After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 14

Yan Xueshan felt as if he was being hugged by a bear.

Arthur buried his face in the crook of his neck and took a deep breath of his scent. Hot breath brushed against Yan Xueshan’s shoulders and his collar, making him feel itchy.

Yan Xueshan didn’t understand what was so good about his smell?

He didn’t use perfume either, and used the cheapest soap from the supermarket for his bath.

Arthur was suffering from fever symptoms, felt very hot and warm, like a human-shaped heater.

Yan Xueshan could also smell Arthur’s body. It was very clean, but Arthur came from the military base, so there was a smell on his clothes that reminded him of the mecha.

He used to get it on him, but now that he’s been on the farm for a long time it is already gone. That smell always made him feel safe.

Arthur said into his ear, “Standing for a long time will be tiring, can I sit and hug you?”

Yan Xueshan: “Yes.”

So Arthur sat down on the single sofa and let Yan Xueshan sit on his lap, holding Yan Xueshan’s waist as he hugged him.

Yan Xueshan felt it was a bit like having a big dog in his arms so he asked, “Is it useful to smell me?”

Arthur answered in a muffled voice, “It’s useful.”

Yan Xueshan could still feel something pressing on his leg so he spoke objectively, “I don’t feel it’s useful, I don’t have pheromones.”

 Speaking of that, he almost forgot. He calmly asked, “Arthur I am beta and you are an Alpha. Why did you choose to marry a beta?”

Arthur’s nose rubbed against his neck. “You said that you chose me because I was the best. Me too. You are the best person for me. Except you, there is no other choice.”

Yan Xueshan knew that alphas would want to mark omega when he was in heat, but given that he didn’t have a gland he wasn’t afraid.

He only said, “But, you see, when it comes to situations like today, I can’t help you if I’m not an omega.”

Arthur seemed to have fallen in the daze, as he spoke in a low voice, “There is a way…”

 Because Yan Xueshan sat on his lap, his eyes were higher than his. He looked down at him in confusion and Arthur raised his face and asked with seeming devoutness, “May I kiss you?”

How to put it?

This felt a bit strange?

He didn’t feel his heart pounding, but he couldn’t say he was repulsed either so he didn’t answer Arthur right away.

Arthur then took his hand and intertwined their fingers together . Seeing that he didn’t resist, he squeezed his fingers lightly, leaned over and kissed his fingertips and the back of his hand as he asked, “Do you hate it?”

Yan Xueshan thought for a moment and shook his head.

Perhaps it was because Arthur was looking up to him that he didn’t feel the sense of oppression, but a warm and soft feeling. Maybe it was also because Arthur was an Admiral and had some commanding charm that he unconsciously obeyed.

Therefore, Yan Xueshan continued to obey Arthur’s words and put his hands around his shoulders.

It wasn’t an act of intercourse.

It shouldn’t matter if he cooperated.

This position would also be more convenient for kissing.

Arthur kissed him for the second time, still with a light peck as he asked repeatedly, “Do you hate it?”

Yan Xueshan felt that this was unnecessary, and answered with disgust, “You already asked.”

Then, Arthur stopped asking.

No longer overly patient he started kissing him on the lips like a glutton. After kissing him several times, Yan Xueshan still didn’t resist. A pair of clear black eyes looked at Arthur in a clear and poor way, without any curiosity, like or disgust.

For Arthur, haze without disgust was enough.

Arthur kissed his lips lightly, and said, “Close your eyes, okay?”

Yan Xueshan eyelashes trembled slightly, hesitating for a moment before he closed his eyes. For a sniper as well as a soldier, it was a dangerous thing to lose vision and be at the mercy of the enemy. But due to the trust they have accumulated over the years fighting side by side he chose to cooperate.

It was a step by step process.

Arthur’s kiss lasted longer than before, and because his eyes were closed, his senses were amplified as the tip of Arthur’s tongue gently pressed against his lips, softly prying open his teeth.

Yan Xueshan knew that this was a deep kiss. When he met someone on a date before, he bumped into people doing that and couldn’t understand why they kissed so hard, like two people stuck together.

Now that he was being kissed himself, he didn’t quite understand why Arthur kissed so passionately and deeply.

Such sweetness and softness gradually made him feel dizzy. Even his breathing wasn’t even, which caused his heartbeat to speed up and his body temperature to rise.

He didn’t seem to remember the first few kisses, but Yan Xueshan became confused when the kisses came to an end. Athur held him in his arms, kissing his cheeks and neck repeatedly as he squeezed his hands. He asked softly, “Master, can you touch me?”

Although Yan Xueshan’s consciousness was a bit confused, at this time he suddenly awoke a bit and asked doubtfully, “Isn’t kissing enough? You only said that you wanted to hug me, then you said you wanted to kiss me so I agreed.”

“Either you tell me from the beginning and don’t try to set a trap for me or we won’t make any progress. You know I’m impatient the most with this.”

Yan Xueshan felt that he had spoken coldly enough.

However, he didn’t have the ability to look in the mirror at that moment to see what he looked like. The words from his mouth might sound cold, but his cheeks were rosy and his lips red due to kissing. Even his eyes were a few points more watery than usual.

The appearance of such a decorative and beautiful flower didn’t carry any authority, so Arthur wasn’t afraid of him at all. He just smiled softly and put his arms around his waist as he spoke. “Okay, okay, then I will definitely do that next time. I will tell you from the beginning that I want you to touch me.”

Yan Xueshan: “But, I don’t want to touch you, I’m not interested.”

Arthur sighed, compromised and said, “Then I can touch you, I’m very interested.”

Yan Xueshan really couldn’t understand him. “We’ve been partners for so long, it’s not that you haven’t seen me, and it’s not that I haven’t seen you.”

Arthur said honestly, “Then I actually have been interested for a very long time. Master, your body is really good.”

Yan Xueshan smiled, not feeling shy at all as he nodded. “Well, my physique is very good.”

The doctor assigned to them by the army gave him a physical examination and said that his body was a perfect golden ratio, symmetrical on both sides which was a very rare sight. It would be nice if he could be made into a human specimen after his death so that everyone could appreciate his beauty.

Arthur tried to make the best of it as he spoke, “Then I won’t touch, I will just kiss twice. Just give me a kiss.”

Yan Xueshan glanced at his watch. “We can kiss for ten more minutes. Then I will go to bed.”

Arthur, remembering the old times, becomes more or less annoyed. “Time limit! Another time limit! Last time was the final battle so it was important. This time there is nothing important happening. If you get up ten minutes later to go to the fields it’s not like some seedlings will die. Why are you trying to be so accurate in timing?”

“Is it because I am bad at kissing?”

Yan Xueshan felt that what he said was a bit self-defeating. How could someone like him, who was sexually indifferent give an answer?

Yan Xueshan thought about it for a while, and said, “You are right. There is really nothing important happening tomorrow but I still want to go to sleep like usual.”

Arthur looked dissatisfied.

Yan Xueshan looked at his handsome face, thought for a moment and raised his hands to put them on both sides of his cheeks, before directly saying, “I think you are just scheming against me. Don’t think I am stupid just because you fooled me last time. That time before the final battle you deliberately set it up to coax me into sleeping with you, right?

“Actually, you might as well tell me clearly, I don’t like to engage in these twists and turns.”

“You tell me the truth, and I’ll tell you the truth.”

“The truth is I don’t want to have sex with you. It hurts, it’s uncomfortable and a waste of time. Even at that time, I don’t think you looked particularly comfortable, so is there even a point in doing it?”


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