine started and they departed from the streets of Yangcheng immediately. 

When Qi Rui took He Jing into the company conference room, He Jing watched as the company management walked in carrying a pile of contracts. Only 30 or 40 minutes later he understands what happened.

Qi Rui swallowed saliva: “You mean, these … are all for He Jing?”

The management of the company obviously didn’t slow down: ‘Yes, some big shot said that He Jing must finish signing today.”

He Jing opened his eyes wide, from top to bottom, from left to right he was surrounded by carefully stacked documents. He couldn’t even see the front of this pile, his eyes became dull: “Brother Qi, what happened?”

Qi Rui also stared dumbfounded: “I don’t know. This big guy is …… going to support you? “

The management of the company slapped the table with one hand: “Don’t delay, quickly sign them all. It will take a long  time to sign them all. The senior management is still urging us that it’s important to finish signing today.”

“My God,” Qi Rui pulled his face and let out a cry of pain “Hiss – it’s not a dream. He Jing, you’d better take it or else, with such a big shot, it’s enough to end your life….”

He Jing blinked his eyes.

The youth’s clear  eyes flashed with a trace of confusion, and his simple, innocent face froze for a few seconds before suddenly revealing a sulking look.

He stood up violently and pushed all folded contracts away with force.

“Sign what sign!” His tone was firm: ‘It’s too many. I won’t be able to finish shooting it in this lifetime even if I don’t sleep! This big man is digging a pit for me to jump into, right? The entertainment industry is so dark, he must have planned to use these threats to lure me to sign. When I finish signing I definitely can’t finish shooting so many things! Then he will definitely use this contract to blackmail me and bully and abuse me for my whole life! I will not even be able to resist!”

He bit his lower lip and stood straight, his pretty face revealing a rare stubbornness.

The young man’s voice was clear and crisp, and he said word by word: “You tell him. I am! Determined! To! Not! Obey!


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