After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 15.1

Yan Xueshan knew that evaluating poor sexual performance was a very devastating thing for men.

In the past, when he saw other people quarreling, they would use this as an excuse.

He never told Arthur about how he really felt, which was too humiliating – but this guy tried to step on his toes.

He guessed Arthur would be devastated.

Yan Xueshan’s eyes watched Arthur’s face without blinking, but Arthur remained unfazed and unruffled.

Looking as usual Arthur said justifiably, “It’s interesting, because I like you, so it’s very intriguing. I just want to be with you, marry you, make love to you and have your love for the rest of my life.”

He spoke frankly, putting away his previous flirtatious attitude. Without the usual shyness of a little boy, he was suddenly able to say some shameful words freely.

He also tightened his arm behind Yan Xueshan’s waist looking very serious. Before Yan Xueshan could react, he asked seriously as if he was discussing tactics, “You said you were uncomfortable, but what exactly did you feel uncomfortable about? The problem comes from the size? Angle? Or frequency?”

Yan Xueshan immediately became stunned. It was more than half a year ago, so how could he remember? After trying to recall for a while, his memory was still messy so he just said  hesitantly, “It seems I am unable to remember…”

 Arthur: “Master, you have a good memory. When it’s about new mecha technology you could remember it at once.”

Yan Xueshan couldn’t decide how to answer. “It’s not the same, right? I really can’t remember.”

Arthur went up the scale. “Then we have to do it again so you can tell me clearly what was wrong.”

Yan Xueshan: “…”

Yan Xueshan came back to his senses. “You think I’m stupid, huh?”

“I told you, don’t play tricks on me. Last time you just cheated me.”

“How did I cheat you?” Arthur blurted out with an innocent expression and unmistakable sincerity. “I didn’t lie to you. For one, I was indeed a virgin before that, so I didn’t lie to you. Two, if I died in battle, it would also be true that I would be a virgin until my death. Third, I couldn’t guarantee that I would be able to survive the final battle.”

“Where did I cheat you?”

This statement sounded so reasonable that Yan Xueshan couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

At that time, Yan Xueshan also couldn’t guarantee that he could survive, let alone that both of them would survive.

Before departing Arthur did face death.

Seeing his confusion, Arthur approached him quietly, rubbed his ear and continued to coax him. “Yes? Master, I really didn’t lie to you.”

“I am grateful to you for helping me fulfill my ‘last wish’, but I also want to tell you that I only wanted you to fulfill my wish, no one else would be allowed.”

“Back then, time was really tight, and I was a virgin with no experience. I wasn’t too considerate and hurt you. I apologize to you for that. Sorry.”

Yan Xueshan thought about it and said, “It’s okay, it wasn’t particularly painful.”

“It was like doing A-level training.”

Arthur continued, “Master, I think it was because I didn’t find the right angle last time.”

“Mine isn’t that big. I even think it’s quite small, smaller than the average of alpha. So if I go all at once and find the right angle, it shouldn’t hurt too much.”

Yan Xueshan was confused. “No? I remember it wasn’t that small.”

Arthur seriously said, “You remember wrong. It’s really small. Why don’t you take a look?” 

The TV was turned off.

There were no lights either.

There was only this one house on the thousands of acres of farm so everything was very silent at this time. Only dim starlight fell on them through the transparent window.

There was only the rustling of clothes rubbing against each other, and their whispers.

“I told you, isn’t it small?”

“Is it small?”

“Because the lights are off, you can’t see it clearly so you can compare it with your hands.”

“I can’t hold it.”

“How about yours? I’ll compare it to yours. Well, obviously it’s about the same, right.”

“It’s not the same. What are you doing?”

“Do you hate it?”


“Master, if you feel uncomfortable, just tell me.”

It was a bit obscure for Yan Xueshan in dim light.

Hot and disordered breathing, complex and violent heartbeat, restrained intimate touch, all kinds of things intertwined together.

He couldn’t quite figure it out. They seemed to have done something very intimate, but it was just a little sticky, a little comfortable, and a little strange.

No, it was too weird.

There were no ups and downs in his mind, but his body gradually heated up under his touch, making him unconsciously obedient. His strength was pulled away from him bit by bit like a thread from a cocoon.


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