After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 11.2

Arthur’s new message just jumped to the top: [Master, if you haven’t finished chatting with your other blind dates by the time I get to Vega, you don’t have to rush to give me an answer.]

[I will play fair with them.]

[You can have a blind date with all of them and then decide what answer to give me. I will wait for you.]

After sending these messages, Arthur turned his head and went to the training room. Putting on his training mecha suit, he fantasized that the target was Lin Qi. Then he changed his weapon to break him a hundred times.

Shit. He was very angry.

After knowing that Yan Xueshan was openly dating, Arthur’s mood dropped to a freezing point, but he couldn’t just forbid Yan Xueshan.

God only knows that during his service with Yan Xueshan, he used a lot of effort to make everyone think that they were already a couple, fending off countless wild bees and butterflies.

In the first three or four years, he was too embarrassed to go too far, so he occasionally missed a few people who weren’t afraid of death. He was also aware of Yan Xueshan’s cold personality so he just sneered as he watched these idiots being rejected one after another.

However, in the last two years he strictly guarded against others, never letting anyone get too close.

Yet now it was public knowledge that Yan Xueshan was going on blind dates, so all his love rivals had come forward in one go! ! !

While training, he thought furiously: he will slash his love rivals with this knife, with this rifle he will shoot them, and with his sword he will chop another one !

These days Arthur trained like crazy, becoming ruthless to himself as well as to the people under his command.

He also beat up several new recruits in training every day but no one complained.

Everyone couldn’t help sighing: the General’s patriotic heart is so strong! The general is so self-disciplined and hard-working, no wonder he was the uncrowned king of melee fighters in active service. He wasn’t only talented but also a hard worker!

When the media came over to take press photos, they also captured the vibrant and spirited side of the army. This made Admiral Arthur’s reputation among the public much better.

After training, Arthur still couldn’t calm down.

He felt like he was  in a trance, as if he was the same 19-year-old young man who waited in a daze for the spiritual match results back then. Waiting apprehensively to become Yan Xueshan’s match.

After much deliberation, he felt that in the group of people introduced by Lin Qi, there shouldn’t be anyone more suitable for Yan Xueshan than himself.

However, could that be too narcissistic?

Only Yan Xueshan himself could say whether he was suitable or not. He has been a proud son of heaven since childhood, but once he stood in front of Yan Xueshan, he had no other choice but to suffer.

Arthur even had nightmares that Yan Xueshan had chosen someone else and invited him to their wedding.

He gritted his teeth in the dream, wishing to abandon his moral standards and become a male mistress.

In front of Yan Xueshan he still kept his composure. He talked in a civil manner every day and like a true gentleman, he asked every few days: [ Master, where have you gone on your blind date? 】

Yan Xueshan replied: [n/39]

Yan Xueshan decided to make a formula; everyone was given three days to meet, date, and chat. Of course, it was the other party that needed to come to Planet Vega for the blind date.

Everyone was informed by Yan Xueshan of his unified blind date plan, and no one raised any objections.

Finally, four months later…

By the time Arthur led the Fourth Legion to the preliminary army base near Vega, Yan Xueshan had personally reviewed each blind date.

He would send a group notice to give his final results in two days.

The last day.

It was a rare day off for Yan Xueshan. He didn’t have to go on a blind date, so he wanted to have a good rest and was cooking for himself, but the smart housekeeper informed him that someone was coming.

Yan Xueshan turned on the monitor to check the identity of the visitor.

Oh, it’s Arthur.

Arthur came to the door with the sun shining brightly behind him. Seeing Yan Xueshan, he smiled brightly. “ Master, I just moved to the base so I came to say hello to you. Haha. Hahahahaha.”

He knew he was laughing incredibly stiffly now.

“My house at the base hasn’t been repaired yet, so can I stay at your place for the time being? I’ll just borrow a room for a few days.”

Yan Xueshan: “?”

 He frowned unhappily. “As an officer, what do you mean by throwing your hands up and running away? Hurry up and go back!”

Arthur turned around and said cautiously, “Then I’ll wait until you disclose who you have chosen among your blind dates, okay? I want to know who you have chosen.”

There was no doubt that Yan Xueshan was an iron-blooded and resolute soldier; he and the word soft didn’t go well together.

However, the way Arthur looked at him at that moment somehow reminded Yan Xueshan of his teenage years. His neighbor’s dog gave birth to a litter of puppies. He went to see them once and especially liked one of them but didn’t do anything. That puppy would run to him, and roll over showing his belly, wagging tail and take initiative to use its furry head to arch into his hand, begging for his touch, and always looking at him with his cute wet eyes. The dog would bark cutely barking from time to time. It was very cute barking…

His adoptive father asked him if he wanted to raise one, but at the time he thought that raising a puppy was a luxury for him, so he refused.

Under the romantic pastel blue sunlight of Vega, Yan Xueshan calmly said, “I’ve already chosen.

“I choose you,”

His words went straight to the point.

Arthur was stunned, with a look of disbelief.

Yan Xueshan frowned slightly because the sun was too dazzling, then he nodded, very satisfied with his choice. He then spoke coldly, as it was a matter of course, “You are the best. Of course I chose the best.”

Arthur finally returned to his senses.

A sense of superiority filled Arthur’s chest as he puffed up happily.

All his self-confidence came back in a flash.

Unable to control himself, the corners of his mouth raised uncontrollably.

Then his body moved without permission, pouncing over to embrace Yan Xueshan!


The author has something to say.

Arthur, years later: Honey, can you tell the story of choosing me from a bunch of little licking dogs once more [His dog eyes sparkling]


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