After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 2.2

Yan Xueshan felt he could afford it and accepted by default.

Then he found out – he was very wrong.

Arthur not only lived through three months, but he also lived until the end of the war! A full six years!

The two had experienced no less than hundreds of battles together and many life and death situations. He saved Arthur many times and Arthur saved him.

They were inseparable comrades to each other.

Arthur and his previous partners weren’t the same. He didn’t want to kill more people just to gain more merit and be one step closer to getting promoted and making a fortune.

He also once said to him, “What a bunch of lunatics, what’s the point of war anyway? It’s not fun.”

Yan Xueshan didn’t understand, nor was he interested.

He was a cold hearted person. Killing didn’t make him happy, but it also didn’t make him feel guilty.

The day before the final battle, on the Twilight of the Gods ship.

Yan Xueshan and Arthur were in the first group of soldiers to be informed of their strategic deployment, as the two of them were appointed with the toughest mission.

It was basically impossible to survive it.

The Marshal told the logistics department to meet any of their needs. Even if they wanted to drink 10,000 star coins worth of jade wine, it could be done. This was also The Marshal’s favorite wine that he especially loved to drink before each big battle to give himself courage.

Yan Xueshan righteously refused. “I don’t drink, it affects my sniping.”

He didn’t make any additional requests, just checked his physical condition and double-checked his beloved Artemis as he always did before each battle.

Then he planned to have a good sleep to have enough energy to cope with the upcoming battle. So after a quick wash up he would go to sleep.

He lived in the same room as Arthur.

In order to make the cooperation between two mecha Masters better, they often would arrange for them to eat and live together. On non-off days, Yan Xueshan lived in the same room as Arthur.

Yan Xueshan changed into his pajamas and was about to put the blindfold on his head when he took one more look at Arthur and found that Arthur’s expression was extremely ugly.

When he thought about it later, he realized that was the moment he should have just left Arthur alone and gone to sleep by himself.

But, after all, they were old partners.

If Arthur’s condition was bad, there was also a bigger chance he might lose his own life so he was still a bit concerned about Arthur. “What happened to you? Why are you so nervous? It’s not the first time they want us to carry out a suicide mission. Don’t be afraid, just hurry up and sleep, rest well.”

Arthur whispered, “Either way it’s the final battle. Either they die or we die.”

Yan Xueshan: “Yes.”

He saw Arthur sitting there, not as if he was afraid, but his expression had a shade he had never seen before. It wasn’t like the usual sunny and bright boy he was used to.

 Yan Xueshan was a little startled.

Arthur turned and the light fell on his face, making his expression change again.

He asked, “Master, after the war what are you planning to do?”

Yan Xueshan said, “I think that after the war I will retire, return home, get married and buy a farm.”

Arthur: “You aren’t old.”

Yan Xueshan solemnly said, “Early retirement. My dream is to live out my old age in peace, with plenty of savings and no work.”

Arthur laughed. “Master, you’re really a strange person.”

Yan Xueshan heard this evaluation a lot so he didn’t take it to heart. “Okay, you’re no longer afraid right? If you’re not afraid, go to sleep.”

Then he suddenly thought, “That’s right. Have you written your Last Will and Testament? Remember to write it in advance.”

Arthur: “When have you ever seen me write a will? Didn’t you also not write one?”

Yan Xueshan: “That’s because I have no family and no friends. Don’t you have a mother? It’s different, so you better write one.”

Arthur was silent for a while before he said in frustration, “I don’t want to write a will, but I do have a regret.”

Yan Xueshan asked, “What regret?”

Arthur replied, “If I die this time, I’ll die a virgin.”

Yan Xueshan choked.

What’s the point of that? He was 32 and also a virgin who never had a relationship, so what’s the big deal?

You won’t die because you haven’t had sex and you can avoid the risk of contracting x-disease.

With great disdain, he snorted coldly, “… have no interest.”

“Then you still have time to find one after. You’re an A-rank Sergeant, the best alpha fighter in the Federation. People are usually throwing themselves at you. They would be very happy to get your virginity.”

 Arthur blushed with a very innocent look. “I don’t like them. I can’t do… do … it with someone I have no feelings for… “

Yan Xueshan said with the attitude of reading a textbook term, “Make love.”

Arthur became even more shy.

Yan Xueshan began to get annoyed. “If you want to start a relationship now, then it’s really too late.”

Arthur: “But I really don’t want to have this regret if I die Master.”

Arthur sat on the edge of Yan Xueshan’s bed without making a sound and gazed at him. Then he asked in a difficult, pitiful and treacherous way, “Master, can you help me fulfill my wish before I die?”

The corners of Yan Xueshan’s eyes twitched: “?”

Arthur: “…… No, forget it. “

 He stepped back quickly.

Then he turned the voice activated lights off.

The room became pitch black.

Yan Xueshan really felt that this was ridiculous at first, but as he calmed down and thought about it, everyone has different pursuits. Food and sex were not that different. This was also the basic needs of ordinary human beings, so there was no shame in it.

Many Divisional Sergeants were playboys; his previous partner was. However, since Arthur was partnered with him, he had never been in a relationship let alone been close to anyone. He was handsome, tall and strong. With blond hair and golden eyes, he was very popular with men and women. From time to time, Yan Xueshan bumped into someone trying to invite Arthur out, but he never agreed.

He also wondered if Arthur was as cold as he was.

Now after six years he finally found out the reason.

It turns out that Arthur wasn’t so aloof after all.

The two of them were also close friends.

Compared with their comradeship, chastity was nothing.

Yan Xueshan glanced at his watch.

The next day was the final battle, there was maybe less than twenty-four hours before they died. There was no time to hesitate!

He thought quickly and said decisively, “Okay.”

Arthur asked unbelievably, “…… What did you just say?”

Yan Xueshan said coldly, “I said okay. What did you not understand? It means we can do it. I will make love with you. But after an hour we must sleep, so that tomorrow we have sufficient strength and spirit to fight.”

“I’ll give you an hour at most, so hurry up.”

“How do you want to do it?”

“Do you want me in the position of top or bottom?”


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