After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 12

Since the country was at peace, for Yan Xueshan, his lifelong aspiration was of great importance.

He didn’t take it lightly, and treated all his blind dates with the same attitude as a highly classified mission. He treated them equally and considered them in a comprehensive manner.

Unlike falling in love, matchmaking focuses on comparing external conditions.

After each careful blind date and based on all the data collected, Yan Xueshan came to the conclusion that Arthur was the best choice.

 In terms of appearance, Arthur has blond hair and golden eyes, and is both handsome and dashing. He was the best-looking blind date available.

In terms of body, Arthur was 1.8 meters tall with head, neck, shoulder, waist and legs very close to the human aesthetic golden ratio, and full of strength and beauty.

In terms of work, Arthur was the youngest General in the empire, with a promising future.

In terms of strength, there was no doubt that Arthur was the Number One Melee Fighter in active service.

In terms of character, getting along with Arthur was very comfortable. If they could get along like they did before the final battle, he would be very satisfied.

In terms of money, Arthur…well, on this Arthur wasn’t the best option.

There was a blind date partner that proposed to him who had a lot of money. As long as Yan Xueshan was willing to get married, he would pay him one billion star coins in one go, and he could also enjoy the property of his spouse.

However, Yan Xueshan felt that he didn’t need that much money and wasn’t interested in a luxurious life.

Arthur has more than 100 million star coins deposited in his bank, which, he thought, would be enough.

So who else he could choose instead of Arthur?

 Yan Xueshan couldn’t think of a reason not to choose Arthur.

The only disadvantage was that they used to be comrades-in-arms, so it was a bit awkward and difficult to change their positions.

For example, Arthur suddenly pounced on him.

Yan Xueshan, who wasn’t used to such intimate contact, subconsciously threw him out, only realizing what he had done after the fact. No surprise, this should be his fiancé.

He should be gentle with his fiancé and not use violence.

Arthur was casually thrown into the flower garden outside the house,  and smashed a few of the flowers. Yan Xueshan walked over, originally wanting to apologize to Arthur.

Seeing Arthur unharmed, lying in the flowers, still smiling, he asked, “What are you laughing at?”

Arthur, whose hair was still covered with fine flower petals, said with a smile on his face, “I’m happy that you’re willing to marry me.”

Silly man – Yan Xueshan thought. It’s not like it was a good thing to get married to him.

He also wondered why so many people were interested in marrying him? He didn’t think he possessed any merits suitable for marriage.

Arthur was driven back to the base by him.

Arthur came over anxiously but returned filled with happiness.

Yan Xueshan sent a group notification to other blind dates, telling them that they had lost the election, but didn’t say who was chosen.

Lin Qi sent him an inquiry: [All of them aren’t suitable? Or is there someone else you like?]

Yan Xueshan replied: [Choose Arthur.]

Lin Qi: [So it’s still Arthur.]

[Forget it. I’ve got the lowest odds for Arthur so I still made a small profit.]

Yan Xueshan: [?]

Lin Qi: [When will you get married? I can guess Arthur is willing to get married tomorrow. Wow, when he knew I introduced you to other people, he was so angry that he came to my door to beat me up. Luckily I dodged fast. Hahaha!]

Yan Xueshan: [I don’t know, I have to wait until the prenuptial agreement is negotiated. His family is relatively complicated, and he should visit them a few times before talking about it. ]

Lin Qi: [Okay, I wish you all the best. When the time comes for the wedding, remember to send me an invitation! He hasn’t had a good time as your partner for six years. Yet, as soon as I put in all my energy, I immediately achieved a positive result. He should thank me as a matchmaker. Ha ha ha ha. 】

What did he mean by Arthur not having a good time as his partner for six years?

Yan Xueshan didn’t understand.

He and Arthur had always been training together, so they often saw each other naked. To be honest they were so used to seeing each other that it felt like looking at a mannequin.

 If it wasn’t for the night before Armageddon, he wouldn’t have known that he could accept having sex with Arthur.

No, it should be that it was acceptable to have sex with a certain human being.

No – that was still not right.

If it was someone else, he wouldn’t agree.

Because it was Arthur, his good brother who had been with him for six years and lived through life and death together with him, after developing a deep friendship between them, he agreed. If it was someone else, he would reject them immediately.

Lin Qi was like a megaphone, so once he knew that Yan Xueshan was planning to marry Arthur, it was the same as everyone else knowing.

Yan Xueshan’s blind date partners lined up to send him their blessings.

A: [Well, I have long thought that you two are a good match. You are both so talented and beautiful so you are a perfect match. I wish you happiness. ]

B: [Mr. Yan, I think we can still be friends? Didn’t you say that you bought an agricultural mecha? I can exchange modification plans with you. ]

C: [I originally thought it was a pity that you were born before I was born. But Mr. Arthur is about the same age as me, and since I’m not as good as him I submit.]

D: [Old Yan, when you divorce Arthur, remember to notify me first. The other half of my marriage certificate will be reserved for you.]

E: [I am already very happy to have had a blind date with you. Woo woo woo, thank you for being willing to give me an autographed photo. I will frame it as a family heirloom. ]


Yan Xueshan replied politely to each person.

He felt that the more than ten years of socializing he did in the military didn’t add up to as much as his recent blind dates. It made his mental workload too much, so he felt it was more exhausting than fighting in a war.

Then, Yan Xueshan also received a paper letter. There weren’t many occasions to write paper letters now, usually only in some solemn situation.

Surprisingly, it was a letter from the President.

[Mr. Yan, I heard that you have agreed to the proposal of my dog son Arthur. I am very glad to see that you are happy. If you are free, please come to our house for a home-cooked meal with Arthur.

From a plain old father, Galsworthy Felix]

He almost forgot.

Arthur’s father was the President of the Federation.

Their family was a family of master warriors, that generation after generation would produce great Mecha Master Warriors, but they weren’t very prominent.

Two hundred years ago, when the war started, they made a fortune. In the generation of Arthur’s father, they turned from officers to politicians. He commanded many battles while serving in the army and won big victories. Not only that, he was also very good at economics and governance. Thanks to him, the Federation achieved financial prosperity and was able to hold their own in war and even fight offensively. With outstanding military and political achievements, he was elected as the Federation President step by step.

Yan Xueshan was sought out by the President.

Inevitably, Yan Xueshan became serious. He read the letter over and over again and even looked through the code-breaking book to see if there were any code words hidden in it.

It didn’t seem like it.

Maybe it had some political implications?

He wasn’t sure.

Yan Xueshan took this letter and asked Arthur, “The President sent me a letter asking me to come to his house for dinner.”

Arthur replied, “It means that you should go to my house for dinner.”

Yan Xueshan continued, “Yes, but does he need some photos for the media? If I need to cooperate with any political activities, you have to discuss it with me in advance. If it’s something ordinary or simple I can cooperate but if it’s something more troublesome just forget it.”

Arthur agreed, “Okay, okay.”

Several days later, Arthur was still in trance.

Since Yan Xueshan agreed to his proposal, everything was going so smoothly that he felt like he was dreaming. Sometimes when he woke up in the morning, he would wonder if it was all just a dream, or he went crazy because he wanted to marry Yan Xueshan so much.

He went to ask Yan Xueshan for three days in a row to confirm that this person really promised to marry him.


Too incredible! Too blessed! Too joyful!

Yan Xueshan not only praised him as the best, but also cooperated with him to push the marriage process faster.

Next, it was time to discuss the details of the prenuptial agreement.


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