After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 3

Yan Xueshan pressed the timer.


This was exactly the same procedure as when they did time-limited training.

Arthur stopped squirming and quickly moved to scramble out of his blanket.

No lights were on.

Yan Xueshan talked to him with the attitude of talking about tactics, finalizing how he would implement his particular dream plan.

As we all know, he failed the Tactics One Exam time after time when he was still studying, so before every battle or tactical deployment, he would listen to Arthur’s advice.

Arthur was quite gifted in anticipating enemy movement, just like god. Very trustworthy.

Arthur justifiably said, “I will be on top, you can just lie down without moving so you won’t get tired.”

Yan Xueshan: “Okay. Then I can’t guarantee that I won’t fall asleep in the middle of it. I can accompany you to do it but I won’t be responsible for acting.”

Arthur: “…… alright.”

‘What kind of attitude was that? It sounded like someone gnashed his teeth,’ Yan Xueshan thought.

Arthur came closer and hugged him tightly.

He was so close that he could feel both of their heartbeats. He asked seriously, “We haven’t started yet, so why is your heart beating so fast? Your body temperature is also rising. It’s almost catching up with your heart rate after doing a complete set of extreme training… are you really feeling okay?”

  Arthur was a little annoyed. “Master, don’t talk about this, just lie down and enjoy it. If you feel uncomfortable just let me know.”

Yan Xueshan: “Oh.”

He relaxed and surrendered his body.

To be honest, it was difficult. So many years of combat training had given his body muscle memory.

For example, if someone touched him from behind, he would give the other person a reflexive over-the-shoulder slam straight away.

So he needed to try his best to resist the urge to hit someone.

Still in a daze, everything happened.

He was dizzy and not really thinking. Ah, did he really get screwed just now?

Arthur clearly said that he should lie down without moving, but he still asked him to lift his waist, stretch his legs, lie on his stomach, and lie on his side for a while.

Fortunately, he was a well-trained and flexible teacher who could cooperate with any movement.

But he didn’t expect it to feel so strange.

He couldn’t say if it was comfortable or uncomfortable.

Arthur also kept looking at him, asking some questions every now and then, like checking the omissions and adjusting the lack of equipment.

He wanted to look at him but was too embarrassed.

It didn’t look like it was very comfortable either, just grinding, scorching and sticky.

He really didn’t see where the fun of it was.

When time was up, Yan Xueshan hurriedly urged him, “Hurry up.”

Arthur was sweating. “There’s no way to control this. Let’s add ten minutes to the time. Master, it shouldn’t be less than ten minutes.”

Yan Xueshan refused. “No we made a deal. An hour is an hour.”

He directly kicked Arthur away.

It took him only five minutes to take a quick bath, and dry off.

Arthur stood outside, asking a little at a loss, “Master, do you feel uncomfortable? You didn’t even come, I think…”

Yan Xueshan said, “Don’t make any more noise, go take a shower and go to bed.”

Arthur asked, “Master when I come out of the shower can I sleep with you? I won’t do anything, just lie under the same blanket.”

Yan Xueshan refused him without hesitation. “No, you’ll hug me like an octopus after falling asleep, just like before. It will make it difficult for me to sleep. It’s late so I want to sleep.”

Once upon a time, Yan Xueshan had a very bad memory.

He was already not too happy, so Arthur shut up and didn’t dare speak again.

The second half of the night was peaceful.

After a good night’s sleep, a new day came.

The two boarded the aircraft like usual.

No one could tell that the two of them had completed the great harmony of life the night before, and Yan Xueshan didn’t feel any different. Compared to mecha intense training, it was just a small ache.

Arthur said to him before boarding the aircraft, “If the worst-case scenario occurs and I am surrounded, don’t care about me and just escape.”

Yan Xueshan’s brow raised. “Huh? Then I would be tried by a military court. “

Arthur smiled. “If the country is defeated, how would there be a military court? And you would still be alive, wouldn’t you?”

Later, Yan Xueshan heard that Arthur’s body had burst out with unprecedented sharp and terrible alpha pheromones, which stunned all the nearby alpha and omegas.

Unfortunately, he was a beta who couldn’t sense anything.

Yan Xueshan just politely embraced Arthur, did the old face-to-face greeting, gave him a false kiss on his young cheek, and to his ear spoke, “Good luck,my Golden Boy.”

Arthur had the rare combination of blond hair and golden eyes, so just after he arrived everyone gave him the nickname “Golden Boy”. Tan Xueshan however, never called him by that name. That was the first time.

In fact, he had always found it quite interesting. Every time someone called Arthur that, he would cheer up, glowing like a little sun, and move forward more bravely.

When he used these words, the effect didn’t seem to be the same.

 Arthur blushed, looked at him, and his eyes gradually became firmer as he spoke loudly with determination. “Wait for me, I will definitely not die!”

Yan Xueshan felt that he looked very comical, so he couldn’t help but laugh lightly and nod. “Hmm.”

While talking, he pulled up his battle suit, and the moment he pulled the zipper to the top of the neckline, the combat suit’s micro-system was activated. The thin technical clothing instantly eliminated all excess air, wrapping his body tightly like a second layer of skin.

He said lightly, “Get on the aircraft.”

The alliance could no longer withstand the constant exertion.

The final battle took a blazing seven days in total.

The turning point was when he and Arthur led their troops to confront the enemy’s most elite troops head-on, and completed an important part of the siege. Thus the scales on the battlefield tipped completely in favor of the Alliance.

The old Empire was defeated.

He didn’t die. Arthur didn’t die either.

They both survived.

One month later, the defeated party accepted their fate and settled. They could finally start cleaning up.

The Alliance flags were hung on the planets of the former Empire, and the President announced through the interstellar radio, “The war is over.”

Everyone cheered.

Arthur, standing beside him, suddenly picked him up and said with tears in his eyes, “The war is over, Master.”

Yan Xueshan returned the hug and patted him on the back. “It’s finally over! You can go home.”

Since the overall atmosphere was happy he didn’t feel anything wrong about that hug.

But that’s all. After that there wasn’t any work.

The whole country started to rejoice.

While his peers were at the party, he submitted his discharge application to the War Office.

His superiors didn’t understand him and tried to get him to stay, but Yan Xueshan was determined to leave.

Moreover, he kept it a secret from Arthur.

It wasn’t until the discharge permit was approved that he informed Arthur that he was leaving.

At that time Arthur wasn’t in the army, he was called home by his family, so Yan Xueshan just sent Arthur a short message.

Yan Xueshan entered the military academy at the age of 18, started serving at the age of 21, and retired at the age of 32.

 Excluding the repayment of the university tuition loan, plus various combat bonuses, he usually saved most of his money. Except for his food expenses, he never spends money indiscriminately. In the end, his bank account contained 29.83 million star coins.

His military rank wasn’t high, he was just a Sergeant Major, which was a basic rank for S-class division sergeant.

This was because every time there was an opportunity for a promotion, he gave it to others.

It was useless to give it to him.

Arthur’s military rank was much higher than him. When necessary he could command battleships and an army in battle.

He thought that probably Arthur was planning to further his career in the army.

It was very suitable for Arthur.

It was also possible for him to become a Marshal in future.

They were very different from each other, so it was time for them to go their separate ways.

When boarding the airship, Yan Xueshan received a voice message from Arthur with an anxious tone. “Master, why did you suddenly retire from the army? Is someone bullying you? Just take it easy and wait for me. I’ll go back right now. Give me an hour, I’ll fly back in my mecha.”

 Yan Xueshan replied, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I said before that after the final battle I want to go home and get married, so I am retired.”

Then he turned off his communicator and walked away.

For days after that, Arthur sent him a handful of messages one after another, and he would reply occasionally.

He hadn’t told Arthur where he’d gone to retire.

For some reason, he didn’t want Arthur to come looking for him, and had a bad feeling that there would be consequences.

Returning to the present, Yan Xueshan talked with the matchmaking company and made an appointment with several matchmaking prospects.

Then Yan Xueshan replied to Arthur.

[No need to come to me, I’m busy.]

Arthur:【What are you busy with? Do you farm? I can help you. Do you want the latest farming mecha? I’ll buy it for you Master.]

Yan Xueshan:【I have no time to entertain you. I’m busy with getting married. 】

Arthur didn’t reply.

Yan Xueshan checked his status and immediately found him offline.

He didn’t know, maybe the network was broken.


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