After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 18

Song Chao thought he looked very fierce, just like an agent in a spy movie.

Yan Xueshan, however, didn’t pick up on the intense atmosphere at all. He just calmly took out his student ID card and showed it to him. “I am a freshman in the College of Agriculture. I also haven’t been looking at him either, he is the one looking at me.”


What kind of nonsense was that? Song Chao became so angry that his forehead veins jumped out. “Don’t play dumb with me. It’s obvious that you’ve been looking at the Admiral. The assembly is already over, but you are still staring at him. Moreover, how could you be an ordinary freshman?”

Yan Xueshan nodded. “I am a bit older than you guys.”

After thinking about it, he added, “More than a bit. Quite a lot older.”

Song Chao felt as if he had punched cotton, making his face flush in anger.

‘This kid was really weird’, Yan Xueshan thought and decided to no longer talk with him.

Since they didn’t know each other, it would be better to go their own ways.

He turned on his toes, trying to avoid the strange child, but was caught. Song Chao spoke fiercely, “Which dormitory do you live in? What did you do before? Where is your household registration? Why did you come to our school?”

Yan Xueshan didn’t talk to him, but no matter which direction he tried to walk, the strange kid was blocking his way.

Yan Xueshan reached out and tried to push him away.

At that moment, he looked over the boy’s head and saw that Arthur, who was on the podium just seconds before, had walked over to them.

Arthur took a step ahead and pressed a hand on the boy’s shoulder. The light by the entrance wasn’t very good, and since the light shone down from above Arthur’s head, the shadow on his face made his smile look not at all amiable. He asked: “Young student, what are you talking about?”

The boy’s shoulders stiffened as he turned around and seeing that it was really Arthur he froze.

Then he stammered, “You… Hello. I…I am Song Chao, the number one freshman in the mecha department!”

Arthur didn’t even listen.

Song Chao also couldn’t complete his sentence: “”I…I…I….” 

After a long time, he finally pulled out a picture of Zhulong from his pocket,and together with a pen, held it up with shaking hands. After almost dropping the pen on the ground, he asked, “Can…can you give me an autograph?”

Arthur: “Sure.”

He took the picture and pen and not only signed his name, but also said, “Let me write you some words of encouragement, do you want that?”

Song Chao stood up straight. “Yes! Thank you, thank you.”

Arthur wrote down: Focus! Make it a success!

While bowing his head, he said, “I wasn’t distracted at all when I was in college. Others were in love, but I was training. This is how I became a successful Master Sergeant.”

Song Chao said adoringly, “Okay, okay.”

Arthur thought he was expressing his loyalty to Yan Xueshan, so he spoke very handsomely. He wanted to see Yan Xueshan’s reaction, but when he looked up–


There was no one behind Song Chao.

Yan Xueshan took advantage of the distraction and slipped away a long time ago.

However, Yan Xueshan must have seen his handsomeness on stage today, he thought.

Yan Xueshan must have gone to the villa to wait for him first. Arthur’s heart burned as he followed after him.

He was about to leave when other foolish students appeared like ants attracted to honey. They quickly gathered around him as they all took out pictures, photos and such, and stared at him starry-eyed, asking for autographs.

Arthur’s heart was burning, but he still lifted the corners of his mouth to smile.

In the eyes of Yan Xueshan he was a sunny and friendly person, so he couldn’t break this persona. He stayed for half an hour to sign autographs before pretending to be busy with some business to get away.

One of the students asked him in a provocative manner, “Admiral, may I ask if you have a lover now?”

Good question!

He really liked that question! This was a very good student, and if possible he would give them extra credit on the spot!

Arthur almost laughed out loud. He curled his lips as modestly as possible and proudly replied, “Yes.”

He really wanted to send a notice to all the Federation News outlets, telling everyone that Yan Xueshan was willing to marry him.

But now wasn’t the time.

In order to make Yan Xueshan like him more so he would be happy about their marriage and be unable to wait for their wedding, he had an excellent plan.

There was still a group of students squatting in front of the school wanting to get a close glimpse of the Admiral, or even be lucky enough to get an autograph.

Actually, Arthur didn’t leave the campus at all. He went directly to Yan Xueshan’s “student dormitory”.

It was an unknown fact that his dormitory wasn’t built by the school at all.

It was true that it was specially approved, but Vega Comprehensive University was a third-rate university so how could it have such high efficiency? Arthur paid out from his own pocket and hired first-class interstellar construction workers that spent weeks rapidly building it.

Everything revolved around serving Yan Xueshan.

Yan Xueshan, hearing the doorbell, knew it was Arthur. He was surprised, and after opening the door, the first thing he asked was, “Didn’t you enter your information?”

Arthur replied, “This is your dormitory. I respect your personal privacy so I should get your permission before I am allowed to enter.”

These words gave Yan Xueshan a sense of security and respect.

Love and like, he couldn’t perceive because of his mental defect.

But he could understand respect.

Returning the favor, Yan Xueshan said, “It’s okay for you to enter, we are fiances after all. You don’t need to act like a guest. It’s okay to enter as you wish but if you want to enter my bedroom, you have to get my permission first.”

“Okay,” Arthur said with a smile.

Arthur followed him into the study in silence, like a puppy.

Yan Xueshan sat in a standard posture, picked up the agricultural textbook he was just reading while Arthur moved the stool to sit on his side to watch him.

Yan Xueshan felt very uncomfortable about it, but felt that Arthur would go away after watching for a while so he endured it.

Ten minutes later, Arthur was still looking at him.

Yan Xueshan turned his head and asked, “Why do you keep looking at me?”

Arthur’s eyes looked like he was hiding a handful of star fragments, crystal clear. “I haven’t seen you for several days, I missed you.”

He put his hands on the edge of the table and asked frankly, directly and lovingly, “Can I kiss you after you finish your homework?”


Yan Xueshan frowned. Why did his heart suddenly beat a half beat faster? Soon after, it returned to a normal heart rhythm.

 After stabilizing his heartbeat, Yan Xueshan was about to speak, wanting to say: It’s okay.

However, Arthur was observing him and frowned. He said obediently, “No, forget it, am I disturbing your studies? Then I’ll go first.”

“I’ll cook for you. You seemed to like the seafood baked rice I made last time for you, didn’t you? How about I make it again? Or do you want to eat something else you haven’t eaten before?”

Yan Xueshan answered, “Anything.”

Arthur couldn’t quite figure out Yan Xueshan’s taste. It was almost like he didn’t have taste buds.

When he was in the army, Yan Xueshan always ate the nutritious meals prepared by the nutritionist.They were like taking medicine and finished in ten minutes each time.

Other Division Sergeants would eat cheat meals once a month or so, just to get a taste. But he never saw Yan Xueshan do that. He also didn’t drink alcohol, smoke, eat desserts or snacks.

 After retiring, he lived on a farm. When Arthur went to see Yan Xueshan, he saw that his own food was also terrible. He ate boiled potatoes with a bit of salt, two or three boiled eggs and a glass of milk. Occasionally he would eat some other meals or dishes sent over by Uncle Qiao next door.

Although Arthur came from a wealthy family, his parents intentionally raised him to be able to take care of himself. He could cook a few dishes without any problem, even several specialty dishes.

He made sweet and sour pork, stir-fried pork with green peppers, stir-fried baby bok choy and mushroom soup. He also prepared a fruit plate and made osmanthus rice wine and glutinous rice balls.

During dinner, he quietly observed what Yan Xueshan liked to eat. Did he like spicy food, sweet food or salty food?

It was quickly confirmed that Yan Xueshan loved sweets.

His indifferent Master was actually a lover of sweets. Not only did he finish the sweet and sour pork ribs, but he also liked the sweet-scented osmanthus rice balls made by him. Taking over the plate, he ate all of them before asking, “Are there any more?”

Arthur served him another bowl and ate together with him. In fact, he felt that there was too much sugar, so he asked, “Is it too sweet?”

Yan Xueshan’s cheeks were slightly red as he looked at him. “No. It’s just fine.”

Oh…so cute.

Arthur’s heart pounded.

Like a kitten licking its paws in satisfaction, he’d never seen such a completely charming demeanor from Yan Xueshan in his life.

Yan Xueshan’s voice was also much softer than usual, as he even took the initiative to say, “By the way, didn’t you say you wanted a kiss? Out of obligation, I can kiss with you for a while. Hurry up and finish kissing, I want to go to bed early today.”

His words were as cold as usual, but they were also mingled with something surprisingly like pampering.

Arthur was already charmed, but he didn’t dare to delay. He quickly went to hug and kiss him. They stood kissing in a standing position for a while. Then they sat down as they continued to kiss with Yan Xueshan sitting on his lap.

Today’s kiss was flavored with sweet-scented osmanthus wine.


Yan Xueshan was about to melt in his arms, becoming extremely docile and cooperative. Not like a kind of mechanical procedure when he just cooperated, but with a hint of welcome as he allowed him to play.

He let the kiss continue, and Arthur loved this feeling.

After kissing for ten minutes, Yan Xueshan softly asked, “Are you finished kissing?”

Arthur felt a bit hot at that moment, his heart itching unbearably. But since he was also a bit sober, he realized that something was wrong. He came closer and rubbed the tip of his nose against Yan Xueshan’s cheek. He slowly asked, “…Master, you didn’t get drunk on sweet wine, right?”


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