After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 21.1

Yan Xueshan didn’t know why he asked this question.

It was strange.

Just like last night, when he was with Arthur, he seemed to always do something that deviated from the rules of his life.

He was drunk.

Not so drunk as to be unconscious.

Why did he roll into bed with Arthur?

Yan Xueshan wanted to withdraw his message. but Arthur had already replied to him quickly.

[I’ll talk to you face to face!!!]

[I’m going to see you right now.]

Only text, no voice.

Yan Xueshan felt the wonder of his words. He could almost imagine the way Arthur said this, he would be blazing like the sun.

Yan Xueshan calmly replied.


[Don’t come to me. 】

He tried to give an explanation as to why Arthur shouldn’t.

【I still want to study】

At this time Yan Xueshan’s female classmate, the girl named Nana, walked up to him. She wanted to talk to him, but happened to catch a glimpse of his screen showing the chat with a person named【Arthur】.

Seeing it by accident she quickly withdrew her gaze.

Yan Xueshan asked, “What’s the matter?”

Nana blushed and waved her hand. “Oh, I’ll talk to you later. I’ll wait for you to finish the chat with your friends first.”

Yan Xueshan said, “It’s my fiancé. “

“Wow! Are you getting married soon? Congratulations! Congratulations!” Nana said.

After Nana exchanged pleasantries and coughed lightly, she said graciously, “I came to talk to you for one thing. Didn’t the teacher say that we should find our own classmates to make a group? Can my friend Polly and I team up with you?”

Yan Xueshan was silent for a moment before he asked, “I don’t mind, but will your friend be happy to be in a group with me?”

“Thanks!” Nana answered cheerfully, “She doesn’t mind. Don’t be mad at her, she’s a sweetheart and a very nice girl as long as you don’t mention her god. She also agrees that you seem much more reliable than the other students, and you don’t look like someone who would be late in handing your homework.”

Yan Xueshan: “Alright.”

Nana thanked him with a bow. “Then I will submit our group list to the teacher. We will be in a group of three. I hope we can become friends!”

Yan Xueshan, who was never very talkative, refused. “I’m not good at making friends, and I’m older than you, so let’s just be classmates.”

Nana: “…”

Yan Xueshan suddenly received a new message.

Of course, it was from Arthur.

[Okay. I happened to be going to mecha class.]

[Then see you after class.]

This time Nana didn’t look.

Yan Xueshan put away the tablet and said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave now.”

This was his announcement, and without waiting for the other party to respond to him, he turned his head and walked away.

Nana returned to Polly’s side and said, “He has agreed to be in our group.”

Polly squirmed as she spoke, “Look at him, he acts all high and mighty, like a robot. He is so annoying.”

“I don’t think you really hate him,” Nana said again. “By the way, I accidentally saw his communication just now. He said he was chatting with his fiancé, who happened to be named Arthur. Like the Admiral.”

Polly said in disbelief, “What’s so strange about that? The name Arthur is very common.”

Yan Xueshan left the Agricultural College building and was going back to the dormitory. When he was halfway there, he heard the sound of a mecha engine from afar.

He stopped dead in his tracks for a moment, his long-silent DNA igniting.

This was the sound of a low-level mecha’s engine. From the sound, it was probably a training mecha, one that hasn’t been in use for a long time. It was also probably the same model he used in the beginning when he was still in college.

A mecha was a mecha and his favorite one was Artemis, but he also liked others mechas.

When he came back to his senses, Yan Xueshan’s feet had already involuntarily walked towards the direction of the sound until he was standing outside the mecha training ground.

Was he really wanting to go in? Yan Xueshan thought.

He didn’t hesitate for too long, maybe ten seconds.

He wanted to take a look, just take a look.

But he was a student of the Agricultural department, could he even go in?

There were a few students from other departments outside the training ground, pleading with the teacher who was watching the door. “Please, teacher, let me go in and have a look! We promise, we’ll just watch from the side and stand far away.”

The teacher refused them ruthlessly. “No, it’s too dangerous. You are not students of the Mecha Department.”

Yan Xueshan’s hand wanted to take out his student ID card but stopped.

The other party saw him first, however, and his mood improved in seconds. “Isn’t this Mr. Yan? Hello, how are you?”

He also asked attentively, “Do you want to go in and watch? Yes, yes, you can, feel free to enter.”

He even handed him a key card and said, “If you want to drive the mecha you can use this power card to start it.”

The students next to him looked dumbfounded. “Shit! Isn’t he a student too? Why can he get in?”

The teacher just showed a straight expression as he spoke angrily, “Huh, he’s different from you!”

Yan Xueshan, half embarrassed and seemingly haughty, nodded slightly as he walked through the door.

At the same time Arthur was on the adjusting table ready to enter the training machine, with a cold expression and serious attitude.

All mecha students below were silent.

They couldn’t help but praise him in their hearts. Admiral Arthur was worthy of being the S-class Mecha Master Sergeant! As soon as he faced a mecha, his expression turned so solemn! No uncertainty! What a model for a whole generation!

Yan Xueshan also saw it.

Of course, he wasn’t going to go inside, he just planned to stay in a corner by the door and look at the mecha. When he saw Arthur, he felt… he just didn’t know what to say. It was hard to describe, but it wasn’t like he hated Arthur. Just…he didn’t want to face him at this moment.

When he saw him his heart started to beat a bit more chaotically.

However, the blessing to the heart…

Arthur looked toward him, spotting him with just a single glance. Then the originally cold Arthur’s expression changed all of sudden.

If Arthur’s gaze fell on him for a while longer, Yan Xueshan would probably turn around and leave, too uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Arthur quickly looked away without any gaffe.

The students didn’t know what was happening.

But something seemed wrong.


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