A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 2 – There is a word written all over your body – Advanced!

He Jin was conquered by this man’s face at first sight.

Unlike those men and women in the entertainment industry whose colour never faded on camera, this person’s face was naturally not the attractive he had seen in terms of features – after all, he was in the entertainment industry and had seen all kinds of stars.

But this man’s temperament was clearly very good.

He clearly wore cheap clothes and used a mobile phone with a physical keypad that has been out of date for a long time. He was very ordinary and simple. But he still gave off a very distinguished feeling just by sitting there.

Not like a twenty-something young man without money. But more like a CEO who could determine the livelihood of countless people with a single sentence.

His body gave off  one word – senior.

When the other party heard the word “Hotel”, he just frowned and his eyes glowed slightly but his voice was still as mellow as wine: “You live in a hotel… huh? All right. “

Although the “driver” in the driver’s seat did not speak, the car was driving in the deserted suburb, and the horn sounded again and again just like the messy heart of the agent.

Mr. Senior added, “I’m fine, I’ll go anywhere.”

When his low, magnetic voice reached He Jing eardrums, the air in the car seemed to stop flowing as his cheeks became hotter and hotter.

A man who didn’t know him, and was polite to him hit all the right spots.

He was done.

It turned out that there was really something like love at first sight in this world, He Jing thought.

He sat beside the man and his eyes could not stop shifting from the car window to him.

It seems that all the words he used to say over the years have been cleaned up and Qi Rui low pressure could not affect his heartbeat.

He suddenly behaved like a good boy and became more dedicated than usual to maintain his gentle persona. His smile also becomes slightly sweeter: “If you don’t have a place to go…. want to accompany me to work?”

Maybe he came to the big city to work hard and finally found a job among the rich people. But as a result, he was fired and had no place to go.

Maybe some rich family thought this man was too handsome and superior compared to their family master.

The more He Jing thought of it the more likely it was.

Only to hear the men carelessly say: “Good.”

He Jing felt that blush from his cheeks spread all over his body. His fingertips pinched his palm slightly, and he became too nervous to speak.

It seemed that this man really had no place to go.

Maybe he is going to run out of money soon too.

Should he ask this person if he wants to become his assistant? He can take the person with him first and then exert an imperceptible influence. It didn’t matter if this person had no money, he was not short of money and could support his family.

“Then….  Brother Qi, ” With a clear voice, he slowly buttoned his shirt to the top and elegantly fixed his tie: “ let’s go to where we were first headed.” 

Qi Rui breathed a long sigh of relief.

He was relieved because this ancestor He Jing did not forget his work because of his love of chasing beauties. The wild man he picked up from the roadside also didn’t recognize He Jing as a popular newcomer.

The agent hair could be considered saved.

Zhou Cheng completely did not notice the strange atmosphere in the car.

He didn’t even care if He Jing recognized him or not. Maybe He Jing was someone who wanted to flatter him and deliberately arranged to “meet” him, or one of his rivals wanted to make him dizzy with sex. Zhou Cheng had long become numb to this kind of situation a long time ago so he did not even care about He Jing’s intention.

He just had some mixed emotions.

 He did not know what caused his blind dates to fail every time. Could it have been because he had failed to conceal his identity? He had never experienced being rejected like this since he was a child so he really couldn’t understand.

Is money really that important?

He has been single for so many years, but there had been a lot of women and even men – who had come after him but only for the sake of his money.

Once he concealed his identity and went on a blind date, all of them would have various reasons to cancel.

——Not suitable, I want a boyfriend with a stable job, too handsome, no sense of security ……

He was rejected again and again – he even learned a lesson each time – all it took was to send a message in advance. For example, this time, he especially emphasized that he was reliable and would accompany his girlfriend whenever he had time.

However, before they could even meet face to face, his blind date already ran away.

The scenery outside the window flashed one by one. It was already near dinner time so the sun sprinkled with broken gold light. Nearly half of the surrounding estate was Zhou Cheng property so no matter how beautiful the scenery was, he had already seen it countless times.

Zhou Cheng was a little tired and sighed unconsciously.

He Jing was stunned: “What’s wrong with you?”

Was it because he was kicked out of the manor and had no place to work?

Or did he not like his type of person?

It was He Jing’s first time dealing with this kind of high-level handsome guy. So he really did not know if the other party liked his gentle persona.

What if they don’t?

——The first time he dealt with such a high-class handsome man, what if he liked the opposite type?

First He Jing asked: “Where do you live?”

“Hmm?” The low voice sounded again in the car: “I live everywhere, I have a lot of places.”

Sure enough, he just came to work in a big city and had no place to go. He lived all over the city!

His eyes rolled: “So what kind of work did you do before?”

“Did everything.”

He Jing became more certain that this high-class handsome man was actually a poor boy from the countryside – not only was he in line to become homeless, he also could not afford to support himself!

Thinking of this, He Jing a little straighter.

Unfortunately, the place of the announcement was also on the outskirts of Yangcheng, and before long, Qi Rui’s angry voice came from the driver’s seat: “We are here, get out of the car!”

In front of them, a temporary studio built in the suburbs came into view.

Zhou Cheng frowned.

He Jing knew that he had pulled Zhou Cheng into his car and come to work. He was afraid that he already shook his agent’s heart too many times so at this moment he felt some guilt: “I know, I know, I’ll be right down.”

He turned his head and said to Zhou Cheng in a pitiful and docile manner: “Would you please accompany me out?”

“You are an entertainer?”

“Mm-hmm ……”

“He’s your agent?”


Zhou Cheng frowned a little more tightly.

Not only this young man who ran into him on this road by chance or with hidden intention seemed to be an artist, but he also looked like a pathetic one who was being suppressed by his agent.

The young man looked at him with a misty gaze as if there were thousands of stars covered with mist.

Zhou Cheng didn’t push away the other person’s hand that was pulling him, feeling the warmth coming from his wrist as he walked slowly out of the car.

“Sorry,” He Jing smiled as soon as he got out of the car, his smile was gentle and playful “There was an accident at Yan Qing wedding site so we were delayed a little and came a little late.”

As soon as he stepped forward, a male make-up artist in front took a step back, Then he took a look at the place where He Jing held Zhou Cheng arm and showed a smile of understanding.

The young master Zhou, who had completely forgotten that he was wearing this cheap outfit, immediately had a guess.

A poor artist who was bullied appeared with him. Everyone would think it was normal for this young man to be nurtured by him.

Zhou Cheng thought of the young man moving gaze in the dim light of the care: “You-“

Qi Rui gave He Jing back a hard slap: “Quickly, quickly, go to work.”

He Jing immediately turned his head resignedly: “I know! I just want to drink milk tea!”


He couldn’t even afford to drink a cup of milk tea that only cost a dozen dollars, and needed his agent approval.

Zhou Cheng felt that even if He Jing was instructed by someone to come to him by chance, he could be forgiven..

“Well ……” He Jing flattened his mouth and looked back at him. His expression of grievance was gone as he showed a gentle and clever smile as if he wanted to hide all the grievances and sufferings in front of him: “Then, I’ll go to work first, can you wait for me here? I’ll take you back to my house when I’m done shooting the print ad! Don’t worry!”

The well-behaved youth held his arm and slightly raised his chin to look at him. His eyes bright as he looked at him.

Such a person who was obviously having a hard time, was still trying to show happiness and joy in front of him.

If he didn’t succeed in getting close to him, he would be bullied by the people behind him, right?

Of course, he had to say yes to him.

Zhou Cheng nodded: “Okay.”


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