After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 11.1

For Li Si, an employee of the Vega branch of the Happy Matchmaking Company, today started out an ordinary day.

At 9 am, he clocked in to work on time as usual.

 As soon as he sat down and before his seat could even get warm, the front desk told him that one of the clients he was in charge of, surnamed Yan, had come to see him.

Li Si remembered a few days ago, a customer named Yan Xueshan said he wanted to return the dating package service he had just bought.

When he thought of this customer, he frowned. That customer seemed to be quite good at talking and didn’t have much demand for a spouse.

This kind of person was the most difficult to deal with, because no matter what resources were provided to him, he was still dissatisfied.

Sure enough, the first male client he recommended for a blind date soon fell through. When he asked why, he was told that he should do further screening.

The alpha client only said, with deep fear, “Scary.”

Scary? What does that even mean? Could it be that the photos given to them were retouched? Was Mr Yan scary in person? Fierce?

However, when Li Si went to the reception room to see the guest himself, his first thought was, no, the picture was definitely not retouched.His ID photo didn’t show just how good looking he was in person.

Yan Xueshan was sitting on a one person sofa with his slender legs crossed. It could be seen that he was tall and flexible, with a thin waist and thin back, with excellent proportions.

The temperature on their planet had been low recently, so Yan Xueshan came here wearing warmer clothes. Since he was now indoors, he took off his lambskin jacket with a large lapel collar. On his upper body he wore a fine black cashmere turtleneck sweater that looked very flattering, tightly wrapped around his upper body. Obviously it didn’t show anything, but the extremely beautiful lines they revealed were very subtle and sexy, which made people feel very hot when they looked at him.

Yan Xueshan rose and shook hands with him. “Hello. I’m the one who made an appointment to get a refund today.”

Li Si quickly calmed down. The company calculates performance according to the number of customers, and he had already taken the commission for Yan Xueshan’s order. Yes, he really didn’t want to give it up!

When Yan Xueshan asked if it was possible to refund the money, Li Si said, first of all, if he wanted to cancel the package he would still lose 30% of the fee. Also, the customer must come to their company to handle it in person with their ID card, as well as provide the designated bank account. After applying for a refund, you have to wait 60 working days for it to arrive.

When most people heard this, they would think applying for the refund was too troublesome, and they just continued with the package service. Anyway, their package specified that if you can’t find a special person, they will continue to arrange blind dates for you until you find one.

Still, Yan Xueshan insisted on a refund of his money.

Since the client showed up in accordance with the legal compliance, and after an attempt at persuasion was ineffective, Li Si reluctantly agreed to give Yan Xueshan a refund.

He was also quite depressed. Although a beauty like Mr. Yan was a little older and didn’t have a decent job that made money, sooner or later with his face alone he would be able to find someone. It was impossible for him to fail.

He asked Yan Xueshan, “May I ask why you aren’t satisfied with our service?”

 Yan Xueshan replied, “There is no dissatisfaction.”

Li Si wondered, “Then why did you come to cancel our service?”

Yan Xueshan replied, “My friend said he would introduce me to people.”

How dare they rob his business? ! It’s intolerable and unbearable! Li Si’s heart was on fire as he spoke, “Isn’t it a bit unethical of you to do this? Moreover, we are one of the top dating companies in the galaxy, which company did you find? Can they be better than the resources we have on hand?”

When he was speaking, Yan Xueshan was looking in his jacket pocket to find something, and just as he finished, Yan Xueshan found it.

His Veterans ID. He was a Major before retiring.

Yan Xueshan said, “I have this. Can you waive the refund fee? I searched and found that your company seems to stipulate that you can reduce the processing fee for military personnel. That’s why I came to you in the beginning.

“Also, I didn’t go to another dating company, I went to my comrades-in-arms in the military.”

Li Si answered, “You only told me that you are a retired soldier, you didn’t tell me what your military rank was.”

Yan Xueshan replied shortly, “Well, it’s not convenient to say. Besides, I’m a farmer now. It doesn’t matter what rank I was in the army before since I won’t go back to serving as a soldier, right?”

Horrible. It felt really terrible to cheat soldiers out of money. Even a retired Major got mixed into it?

Li Si applied for a full refund for Yan Xueshan. He mentally shouted unlucky, why did someone like this come to their company for a blind date?

Then he walked Yan Xueshan to the door.

The snow-white lambskin that lined his jacket made his complexion even whiter, but due to the cold weather, his cheeks and tip of his nose were pink. Since he was a little afraid of the cold, he also wore a scarf, fluffy earmuffs and gloves to match his appearance. Since the cheapest bus was already gone, he took his veteran card to buy a long-distance ticket at a 50% discount. All ordinary transportation on the planet was free.

How stingy. Li Si sighed.

This former client was beautiful but poor and shabby. His age wasn’t young. He joined the army early and was now a veteran. In addition to being a soldier, he had nothing. He could only retire in the countryside and work hard farming.

That was it? He still didn’t think much of their company’s service, and insisted on finding some friends in the army to help him with a blind date. Did he really believe his friend could be more professional than them? They must be almost as poor as he was, right?

Yan Xueshan successfully got the refund.

It took him a day to fly home, but it didn’t cost much because the tickets were discounted.

It was still pretty late when he got home.

It was half an hour before his bedtime so Yan Xueshan finished washing and checked the new messages online.

He was surprised.

His inbox had “exploded”.

It was full of unread messages.

Some were from people he had added contact information to in the military, but there were also more than thirty friend requests pending approval.

All of them were interested in his news and were ready to come to meet him.

A: [Major Yan, I’ve admired you for a long time [tears]]

B: [Do you remember me? I’m Mecha Repairman XX, we’ve met a few times before.]

C: [I met you when I was visiting my brother in the army, I have never forgotten your demeanor. ]

D: [Old Yan, we’re old friends, I know you won’t believe me if I come to you with my old personality, but for you I have already separated from all my lovers! If you choose me, I promise to be loyal to you! ! ]

E: [Hello, Mr. Yan, I am your younger army brother.  You have always been my idol. I never thought I would have the opportunity to match with you ……]

There are also FGHIJK and so on.

The people messaging him included those ranging in ages from 18 to 40, and from students to Associate Generals.

Yan Xueshan was shocked.


So many people ah….

Why so many?

Yan Xueshan saw this but before he could rely even to one, another one come over with enthusiasm.

He decided to not reply at all, since he didn’t know what order he should follow. There should be someone who he should reply to first. Moreover, he still had a blind date with Arthur, and that blind date hadn’t happened yet.

Yan Xueshan went to ask Lin Qi: [This is too much, right?]

Lin Qi: [No way, everyone heard that you went on a blind date and are trying to get married, so they wanted to try out their luck! ]

[There are still many people asking me for introductions, but I haven’t had time to answer them all! ]

[Don’t worry, I’ve briefly screened them all for you. I have excluded those whose military rank is lower than a Major, or whose savings are less than 50 million. They should have a house, an aircraft and a spaceship, otherwise they won’t even be eligible to ask for your contact information. ]

[Choose slowly, which one you want to chat with. Take a look at the above information, and I will send it to you. 】

How can Yan Xueshan just chat with them? He replied: [That’s all for now, don’t introduce me to any one else. 】

He ended the chat.


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