After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 22

Yan Xueshan felt his heart stop for two beats before it resumed.

Then he spoke. “No.”

Looking down and thinking for a bit he added very seriously, “My brain was damaged. I don’t have emotions like ‘shy’.”

Arthur paused, and replied lightly, “Oh. “

This was his best tactic, which was hitting the nail on the head first. Then he backed off and started to deflect.

As if forgetting what he had just asked, Arthur said, “Master, why did you come to see my class?”

Yan Xueshan answered, “To see the mecha.”

Arthur: “What’s so good about a training machine?”

Yan Xueshan: “Just wanted to see.”

Yan Xueshan no longer silenced his steps. He walked down the stairs openly, saying, “If there is nothing else, I have to go back. I still have to do my homework. You should also hurry back to the base to do your work.”

He didn’t intend to spend a long time in school. If possible he would like to finish the basic agriculture course in a year, and go back to farming right away.

Yan Xueshan brushed past Arthur.

Arthur didn’t stop him, but when he was about to go out, he asked kindly. “Master, the Artemis just arrived today, do you want to go and see it? It’s much better than the training mecha.”

Yan Xueshan: “…”

Three hours later.

Yan Xueshan arrived at the Vega Military Base.

A huge space ship floated quietly in the starry sky, surrounded by flying engineering machines, building fortifications in all directions like an ant nest.

Stepping out of the flight capsule and onto the alloy floor inside the base gave Yan Xueshan a feeling of returning to his comfort zone.

Farming on the farm and basking in the sun was pleasant, but the military base always gave him  a sense of security. In this military system, he was extremely powerful.

In the new team, formed by Arthur himself, many team members  were his old subordinates. They all knew Yan Xueshan.

As soon as Yan Xueshan returned to the base, the news spread like wildfire.

Every two steps he took, he bumped into an old comrade, each with red eyes, scrambling to salute him with respect. “Hello, Major Yan!”

Several of them now have higher ranks than Major, but still regard themselves as his comrades. His subordinates in general were very respectful to him.

 Yan Xueshan shook his head and said, “I’m retired now, so I’m no longer a Major. There’s no need to salute me.”

He received stubborn replies. “No, you will always be ‘the Major’ in my heart.”

Yan Xueshan didn’t expect to attract so much attention. He said, “I just came back to see.”

To look at Artemis.

Arthur told him that Artemis has been further upgraded, making her even more powerful. Rationally, he understood that he shouldn’t have come over, but once he heard that Artemis was here, it was like he was put under a spell. When he came back to his senses, he had already followed Arthur to the airship.

He couldn’t jump off the spaceship halfway, right?

Surrounding him were small mecha cabins.

Taking a small elevator and going out of the door another space opened up.

In this rectangular space of about 200 meters long X 120 meters wide X 50 meters deep, a twenty-eight meter tall mecha stood quietly in the center. Because she stood quietly in the center, and wasn’t activated, she looked a bit dull, as if sleeping with her eyes closed.

Her body was covered with metal tubes, which transmitted energy into her body, making light flicker in her limbs as if she was breathing calmly.

When mecha weren’t in battle, it was impossible to completely stop the energy transfer. It still needed to be fed energy to keep it in a dormant state, so that it could be put to use at any time.

Next to her were many metal shelves going up and down with many technicians in white coats discussions and refining every detail in concentration.

At this time, he didn’t know what function was being debugged.

Artemis’ face and eyes lit up. She even raised her head slightly, as if her soul realized that her Master was coming.

This was the mecha that has accompanied him for more than six years – Artemis.

His Moon Goddess of the Hunt.

 Yan Xueshan didn’t say a word, didn’t show any emotion, just leaned on the railing, staring at her without blinking.

As if seeing her for the first time, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

He also couldn’t help but say, “So pretty.”

In the Federation, several S-class mechas were the product of the wisdom of countless scientists and designers, each one of them extremely beautiful.

However, by and large, every Master Sergeant felt that his mecha was the most beautiful. Even Yan Xueshan felt the same way.

Not talking to Arthur wasn’t on purpose, it was just that reuniting with Artemis after a long absence made him talk to himself.

He vaguely heard Arthur beside him whispering sourly to himself. “What emotional disorder? He obviously likes Artemis so much. If only I could just get half of the kind of feeling he has for her, I would be able to die without regret.”

Yan Xueshan’s eyes were still glued to the mecha above, so he just tilted his head and asked, “What did you say?”

Arthur replied 0hoarsely, “It’s nothing.”

He didn’t dare compete with the mecha for favor.

He had self-respect.

Looking at Yan Xueshan’s appearance again, even though he still looked blank, he could feel that Yan Xueshan was happy.

Yan Xueshan’s delighted look when he saw the mecha made his face look childish and brighter. He was like a child seeing his favorite toy in a store window, wanting it but not daring to ask for it. Just coming in to see it, he was already bubbling with joy.

It was a really simple and lovely sight.

Arthur went to his side, leaned over, and asked softly in a seductive voice, “Do you want to drive a little? It would be okay.”

Yan Xueshan acted like he had been splashed with cold water. He regained his senses in an instant. He tightened his grip and said rigidly, “Admiral, are you using your power for personal gain? I’m not an active soldier so I’m not allowed to pilot a national S-class mecha.”

Arthur advanced and retreated freely, immediately acting like nothing had happened. “Oh, just now I got caught up in nostalgia and accidentally forgot that you had retired.”

‘It was nonsense.’ Yan Xueshan thought to himself.

At that moment, an old researcher with white hair and strong spirit looked up and saw Yan Xueshan. After the initial surprise he said, “Major Yan? Aren’t you Major Yan?!”

All conversations were interrupted, and the researchers turned their heads to look at him in unison.

Looking at the old man running towards him with his robe swayed by the wind, Yan Xueshan hurriedly greeted him. “Hello Dr. Brandon.”

The old man, who was respectfully called “Dr. Brandon”, looked to be in his forties or fifties, but was actually in his seventies. He was a mecha designer, and Artemis was one of his masterpieces, his beloved little daughter.

Dr. Brandon came forward and shook his hand warmly. A few minutes ago he looked as if he had lost his soul, but now he was overwhelmed with joy, saying, “You are back! We can’t start testing without you as the pilot. Those dogs and cats from nowhere can’t even reach Artemis’ shooting limits!”

“You’re just in time!”

After saying that, he dragged Yan Xueshan away.

Yan Xueshan was able to match his strength, but felt that he couldn’t hurt the old man so he spoke quietly. “I have retired from the army, Doctor.”

Dr. Brandon didn’t blink as he said flexibly, “It’s okay, you can just sign the test drive application, it’s not against the rules.”

How could it be? Yan Xueshan followed the doctor without saying a word, his steps becoming much lighter all of a sudden.

Another thought surfaced in his mind.

“There is no mecha suit.”

Dr. Brandon said, “It seems that it was taken away by Admiral Arthur before. It’s okay, you can wear the temporary model first.”

Arthur waited outside the dressing room, and after a short while, he heard Yan Xueshan call out to him. “Arthur, come in for a moment.”

Once inside, he saw Yan Xueshan standing with his back to him. All of his clothes, including underwear, were folded neatly on the bench next to him.

 Arthur could completely imagine Yan Xueshan taking off all his clothes, folding them, and then putting on the mecha suit naked. He’d seen it with his own eyes many times before.

Although this suit wasn’t as good as his formal mecha suit, it was doable for normal training.

The color was still all black, but not ink black. Looking closely, the top also had some colorful shimmers on it. It was still a one-piece jumpsuit, one size fits all but even so, it still didn’t fit as well. The zipper wasn’t on the chest but on the back.

His limbs were already tightly wrapped with cloth, only his back was open because the zipper couldn’t be pulled up.

Arthur’s Adam’s apple rolled, heat raising.

His ass was rounded and arched down at the waist, where the zipper was stuck, splitting open.

In particular, there were red marks on his snow white skin, which he just stamped last night. Yan Xueshan probably hadn’t noticed it, so he showed it in front of Arthur so defenselessly.

Seeing that Arthur didn’t move, Yan Xueshan turned his head and glanced at him discontentedly. “What are you doing just standing there?”

Only then did Arthur come over and with difficulty pulled his zipper up.

Yan Xueshan lowered his head.

His neck hung down in a soft arc, his hair fluffy.

Arthur remembered when he sucked and kissed there, Yan Xueshan would shiver slightly.

“Stab –” a sound came out.

It was smooth.

When Arthur had never eaten meat before he could still tolerate it.

But now that he had tasted it twice, just the smell of meat made him feel like a dog. He also salivates instinctively, making it  difficult to maintain his gentlemanly behavior.

The truth was, from the first time he saw it, he always felt that Yan Xueshan’s one-piece mecha suit was super sharp.

As soon as Yan Xueshan lowered his head, he realized that something was wrong with him. He was stunned and confused as he asked lightly, “What’s the matter? Did you suddenly go into heat again?  It’s not like you haven’t seen my body before. We even took showers together and it wasn’t like this before.”

Arthur’s brain got a little hot as he blurted out, “It used to be like this too, but I just tried to hold back!”


Yan Xueshan: “?”

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