After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 23

Arthur felt embarrassed at first but then said, “Master don’t care about me and go to test drive the mecha.”

Yan Xueshan looked at him with a cold gaze of ‘I don’t know what you’re thinking’, and put on his helmet before going out and said, “I didn’t intend to take care of you.”

After speaking, he walked away without looking back, leaving Arthur behind.

Arthur covered his nose.

The tight-fitting one-piece mecha suit was the kind of outfit that, if a person with a bad figure wore it, it would only magnify each flaw. If a person with a good figure wore it, however, it would emphasize the advantages.

Yan Xueshan naturally belonged to the latter. His legs were straight and long, his ass one of the most upturned Arthur has ever seen. The key point was that he walked in a serious military posture, cool and abstinent, making him look even more attractive.

Despite having been away for more than half a year, Yan Xueshan didn’t have a sense of unfamiliarity after getting out of the aircraft. He thought it might be because he has been diligently driving the agricultural mecha for the past six months.

The new component for Artemis being tested this time was a newly configured sniper device. Yan Xueshan, like a robot and according to the researcher’s requirements, fired test shots for two hours.

He didn’t feel tired at all.

He was still full of energy and unsatisfied.

It was already very late when he finished the test.

Dr. Brandon said, “We got some good data today, and we didn’t waste any energy bolts.”

He didn’t even look up, as he spoke nonchalantly to Arthur. “Admiral, next time let the Major come to do the testing, don’t even try assigning a rookie.”

Yan Xueshan glanced at the actual experiment record.

The first few testers were all done by senior snipers, so it couldn’t be said that they were total rookies. A Sniper Master Sergeant was already more difficult to train than a Melee Master Sergeant, so just finding one of them to help with testing was already good.

Yet he also understood Dr. Brandon.

Indeed, he was the best sniper Sergeant in the Federation.

He spoke. “Doctor, as I said, I’m retired.”

Dr. Brandon replied, “Then I will need to ask this retired Major to help with the test.”

At this point, he finally finished writing a paragraph of data, looked up and pushed down his glasses to say bluntly, “Major, I can’t understand why you’d want to retire. When Artemis was created, I didn’t expect that she could find a suitable driver like you. It seems that you were born for her. No other Division Sergeant could show her full potential. Do you really have the heart to let Artemis be idle all the time, or be driven by some low-level pilot?”

Yan Xueshan was silent.

However, he wasn’t keen on war and had no intention of having an official career in the army.

His adoptive father’s last wish was to  return to his hometown to farm and he wanted to realize this wish for him.

Dr. Brandon patted him lightly on the shoulder. “I hope to see you again at the test site.”

It was already quite late so Yan Xueshan stayed at the base to rest.

He changed back into civilian clothes and went with Arthur to the base canteen for dinner.

Arthur said, “You find a seat and I’ll get you food.”

Yan Xueshan went to find two vacant seats that were together, and was about to sit down when he was surrounded by a group of people from his old department, most of whom were young people, so the atmosphere was very lively.

Several girls also presented Yan Xueshan with gifts.

“Congratulations on your engagement to Admiral Arthur! This is a congratulatory gift I prepared for you!”

“I wanted to give it to you before, but they said you were in seclusion and I didn’t know where you lived. I thought I should wait until your wedding. It’s not so easy to meet you, so I’ll give it to you first. I’ll prepare another gift when it’s time for the wedding!”

“You’re finally getting married woo woo woo woo woo.”

“Silly girl, why are you crying? Hahahahahahaha.”

“I’m so touched.”

“Major, I thought that since you guys are getting married, then I should also propose to my partner and he said yes! I’m so grateful to you guys!”

‘When we get married, can I ask you to be a witness for our marriage?”

Yan Xueshan was more or less at a loss for words.

He wasn’t sure what to think.

In the past, when he was in the army, he was clearly a lonely and eccentric person.

However, when a comrade came to talk to him, he would answer politely. Since he was cold he always thought that everyone was afraid of him.

In the past, when he came across someone who was difficult and he didn’t know how to deal with them, he would ask Arthur to help him.

Now the same old problem has resurfaced.

Yan Xueshan glanced at Arthur and subtly motioned for his help, but Arthur was still holding a tray by the window ordering, so he didn’t notice his motion.

Yan Xueshan asked in wonder, “How do all of you know that Arthur and I are getting married?”

One of the girls blushed and said, “Admiral Arthur sent red envelopes to the whole base because he was so happy.”

Yan Xueshan: “…”

Another said, “But you can rest assured, although we are all happy for you, we’re also tight-lipped in the base so no one spoke with the media about it!”

Everyone nodded to each other.

“Yes, we’ll all protect your privacy.”

“We know you don’t like to be discussed too much by the outside world.”

Yan Xueshan: “Thanks.”

Another person said, “It’s not easy. Admiral Arthur has liked you for six years and was finally able to make it official.”

This was a strange thing to say.

Yan Xueshan was so dumbfounded that he asked, “How do you know that Arthur liked me before?”

He didn’t know that at all.

The people looked at each other: “You didn’t know?”

Yan Xueshan didn’t say he didn’t know, but took a detour and asked in a serious manner, “Hmm? But how did all of you know?”

He asked speculatively, “It can’t be that he went around and told people, right?”

Then he heard everyone’s cheeky answers.

“No, Admiral Arthur didn’t tell any of us.”

“It was just too obvious! When he was with you all day, his fragrant alpha pheromones would be everywhere, but wherever you were nice to him he would smell even better. It was so sweet, it was almost deadly”

“Even a fool would notice this ! Hahahahahahaha!”

Yan Xueshan’s eyes slightly rounded, then he closed them tightly, not saying a word.

Is that so? He didn’t know that.

It must be because he was a beta who couldn’t notice pheromones, not because he was stupid. Even so, it was still embarrassing. It felt like the whole world knew that Arthur liked him before he himself knew.

At this time, Arthur returned with two dinner plates filled with the standard food provided to the soldiers.

As he approached, everyone started to feel guilty for gossiping about him behind his back, and quietly dispersed.

Moreover, it’s not good to disturb the sweetness between two fiancées.

They watched Arthur and Yan Xueshan sitting and eating together from a distance, thinking they weren’t acting that much differently from when Yan Xueshan was still in the army.

It wasn’t mushy, sweet but not mushy.

 Yan Xueshan asked, “Do you usually eat in the cafeteria? Even after getting promoted to Admiral?”

Arthur nodded. “Yeah.”

His actions were simple and down-to-earth. It seemed that he didn’t get carried away by becoming the youngest Admiral ever in the Federation.

Yan Xueshan had previously met an officer who loved to seek personal gain for himself and enjoy extravagant entertainments, which reflected badly on the army.

After dinner, he went to Arthur’s lounge.

Upon entering the door, Yan Xueshan stood still.

Arthur’s personal housing wasn’t luxurious at all and was a small cry from the small villa prepared for him at school. It looked just like any other ordinary unit.

The unit was exactly the same as the double bedroom they both lived in together for six years, it even had two beds covered with futons.

Arthur rubbed his nose in embarrassment, and said, “I really didn’t mean anything. After you left, I have always arranged my bedroom like this, otherwise I always feel uncomfortable sleeping. When you’d just retired, I wasn’t able to sleep for three days. I even needed to take sleeping pills to be able to sleep.”

Yan Xueshan felt he should say something to Arthur, but his emotions were being trapped by an invisible barrier, making him feel his chest swell up without knowing why.

Yan Xueshan walked to his old bed and sat down, picked up the pillow and smelled it. It smelled clean.

He put the pillow in his lap, half-hugging it, and with a hint of confusion, said, “They all said that you liked me for a long time.”

Arthur stood in front of him, firm and calm as his deep voice came out from the bottom of his throat. “Well…”

Yan Xueshan looked up at him.

Arthur once again looked at a loss, almost manipulating him with his innocent look. As if he was scheming something.

He couldn’t help saying, “You’re too cunning. I’ve known you for so long but I still don’t know what you are going to do next.”

Arthur sat down next to him and leaned down so that his line of sight was lower than Yan Xueshan. Looking cautious, he said, “If scientists could invent a mind reading device, then I will be the first to use it for you, so that you can know how much I love you.”

Yan Xueshan thought about it seriously, then shook his head. “I wouldn’t want to.”

Arthur: “Why?”

Yan Xueshan said without mercy and without any shyness, “I guess if there is a mind reading device, what I would hear would be like today in the locker room, some dirty stuff.”

Arthur blushed all of a sudden, and he said, “If I say I’m thinking about that in my head right now would you be angry?”

Yan Xueshan still shook his head. “No, I’m not angry. You’re not sexually indifferent like me so it’s normal.”

As Arthur was about to answer, Yan Xueshan asked first, “You still haven’t answered the question I asked you at school. Are we in a relationship now? Otherwise, why would you say that to outsiders?”

Arthur, who had been very naughty lately, suddenly became so innocent to the point that it was almost like he was led by the nose. Then he spoke vaguely. “If you don’t want me to say that, then I won’t say it. Anyway, at least I’m in a one-sided relationship with you.”

“Even if I haven’t been in love, I know that a one-sided relationship is called unrequited love, and a two person relationship is called love,” Yan Xueshan seriously said. He still didn’t dare to recall what happened the night he got drunk.

 Arthur was heartbroken, but didn’t speak.

Yan Xueshan thought, for a person who was sexually indifferent like him, and who tells his lover very clearly that it would be impossible for him to fall in love…probably only a fool like Arthur would still go ahead and insist on liking him, right?

It wasn’t fair.

Yan Xueshan thought about it, and said, “Don’t give me sweet food anymore, or alcoholic beverages. You know that a sniper shouldn’t drink alcohol.”

Arthur’s voice dropped. “Hmm….”

Then Yan Xueshan added, “However, I can try to fall in love with you.”

The tone of his speech wasn’t sweet or flirtatious, but rather like he was solemnly taking on a difficult task. Like he was inviting Arthur to accompany him as a partner in the challenge.


Yan Xueshan: “?”

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