After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 6

Arthur said cheekily, “That’s not possible. The universe is so big, anything can happen, maybe there are male betas that can get pregnant. Last time we didn’t use a condom….”

Yan Xueshan’s eyes were like ice picks stabbing him.

He immediately changed his tone, “Well, I’m talking nonsense, I know you can’t get pregnant.”


It’s the interstellar era after all, and the development of biotechnology has long since had a breakthrough. Even same-sex couples, with the use of money, would use their own genes to have a child. There were some serious restrictions and the cost was high: you needed at least five million star coins.

Yan Xueshan straightforwardly said, “It’s impossible for me to return to the army anyway, my retirement procedures are all done.”

Arthur blurted out, “I’m not here to ask you to return to the army.”

Yan Xueshan glanced sideways and then looked straight at him. His gaze was clear and frank. “Then what’re you here to see me for?”

Caught by his gaze at that moment, Arthur stiffened. His face was originally a little sunburned due to working outside so you couldn’t see much of his blush. While biting his tongue, he replied, “I-I-I am…I-I want, miss you.”

Arthur slowly gathered his courage as he spoke, took a deep breath, and sat upright as he spoke seriously. “No, no, actually I—”


Yan Xueshan’s watch let out a reminder tone. He glanced at the time and said, “There is no more time to chat, it’s my bedtime.”

“Let’s talk tomorrow if there’s anything more.”

However, early the next morning, Yan Xueshan sent Arthur to the interstellar port.

He always felt that Arthur wouldn’t leave easily, but Arthur simply agreed. Just like before, he was very true to his word, not dragging the time out or trying to cheat.

It was clear that he had always liked this about Arthur, that he would strictly abide by the rules set between them.

The uniform and medals and other things were put in Arthur’s suitcase as he wore simple civilian clothes, a denim work uniform. After spending a week in the countryside, he now resembled a simple farm boy without his previous elite officer aura.

The population on Planet Vega was low, so there weren’t many flights a day. It was still five hours before the departure of the flight Arthur would take.

Yan Xueshan: “You can wait for yourself. I have an appointment.”

Arthur: “Are you going to meet your marriage partner?”

Yan Xueshan looked up. “How did you know?”

Arthur laughed angrily. “Master, Do you think I’m stupid? You have no friends or relatives, so it can only be your  marriage partner. If you wanted to go to a mecha shop you wouldn’t use the term “appointment”.”

When speaking of this, something suddenly occurred to Arthur. He asked inexplicably, “When did you make the appointment with him? Are you going to see him, and that’s why you sent me to the port since it was along the way?”

Yan Xueshan surprisingly admitted to it without any hesitation. “Yes. You’re not a child so why would I need to send you to the airship? Would you still get lost?”

Arthur’s expression became ugly.

Yan Xueshan thought he seemed to be taking what he said a little too harshly so he added, “I don’t mean to mock you.”

Arthur rearranged his luggage, lifted it up again and then asked seriously, “Master, can I meet your marriage partner?”

At the self-service restaurant.

Yan Xueshan introduced Arthur to his matched partner. “This is my comrade-in-arms, Arthur.”

His partner and Arthur shook hands, and the partner briefly introduced himself, more or less nervous. After all, once this soldier saw him, he smiled brightly but that smile never reached the bottom of his eyes. His gaze seemed to be hiding a myriad of knives and hate that could cut through him.

Arthur asked in rapid succession, “How old are you? What’s your job? Where do you work?”

What is your annual income? Do you have a house? Do you have a spaceship? How many robots do you have at home?”

When the other party answered, Arthur continued to ask questions. “How long have you and Yan Xueshan known each other? When are you going to have a wedding? How much money will you spend on the wedding? Where are you going to spend your honeymoon?”

Can you help with his farm? Can you operate the mecha in manual mode to help him plant rice seedlings?”

The more he asked, the more vigorous he became. His eyes were like iron swords that gradually started burning red. Each question was a hammer falling down, sending scorching sparks everywhere.

The matched partner was dumbfounded by his questions.

At this point only a fool wouldn’t see that Arthur’s intentions weren’t good.

Not to mention the terrifying pheromones that were emanating from Arthur’s body like he was trying to kill someone.

Wow, is this what you wanted to do? This was just a blind date, brother!

He sweated. “I…I haven’t thought that far, sorry.”

Yan Xueshan, who has just gone to the buffet, came over with a large plate of food piled high like a mountain, sat down and asked, “What are you guys chatting about? “

The partner awkwardly said, “He…”

He turned his head to look at Yan Xueshan, and then back to look at Arthur, but he was so shocked that his eyes almost fell out.

Just moments before, Arthur was giving him a fierce look, but now he looked harmless, just like a puppy.

Arthur looked up, with a silly smile on his face, as if there wasn’t kinder and more innocent person in the world.

Yan Xueshan: “What’s wrong with him?”

His blind date: “No, nothing.”

Finally, when there was only him and Yan Xueshan, he hurriedly asked, “Is he really just your comrade-in-arms?”

Yan Xueshan replied, ” He can also be regarded as my apprentice. He has followed me since he joined the army, so he was my subordinate from the beginning.” 

The blind date hesitated to speak for a moment. “Don’t you think the way he is treating you is weird?”

Yan Xueshan thought calmly and said, “He’s going to report back to the army soon, so don’t worry about him. It’s because I refused to revoke my application for retirement and return to the army, he is unhappy.”

The blind date: “Is that so? It should be more than that though, right?”

Yan Xueshan raised his hand. “The food is getting cold, so I will eat first.”

The blind date man: “…”

Arthur brought over a plate of fruit. “Master, I’ve set up a fruit plate for you.”

Yan Xueshan looked at it. “Thank you.”

Arthur asked, “Where are you going after dinner?”

Yan Xueshan asked in return, “Aren’t you going to board the aircraft? What if you miss it? You will be given demerits if you return to the team late for no reason. Don’t disobey military discipline just because you’ve been promoted. If you take the lead in violating military discipline as an officer, how can you make people below you obey it?”

Arthur could only shut up, chewed his beef viciously and say, “I know.”

From the time he saw Arthur until now, the blind date man thought he looked inexplicably familiar. He wasn’t someone he knew, so where exactly had he seen him before?

He couldn’t place him.

Arthur: “Master, can you send me to the port?”

Yan Xueshan: “Are you a lost child?”

The blind date man hurriedly intervened and said it was good to just go for a stroll around the neighborhood.

He already felt tired.

Last time, he thought Yan Xueshan was quite interesting, but if he somehow provoked an officer who hid a sword in his smile, it mightn’t be easy to date him.

The spiritual power of the other party also seemed to be quite high, so now he was getting a headache.

Yan Xueshan went to pay the bill.

Arthur’s expression chilled again as he spoke to him. “I don’t know how you tricked my Master into being willing to marry you so quickly. My Master is a very simple person, you’d better be genuine with him, or I might have to pay attention to you…”

The blind date was so stunned for a moment that he asked, “Marry? What fast marriage? He agreed to marry me? But we only met for the second time today, ah.”

This time it was Arthur’s turn to freeze.

Then a silly grin spread across his face, as he raised his hand and hit the back of his head, laughing. “Ah, really? So it’s just a blind date.”

“A blind date, a blind date. It’s not about getting married. Haha, hahahahaha.”

Yan Xueshan came over, showed the electronic bill and said, “Please transfer your portion of the money to me.”

Arthur said directly and gleefully, “I’m buying, I’m buying.”

Yan Xueshan didn’t know why he was suddenly acting like a happy fool, so he was confused for a moment. Then he said, “You can just ask me for my share. Don’t laugh, your mouth is about to split.”

 Arthur’s smile was full of sunshine.

He pulled Yan Xueshan and said, “Master, you lied to me.”

Yan Xueshan tilted his head. “What did I lie to you about?”

Arthur replied, “You said you were getting married but this is obviously just a blind date.”

Yan Xueshan reasoned, “Isn’t a blind date the pre-marriage process? I just went to a marriage meeting. I didn’t lie to you.”

He was unhappy, and his brows almost formed one line.

Arthur quickly said, “Okay, okay, you didn’t lie. I was wrong. Haha, hahaha.”

Yan Xueshan: “???”

The blind date man silently followed behind them, having become a shadow that no one noticed.

He hesitantly spoke, “Mr. Yan–”



A sharp siren pierced the sky.

The blind date saw Yan Xueshan and Arthur become completely different people all of sudden. There was no longer a trace of their previously relaxed expression. The two of them stood beside each other, looking at the sky together in an incomparable tacit understanding.

Planetary police officers on the radio hastily announced: “Interstellar pirates are attacking! We advise all residents to take temporary shelter in the nearest buildings! Star pirates are attacking, please take shelter in the nearest buildings!”

As the announcement rang out, a small airship appeared in the sky above the city, with black guns aimed at the ground.

Crowds screamed and surged.

Arthur opened his case, with half of it embedded with gun parts. His hands flew as he put the gun together in a blink of an eye and threw it into Yan Xueshan’s hands. “Master, your sniper rifle.”

However, the gun was really big, to the point it shouldn’t even be called a gun anymore. It should be called a cannon – it could have been used as an anti-warship weapon.

Ordinary people couldn’t hit the warship’s energy bolt with one shot.

Yan Xueshan raised his hand and took the sniper rifle.

He got down on one knee, put the rifle against his shoulder, clicked, switched on the safety, turned his head sideways, then aimed and fired.

There was no hesitation in his movements.

Only a light blue glow remained in the air, and in a few moments it quickly faded away.

Yan Xueshan put down the gun and stood up.

At the same time, the pirate scout craft in the sky exploded with a delay, emitting a blinding light. The air trembled and the ship shattered into countless pieces, falling to the ground like meteor fragments.

The blue sniper rifle was slender and smooth. It also had an eerie beauty of violence and elegance when it was easily held in Yan Xueshan hands, who was dressed in a suit.

With the background of the explosion behind him, and the heat wave from the sky blowing his black hair and clothes, Yan Xueshan looked unbelievably beautiful.

 Arthur, who was accustomed to his shooting, didn’t show a trace of surprise. “Vega’s backup guard mechas are in the warehouse to the southwest.”

The blind date didn’t even have time to say yes or no as Yan Xueshan had already followed Arthur.

Yan Xueshan already completely forgot about him, his eyes could only see Arthur.

There was nothing more to say.

The two of them seemed to have a tacit understanding like each other’s souls.

The man finally remembered where he’d seen Arthur before.

It was in the Federation Central News. He was the son the President recently publicly showed off. The highly decorated, youngest gold star admiral in the Federation, Arthur von Felix.


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