A Simple Way To Give Money – Chapter 23 – “You’re So Thoughtful.”

After He Jing returned home, he asked for Zhou Cheng’s account number.

As a result, the man not only gave him the account number, but also gave him the bank card password, which made He Jing a bit helpless – he wouldn’t use Zhou Cheng money so why would he need his password?

But at any rate the account was obtained and He Jing immediately sent the remaining money from buying the 50 million manor to Zhou Cheng accounts to give his lover some pocket money!

On the other hand, Zhou Cheng originally gave He Jing his account details, wanting his little boyfriend to use his card to spend money unscrupulously.

But unexpectedly, He Jing deposited several millions on his card.

A few million was really insignificant to Zhou Cheng but he still looked at the transfer information and thought about it for a while before he remembered – this few millions adding to the price of the manor wouldn’t the total amount be 50 million?

He Jing actually returned the pocket money he gave him in the name of the company bonus, and returned it to him in these two ways.

His lover had a really low self-esteem and did not want to feel the slightest inequality with him.

Zhou Cheng felt distressed yet he felt that such a tough He Jing was lovely.   

It seems that he had to propose quickly so that there would be no need to talk about money between him and He Jing.



It was late at night.

The sound of the water falling against the glass door of the bathroom, reverberating slightly in the small space, and the heat turned the water vapour into mist, covering the entire bathroom vaguely.

He Jing washed away the foam on his body, put on a bathrobe and walked out of the shower cubicle standing in front of the bathroom mirror.  

In this kind of old house, the mirror was not anti-fog therefore it was blurred by moisture, so He Jing could only see his reflection as blur. Even if it was blurred and he could not see his facial features clearly, he could still vaguely see his own blush.

He was really red.

In such a small space where hot air lingers, he felt that his cheeks become even hotter.

He already finished his work in the crew he was in before so after his character death banquet yesterday, he went to take some publicity photos during the day. He Jing intended to use these few free days to plan well and then bring out the ring and propose to Zhou Cheng.

After all, it was a bit fast.  

He and Zhou Cheng had never met each other’s parents but they had lived together inseparably these days… but they haven’t even slept together yet.

But He Jing felt that Zhou Cheng was the one he wanted to be together with all the time.

He was used to being ridiculous, and he was also used to acting coquettish. He had never been in good shape, and he could never walk away when he saw a good looking man. At first, when he saw Zhou Cheng on the roadside, it was the same feeling.

But Zhou Cheng felt more and more different to him.

Zhou Cheng was actually very boring and if he didn’t take the initiative to initiate a discussion when they sat together, Zhou Cheng can sit with his eyes closed all day. But even if he was quiet, he was still calm and reliable which was hard to ignore. For people like He Jing who were not so calm at heart , it was really full of great attraction.

The most important part was that he possessed both a figure and appearance that He Jing favored.

Wasn’t this just a fast marriage?

He was willing!

So he bought the most expensive men’s diamond ring, and asked Qi Rui to help him prepare some things like ordering flowers and meals before returning home. As soon as he got home, Zhou Cheng told him that he had important things to do with him this evening night, so that he could take some time to rest before it.

What important things can he and Zhou Cheng have?

Apart from the bed, what else could there be?

Zhou Cheng received the house from him, and finally got the hang of it. He knew that he was going to sleep with him, his golden backer who made money to support their family!

So He Jing went into the bathroom immediately, took a bath very carefully, and even used a fragrant shower gel. He was now propped up in front of the washbasin, the excitement of finally being able to sleep to Zhou Cheng made his fingertips twitch and even his breathing became rapid.

He looked at his hair that was still dripping, thought about it and still didn’t dry it. Boys’ hair dries quickly and if it’s wet, it might arouse his men’s desires even more.

He Jing bowed his head and opened the small cabinet under the counter.  

Inside, there were neatly arranged various supplies, lubricants, condoms, ……

When they first started living here, He Jing went on his own and secretly bought a whole set of supplies for “sleeping together”.

All of them were brand new. 

All of them were still in plastic bags that had not yet been opened.

None of them were used.  

He Jing touched his hot cheeks and couldn’t help but mutter to himself: “These can finally be opened today…”

He reached out, his fingertips touched the brand new lubricant, and then shrank back in a wimpy manner.  

A long while.

“…I should take it with me, right?” He Jing’s mind came up with Zhou Cheng’s smooth abs line as he swallowed: “If an arrow was notched without being shot, wouldn’t it be disappointing?”

He Jing once again stretched out his hand.  

He did not hesitate this time as he unpacked lubricant and condom, taking one… two condoms. Then he put them into the big pocket of his bath towel together with the lubricant, before walking out.

Although He Jing’s hair was short and it was not long since he took a shower, the tips of his hair went down, dripping some slight water droplets. His white face was flushed with crimson, spreading all the way to the neck, and while the bathrobe concealed most of the collarbone, it made people want to rip off the obtrusive belt.

He had just walked out of the bathroom, before he could call Zhou Cheng’s name, his eyes widened.

The furniture in the master bedroom was a bit old but clean. Compared with He Jing’s villa, this bedroom can only be regarded as small and tidy. But at this moment, the bedroom that was originally lackluster was now decorated with exquisite beauty.

There were candle lights that looked very valuable from glance and the smell of aromatherapy floated around which was very refreshing.

There were also a lot of rose petals scattered on the bed that were vivid and red so it was apparent that it was not long since they had been picked. There are also several small dolls on the pillow. He Jing can tell at a glance that they were his own Q version dolls.

On the other hand, Zhou Cheng stood at the bathroom door with his hands in his pockets, leaning slightly against the wall with the back of his head touching the wall. The fuzzy candlelight outlined the man’s perfect side face, setting off his protruding Adam’s apple.

As soon as He Jing came out, Zhou Cheng straightened up and turned his head to look at him, his voice low and sweet: “Alright?”

He blinked.

The chandelier hanging from the ceiling has long been turned off, surrounded by flickering candlelight, it was not too bright or too dim. He didn’t expect Zhou Cheng to be so romantic and he made this preparation before they went to bed, his face became even redder.

……. It was arranged while he took a bath, he did not know how Zhou Cheng did it.

“You…” He scanned the rose petals and candles, “Did you do that?”

Zhou Cheng walked up to him.

He looked up at Zhou Cheng, his eyes intersected with Zhou Cheng eyes as he saw his own reflection in the man’s pure black pupils.

He saw Zhou Cheng’s throat move slightly, raised his hand to touch him, but then put it down again, he seemed to be more nervous than him – it was rare for this man to be nervous.

Zhou Cheng lowered his eyes, looked at him and said slowly: “I did it by myself. It shouldn’t be a surprise. Maybe someone else would plan it a lot better than me. But when I was reading the book…” Zhou Chengqing cleared his throat, his deep voice magnetic. “Heart is the most important thing and you should also prefer something that I made with my own hands so I did not find anyone to plan it.”

He Jing’s hands in the bathrobe pocket tightened, clutching the lubricant his palm started to sweat a little.

Zhou Cheng was really too dedicated.  

The first time they would sleep together, he created such a romantic atmosphere for him, his benefactor!

He wanted to immediately put his hand around Zhou Cheng and hang from his body but he was worried that his hands were shaking with too much excitement and that Zhou Cheng would think he was too afraid to sleep with him .

So he stood there excitedly, looking at Zhou Cheng with one hand in his pocket tightly grasping the family planning supplies that could help him get out of the virgin status and stumbled for a while.

“Like it?”

He Jing nodded fiercely.

As he lowered his head, he saw Zhou Cheng clenched fist.

He obviously was also nervous.

The two of them had been chatting under the quilt for so long so now that they were finally going to sleep together, he could understand Zhou Cheng’s nervousness !

Because he was also very nervous!

“You…” Zhou Cheng called him.

“Huh?” He Jing immediately raised his eyes.

Zhou Cheng looked at him seriously, solemnly as if he were going to say something important, the tone of his voice very serious: “Are you willing?”

“Dang, of course!” He Jing was already so excited that he was trembling when he spoke: “I am definitely willing!”

After waiting so long for the first time, of course he was willing!

He blinked his eyes quickly, his gaze swept over Zhou Cheng, already doing things with Zhou Cheng in his head.  

But unexpectedly, Zhou Cheng suddenly knelt down on one knee in front of him.

He Jing hand that was holding the lubricant in his pocket tightened again, the bathrobe trembled and the hem of his clothes moved slightly.

What did Zhou Cheng mean by this?

Did he… want to do it in this position?

Did he want to use his mouth first?

If that was true , wasn’t it too exciting?  

He swallowed, took a deep breath, and looked down at this elegant and handsome man.

He had to say, because Zhou Cheng was taller than him he always saw this man’s chiseled chin, in the twinkling of an eye he leaned forward to rub the man’s stubble. Zhou Cheng had that kind of temperament that made people feel at ease and believe that he was reliable therefore making people feel that it was normal to look up at him.

He Jing now suddenly lowered his head and saw Zhou Cheng’s eyebrows clearly.

The man’s eyebrows and eyes were softened by his smile and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised as his deep eyes were full of affection.

Too beautiful. So handsome, so fascinating!   

“You actually.., don’t have to do it.” He Jing still thought it was not good for it to be too exciting during the first time. “ Why don’t you get up first? Shall we talk in bed? “

Zhou Cheng frowned and said seriously: “No, it would be disrespectful to you.”

Before He Jing had time to ask why it would be disrespectful , Zhou Cheng took out a jewelry box from his trouser pocket and said affectionately: “Sorry, I’m a little nervous. According to the process, I should take this out first before asking you. But since I already asked you I’ll put it on you. “

The man knelt on one knee, his back straight, looking at him he slowly opened the jewelry box in his hand.

Inside lies an extremely luxurious diamond ring, which looked particularly familiar to He Jing.

But he was no longer in the mood to think about the ring.

Zhou Cheng’s posture and what he took out….. wasn’t it for a marriage proposal?

“You, you, you, you are—”

Zhou Cheng smiled softly and said: “Come on, stretch out your left hand.”

He Jing blinked, his eyelashes quivered, his Adam’s apple rolled, his left hand was placed in his pocket and he was holding the lubricant tightly, completely unresponsive.  

Aren’t they going to the bed?

Didn’t he want to use his mouth to stimulate it?  

Kneeling down was.. to propose? ?  

No, shouldn’t he be the one who proposed?   

He looked at loss but Zhou Cheng only thought he was dazzled by the surprise, holding the ring in one hand, and grabbing He Jing’s left wrist with another he took his hand from the bathrobe pocket.

Since He Jing was holding the lubricant tightly in his hand so he also pulled out the lubricant.   

He Jing: “!” 

Zhou Cheng: “?” 

He Jing: “……”  

What a disgrace!   

Zhou Cheng told him that he wanted to talk about important things but his brain was full of XXX staff. As a result Zhou Cheng unexpectedly proposed marriage??   

“What is this?” the man asked him.  

He Jing had always had no resistance to Zhou Cheng’s voice so now even when his brain was in mess he still subconsciously blurted out: “Lubricant!”   

The next moment, He Jing’s face was completely stained with blush as he flushed thoroughly from cheek to neck.   

He wanted to jump on the bed immediately and bury himself in the rose petals.  

Unexpectedly, Zhou Cheng nodded: “You just guessed that I would ask for marriage, right?

He Jing: “?”  

“So you prepared this?”   

He Jing: “??”

It’s very thoughtful of you.”  

He Jing: “???”




Five minutes later.


He Jing and Zhou Cheng sat on the bed covered with rose petals, Zhou Cheng held his hand, and switched the little lubricant in his hand to the other hand, carefully and gently applying the lubricant to He Jing’s fingers.

Only then he picked up the seemingly extravagant men’s wedding ring and little by little put it piously on He Jing finger.

Under the power of the lubricant, the ring slipped to the bottom of the finger.

“You are more attentive than me,” Zhou Cheng smiled: “This way putting a ring is much easier and it won’t hurt you.”



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