A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 4 – “If you want to do it here, I…. I can also… “

He Jing thought about being despised by his agent and needed him for wiping his ass. He was so anxious that only when his words came out, he realized what he had said.

He Jing: “!!!”

There is no art in saying that!

He should at last ask something like “Do you want to touch my ass?”

Not sure if it was anxiety or shame but his already slightly red face became completely red now. The scarlet color spread from his neck to his peach blossom eyes, which looked like unique peach petals in early summer.

The young man’s hair was curled up, his face so red that even his white skin looked crimson.

His adam apple moved slightly as his eyelashes trembled and he opened his mouth: “No, that, I, I want to change the words ……”

Zhou Cheng’s anger that rose up from feeling offended by this sentence suddenly disappeared.

He was actually not considered a person with a good temper.

The Zhou family industry had become so big, the whole Yangcheng had almost become his private property. If he really had a good temper there was no telling how many people would try to ride on his head.

He even gets angry easily.

But from the time he was led to the car by He Jing, his tolerance and patience became limitless.

In fact, it was a trick that Zhou Cheng was tired of seeing – a rival from nowhere looking for good-looking teenagers or young girls who would pretend to meet him by the roadside by chance and pretending not to know him. But after getting into the car they would keep thinking of ways to seduce him and steal business information from his side ….

He Jing should also be arranged by someone to do so. The remark just now was clearly a dirty and vulgar seduction.

But as he looked at the young man working hard he kept smiling. Under the pressure of the agent who refused to even give him a cup of milk tea, he still had a sweet smile. Even when they went home he kept his task in mind and clumsily seduced him.

Perhaps He Jing was forced to do so.

Just after one sentence, he blushed like this, he must be very unwilling.

Even though he didn’t ask anything, He Jing also didn’t say anything. Zhou Cheng could guess the whole picture of what happened in his heart.

——A small artist who works hard in the entertainment industry and is probably still heavily in debt, was forced to seduce him because he couldn’t resist the oppression of the executives.

He let out a light sigh.

“Rest, it’s a little late.” Young master Zhou raised his hand and couldn’t resist gently poking He Jing’s face.

It was very elastic and a little hot.


Is it time to rest?

He hadn’t even said anything yet.

Obviously, he had said all kinds of slutty things before in front of people, but for some reason, when he looked up into Zhou Cheng deep eyes, his sight would move to Zhou Cheng flat thin lips and all the way to his collar.

This apparently muscular body was still hidden underneath this cheap sweatshirt.

Even if he was going to die he could say anything more.

He Jing said in a daze: “Well …… good, good.”




The next morning at nine o’clock, Nanny Qi came to pick up He Jing for work.

Zhou Cheng, who insisted on sleeping in the living room, had decided to get up early in the morning and leave.

But outside the window, the sunrise spilled brilliant light and He Jing’s hair was messy as he hurriedly said to him still with a toothbrush in his mouth: “Are you still going to work with me today? I’ll tell them you’re my assistant so you won’t have to worry about not having anything to do!”

At that time, Zhou Cheng was once again soft-hearted as he agreed – every one of his properties was taken care of anyway. As a general manager, he had the right to disappear for several days.

He Jing was naturally beautiful.

Although yesterday’s seduction failed and he could not see handsome senior abs and senior…. Cough, it was nothing. The upcoming day was still long!

Anyway, the handsome senior has no money and his mobile was so outdated he would certainly be reluctant to run.

Wasn’t he just willing to be his raised pretty boy?

He Jing happily took Zhou Cheng’s hand and got into the car. The man seemed to be stiff for a while but did not push him away.

Qi Rui eyes looked at both of them: “It’s promising.”

He Jing smiled brightly.

When the car drove past a newly opened milk tea shop, Zhou Cheng remembered the aggrieved look of He Jing who could not even drink a cup of milk tea yesterday.

“Stop the car.”

He spoke suddenly and sternly as if he was a boss who called the shots.

Qi Rui was suddenly affected by the momentum and his brain has not yet reacted when his foot stepped hard on the brake.

“Not right ah ……” Nanny Qi was about to lose his temper: “If you tell me to stop, I’ll stop. I’m not  shameless——.”

He turned his head but there was no one in the back seat, only an open door.

Qi Rui: “……” Sooner or later he will have to sell He Jing to these big guys who liked hidden rules!

He Jing has put on a mask and followed Zhou Cheng to the milk tea store.

“What do you want to drink?” The man turned back to look at him, “I’ll buy it for you.”

Behind him, Qi Rui’s mouth was like a knife: “Don’t you dare drink milk tea!”

He Jing was so blinded by the scenery that all his plans were thrown to the horizon.

The pretty boy he was raising was so kind to him! Although he was the gold owner who would pay for everything, this person could talk!

Such sweet words to his heart!

“I want this!” He smiled playfully and causally ordered one, his eyes attached to Zhou Cheng’s handsome face, completely unable to turn away.

The milk tea was soon ready, and behind him, Qi Rui’s anger seemed to pierce them.

He Jing took over the milk tea and was about to take out his mobile phone to pay for it when Zhou Cheng took out his mobile phone first and said: “How much is it?”

The man’s voice paused.

He pulled out a button phone – payment software was not available on it.

Zhou Cheng: “…”

Young Master Zhou, who always has someone around to take care of the payment, dug into his pockets again, and as expected didn’t find a thing called a “wallet”.

Zhou Cheng: “…”

He Jing has already scanned the code to pay for it while holding his milk tea with one hand and holding Zhou Cheng with another. With a bright pair of eyes, he said: “How can I spend your money?”

He took great care of his own handsome senior self-esteem: “I’ll take care of this kind of small money. your hands are used to big money so how can you use it here?”

Men love such words.

So did his senior gentleman.

“Well.” Zhou Cheng’s eyes moved somewhat unnaturally, putting his hand in his pockets.

“In fact, I don’t like my lovers talking about money in front of me,” Master Zhou admitted He Jing identity as a lover in a high and mighty way – as the boss it was normal to pick up a lovers sent by the enemy on the roadside: “But I allow you to talk about it.”

He Jing’s eyes widened and his heart burst with joy.

He couldn’t stop smiling all the way to the set and he couldn’t even manage to control his expression when he arrived.

Qi Rui pulled him aside: “You will be acting in a crying  scene later! Crying scene!”

“I’m too happy, Brother Qi!” He Jing thought it was okay to cry, he can cry from joy: “Didn’t you hear what he said? He allowed me to talk about money in front of him. Zhao Cheng just admitted that I was his gold owner so I am the one with an official pretty boy!”

“Did you sleep together?”

“…… No

“I knew you did not. Now get lost and act!.”

He Jing: “……”

Didn’t sleep last time but he will try his best tonight!

Qi Rui looked down on him!


He Jing ran back to his senior husband.

Only to see Zhou Cheng reach out his hand in pity and pinch his face: “With a piece of trash like your agent, don’t bother with him.”

“Yes! Trash! Ignore him!”

“He Jing?” A young man’s voice suddenly came from behind him: “There you are.”

He Jing followed the voice and saw Shen Wencheng, a supporting character who had just joined the group two days ago walking towards him.

It was said that this person was some young son of some prominent family who comes to the entertainment circle to play around. As soon as he debuted, he was put in He Jing’s crew directly and became a  popular little fresh meat.

He Jing just from seeing the other person’s gaze could read the desire from the other person’s eyes.

“It’s you ……” He smiled: “Good morning.”

“Are you free now, I’d like to talk to you alone “

“Alone, for what? Do you want to be in the room alone with me?”

Expectation immediately appeared in Shen Wencheng’s eyes.

But then He jing said: “But…” He lifted his hand that was linked with Zhao Cheng and said “I just made an appointment with him. Do you want a threesome? I don’t mind, I’ll do any position ……”

Shen Wencheng’s face imminently turned ugly.

“Although I prefer to be below, if there are three people, I can also try to be above…”

Shen Wencheng blushed red as pig liver. He didn’t know if he was mad but he turned around and left without saying anything.

Thanks to Shen Wencheng, He Jing felt that he had entered the state of talking slutty.

Didn’t Zhou Cheng like coquettish slutty type? He could finally say something in this way.

He had just opened his mouth when a sudden burst of force came from his shoulder and the man pushed him against the wall, leaning over in a standard wall thumping posture.

A wide palm pressed against the wall while another hand slowly lifted his chin: “I don’t mind what you did before, but what are you doing seducing someone else in front of me now?”

Young master Zhou’s gaze was awe-inspiring: “Is it because you think I can’t afford to pay that much money?”

“What are you talking about?” He Jing was almost drowned by the hormones brought by this wall knock. He thought that Zhou Cheng really liked the coquettish and cheap type: “I won’t want a penny from you, I just want your person ……”

Zhou Chen was stunned.

He Jing raised his hand and began to unbutton: “If you want to do it here, I…. I can also… “


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