A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 11 – What a tough and heart wrenching person he is

He Jing did not react for a while.

Just now he saw Zhou Cheng carry in such a large box of books, he also saw books piled on the top. He thought Zhou Cheng finally became enlightened, actually taking this initiative to find these books.

He never thought.

“I never thought!”

What are these!?

Zhou Cheng was indeed worthy of being a poor child from the countryside. Studying so hard, was it to change his fate?

When He Jing saw the titles of the books, he felt dizzy and dazzled. He couldn’t even read every word in these books.

Zhou Cheng, however, did not mean it as a joke at all: “What do you want to learn? Let’s start with principles of economics. “

The man’s low voice was still pleasant to the ear, calm and relaxed. Every word was full of confidence which He Jing enjoyed very much.

But this voice was now saying things that he did not want to hear at this moment. But He Jing was defenseless to Zhou Cheng’s words.

Listening to the man ask him what he wanted to learn he replied in daze: “This is it ……”

Zhou Cheng tore open the book cover and also took out the pen from the box. Then he sat next to He Jing and opened the book.

On such a  silent night in the dilapidated small residential building, a rare light shone from the window. Zhou Cheng sat next to He Jing and patiently explained the contents that were very basic for the president Zhou.

The man’s low voice was mixed with the sound of cicada on this summer night. The yellowish incandescent lamp on the dilapidated living room was silently illuminating the words in the book clearly.

He Jing should have been drowsy.

But every time he heard Zhou Cheng speak, he subconsciously perked up. Not wanting to even let go of his one word. He actually also remembered the knowledge Zhou Cheng taught him in this way.

But this was He Jing after almost dreaded “learning” so after learning with Zhou Cheng even with this bonus for almost two hours the eyelids of his two eyes were almost stuck together.

Zhou Cheng seeing his sleepiness, hugged him, kissed his forehead, and sent him back to his room.

——Then he walked out of the room and closed the door cleanly, continuing the tragic fact that they were both in separate rooms.

Unfortunately, He Jing was no longer able to protest.

With his brain full of the contents of “Fundamentals of economics”, he quickly fell asleep.

In his dream, he dreamed that he was carrying a box of banknotes and ran to Zhou Cheng. But as soon as he opened the box he was met with Zhou Cheng’s disgusted look. Then the man pointed to the pile of bills and talked to him endlessly about the economics behind the bills and the economic benefits they might bring ……

In the next few days, after He Jing finished filming, he was put under Zhou Cheng guidance in the gym or learned economics and management.

Although he was an artist, he took the route of newcomers so his physical fitness was naturally not particularly good. After practicing once or twice, he would suffer from backache and leg pain.

Qi Rui looked at him with a probing gaze every day, but He Jing was too embarrassed to say that he and Zhou Cheng had not slept in the same bed until now, nor did he say that his back pain actually originated from the gym.

This once made his agent feel skeptical about his life – how could He Jing who wanted to be on top have a sore waist?

Qi Rui didn’t understand that Zhou Cheng’s thinking was not in line with his at all. He Jing was too shy to explain, and this matter lasted for a week.

After finding that his previous “textbooks” through which he learned about romance were not very useful, big president Zhou was reading in the corner of the set in his spare time, trying to digest a new type of  “knowledge”.

On a sunny day, He Jing, who had lost some weight due to exercise in the past few days, finally got rid of Qi Rui and could order milk tea together with the crew. Holding it in his hand while drinking he looked at Zhou Cheng reading in the distance.

Most of the set was outdoor and in order to have a place to cool off, the crew set up a lot of tents outside the camera range. As He Jing assistant, Zhou Cheng was also sitting under a big umbrella with a book in his hand.

The cover and title of the book was about two boys that became very popular titles recently. The man was sitting upright and slightly leaned on the back of the chair, holding the book in hand, with a serious look as his gaze was full of concentration.

He Jing sucked a mouthful of milk tea and observed it with fascination.

“So handsome!”

Beside him, Qi Rui held up his forehead: “What’s so good-looking about this?”

“Have you ever seen someone who can have such a serious expression when reading boys love literature?” He Jing’s eyes shone brightly as his gaze never moved from Zhou Cheng’s face: “Really dedicated, in order to make me happy in the future, he’s actually secretly researching this book by himself. I must earn more money to support him!”

 Qi Rui: “…… I’m too lazy to care about you. Have you not noticed? Shen Wencheng these two days do not seem quite right. He wanted to use this Weibo to kick you off the crew but recently when he sees you and Zhou Cheng, he makes a detour. “

Where would He Jing find the time to care about Shen Wencheng?

His brain was full of Zhou Cheng.

These days Zhou Cheng took him to work out and study which was clearly the most annoying thing he had  to do. His brain was full of yellow waste every day, but Zhou Cheng wanted him to do these  things. But   he refused to say it.

He obviously has a crush on Zhou Cheng body, but what did he do with Zhou Cheng all these days?

Was it possible that he suddenly discovered the charm of the Fundamentals of Economics? Or he was actually a person who liked reading and enjoyed fitness?

He Jing tilted his head and coincidentally saw Shen Wencheng, who was coming from the other side, ready to bypass him.

The absent-minded He Jing immediately called the other person: “Shen Wencheng!”

Shen Wencheng suddenly jolted – – since the day he suffered a defeat from Zhou Cheng and He Jing side he was always arrogant and could not let go of his anger. So when he went back home he wanted to find some family members to clean out these two. But as a result he could not find anyone and instead found out that Zhou Cheng was actually the young president of the Zhou  family and the richest person in Yangcheng. But he was playing with a little newcomer here! He was simply looking for his own death when he offered the other side money. Dealing with them was simply beyond his capacity.

Knowing this, Shen Wencheng turned into a man with his tail between his legs and he did not want He Jing suddenly calling him.

Now he regretted it to death. When he glanced at President Zhou who was quietly reading, he did not dare to disobey He Jing at all. He turned around and stood trembling in front of him. “You, what do you want?”

Qi Rui: “……” It was a bit strange.

He Jing, however, did not care at all about Shen Wencheng’s reaction. He blinked his eyes and quickly said “Just, wait.” With that, he turned his head and went to his resting tent.

After a while, the young man handed Shen Wencheng a copy of “Fundamentals of Economics” that looked a bit old and said: “Please read the contents to me.”


“Read it!”

Shen Wencheng did not dare to resist so puzzled opened the book and with frightened face read it word by word.

He Jing tried to listen carefully.

He had already learned all these things under the guidance of Zhou Cheng. In theory it was reasonable to say that listening hard will not make people feel sleepy when listening to the class for the first time. However, when Shen Wencheng’s voice and familiar contents were introduced into his ears, the more he listened the more bored he got.

Why did he not find it boring when Zhou Cheng read it to him? 

It seems as if …. he found everything Zhou Cheng did interesting.

Shen Wencheng read only three pages when He Jing raised his hand and took the book back from Shen Wencheng: “OK, OK! Thank you

He turned his head and handed the book to Qi Rui, who was even less of a reader than him.

“Qi Rui: “…… ancestor are you serious? What are you doing?”

“Brother Qi, do me a favor and just read a few pages!”

Qi Rui with an even more bored expression than He Jing read the contents of “Fundamentals of economics” word by word.

Due to the hypnotic tone, he was told to stop after reading less than half a page.

He Jing didn’t believe it and started looking for other free crew members to read to him again.

As a result, without exception, no one could achieve the effect that Zhou Cheng had on him – he seemed to only want to listen to Zhou Cheng.

But when it came to this, some of the staff members who were originally interested in economics chatted directly as they lively read “Fundamentals of Economics” to He Jing one by one and it became almost an academic seminar for crew members who were free.

He Jing who started all of this could not explain that he just wanted to test whether Zhou Cheng’s guidance was different from other people, so he had to sit in the middle, obviously feeling bored to death. Forcing himself to listen to things he did not understand.

When Zhou Cheng got up to look for He Jing after finishing reading the book, he saw such a scene – a bunch of staff gathered together and one of them was holding the book “Fundamentals of economics” which he gave to He Jing. Several people talked about the trend of the stock market these days and these related economic fundamentals, while He Jing was sitting in the middle siping his milk tea. His pair of eyes were full of bewilderment and confusion, and even some sleepiness.

He Jing was clearly sleepy but he still held his eyes open. His peach blossom eyes concentrated as he listened hard to the content that was difficult to understand for a beginner like a youth.

Zhou Cheng’s heart suddenly melted.

Although the youth got close to him for the sake of money, lived a hard life in the entertainment industry, was bullied by his agent and could not afford a better house, his heart was still filled with sunshine as he actively learned that which was difficult for him.

Living in hardship, but having a heart of sunshine.

What a resilient and heartbreaking person.


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