After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 10

Now that a military base was  going to be built nearby, the security problem would be solved. Interstellar pirates would also no longer be a problem.

Therefore, in principle, there was no need for him to build a sniper station.

The owner of the mecha parts store told him to save some money and not buy it.

It was not all out of the goodness of his heart, Yan Xueshan was a soldier after all . If he found out later he was tricked, he might destroy his store and he would have to suffer greatly ah.

This was his family’s ancestral store, so he wanted to continue to peacefully work in it.

Yan Xueshan no longer had a reason to buy the supplies, but for some inexplicable reason he was itchy.

He thought it was probably the effect of Veteran’s Syndrome. His sense of security would be weakened a lot if he didn’t drive a mecha, but not having his own sniper rifle weakened it even more. If he didn’t even have a gun, he wouldn’t be able to sleep well.

Until now, he still slept with a gun at night. Also, when he walked, he didn’t wave his right hand and kept it pressed to his waist, right where his holster should be, so that he could draw the gun to fight at any time.

Still, Yan Xueshan didn’t go home empty-handed. Since it was a rare trip to the city, he decided to purchase some other things as well.

He went home with a folding TV screen.

On the way to the interstellar station, he passed by a dessert shop.

He saw a child crying and begging his mother to buy him an ice cream cone, saying that there was only the last one left.

Yan Xueshan took a look, and then bought the last cone. The child looked at him as if he was struck by lightning, and Yan Xueshan just left ruthlessly.

He ate it as he walked.

He almost forgot all the memories from before he entered the orphanage. In the orphanage, it was considered good enough to be fed and clothed, dessert was a luxury. Later when he was adopted by his adoptive father, in order to avoid being returned to the orphanage and make the adults feel troubled, he wouldn’t do any petty things. This included claiming that he didn’t like eating things like jelly or cake.

Later, when he entered the army as a mecha operator, he had to strictly control his physical fitness and muscle, so he wouldn’t eat any food other than the ones recommended by his nutritionist.

He broke this rule only on his birthday every year.

In the lounge that he shared with Arthur, Arthur would prepare a cake for him and celebrate his birthday with him. It was the first time he had tasted dessert in his memory.

In fact, he quite liked it.

Even though he was retired, he still continued to eat the food he ate in the army.

He tried to learn other recipes from the Internet and cook, but he felt that some steps were a bit cumbersome so he wanted to simplify it. Yet every time he did it, the food would be messed up. After that, he learned his lesson and just followed the recipe.

He thought he should maybe relax some more and enjoy living the life of an ordinary person.

But was life like for ordinary people?

Yan Xueshan didn’t quite understand it.

He was in an orphanage when he was a child. Then he was trained by his adoptive father as a teenager. He joined the army directly after becoming an adult and now he is retired.

That’s why he bought a TV and went home, intending to connect to the Internet and watch movies and TV shows, as well as read some news and learn about current events so he could learn how to transform his lifestyle.

A few days later, Yan Xueshan saw Arthur on the Central News Channel of the Galactic Federation.

Arthur was wearing an Admiral uniform, and a close up on his face showed a firm and meticulous expression as he  delivered an impassioned and righteous speech against interstellar pirates.

“After the end of the war, the Galactic Federation should have peace, but there are still interstellar pirates who are taking advantage of the chaos and making it impossible for people to live in peace.

“Therefore, the Ministry of Military Affairs will establish a new military base on Planet Vega as a point to start the mission of suppressing the operations of interstellar pirates.

“Here, guided by the spirit of the founding leaders of the Federation, I insist on overseeing the construction of the base and through combat and training, I will implement the requirements for the transformation and construction of a new Mecha Starfleet. The formulation and implementation of this new construction plan will promote a comprehensive peace for the Galactic Federation. This will also accelerate the transformation of the military for protection purposes.”

“Here, I, Arthur von Felix, swear on my name that I will guard the frontier, protect my family and country, and devote myself to the struggle against the evil forces of the Federation’s non-political organizations. Until I destroy interstellar pirates! I swear not to return home!”

As the words fell, Arthur stood up straight, giving a military salute to the camera.

Although the galaxy was now unified, nearly two hundred years of turbulent times and constant wars had given birth to a large number of interstellar pirates in a war riddled country.

Previously when Yan Xueshan was still in the military, he heard that the Galactic Federation had two trillion people, of which about 100 million were star pirates. This meant that one out of every 20,000 people was a star pirate.

Even when he was in the orphanage, he met several orphans who said they wanted to be star pirates in the future. The magnitude of star pirates was evident, and they were especially rampant in areas once controlled by the Empire.

It wasn’t just war that led to interstellar piracy. After the defeat and collapse of the Empire, there were small groups of former soldiers who didn’t want to surrender and be integrated into the fleet, so they became so-called “interstellar pirates”.  They wanted to make trouble for the new regime under the banner of preserving the memory of the Empire. It was also an attempt to have a chance to make a comeback in the future.

Yan Xueshan was infected by Arthur’s speech that “took the world’s worries as his worries and enjoys the world’s joys” and thought about it seriously-

Vega was really a good choice for a military base.

It was located on the hinterland of the Galactic Alliance, but far from the Empire so in the end it fell under Federation control.

Because of its remoteness, it was basically not affected by the war. It was like a paradise, however, due to its remoteness, it was also very suitable for the development of interstellar pirates.

Even so, if you built a spaceship route here and established a good base, from a military point of view, it was a very suitable location for a base.

  “It’s a good choice.”

Yan Xueshan folded his arms over his chest and looked at Arthur on the television screen with approval.

If he thought about it deeper…

Arthur’s identity as the president’s son has been made public. Even though his military exploits were real, he was still a source of gossip.

Adopting a strategy of going away from the central power vortex to a remote area to continue to accumulate political achievements was a very good idea.

A twenty-five-year-old admiral was already unprecedented, but it was caused by special circumstances of the war era. If it had been peacetime, there was no way for him to be promoted so quickly. Now he should act steadily and consolidate the military power in his hand.

As expected of Arthur, he was always thinking ahead, Yan Xueshan thought.

Just after the live TV broadcast was over, Yan Xueshan immediately received a voice message from Arthur. Admiral Arthur, who was acting very serious in front of the media just now, suddenly turned into a shy and sunny guy who spoke happily to him. “”Master, I’m going to be transferred to Vega!

“The higher-ups have given me the task of clearing up the interstellar pirates in the Galactic Federation, so I will be stationed there for at least ten years!”

He spoke with an excitement that couldn’t be concealed, as if he was going to a bustling planet and not some poor countryside.

Yan Xueshan: “…”

No, it still didn’t feel quite right.

Yan Xueshan replied, “I know, I was watching the Federal News.”

Arthur said, “It’s good that you watched it, then I don’t need to repeat it over and over again. I have one more thing to tell you that is very important ——

“Master, I was serious when I asked you whether you want to marry me. It’s just that, out of haste at the time, I didn’t make all the preparations before mentioning it to you.”

Yan Xueshan was stunned for a moment.

Arthur continued, in an extremely gentle tone, “I know, you don’t like politics and I’m too close to the political center, which will surely give you a lot of worries.

“Besides, you might also want to reject me on the grounds of living in two completely different places, but now I am going to be stationed there.

“Now you can continue your retirement as a farmer, and it will be much easier and faster for me to visit you from the new military base than from the Imperial Star.

“Distance is no longer an issue.”

Arthur took a long breath, as if to relax his nervousness, and said unbelievably softly, “Please consider my proposal seriously.

“I’ll be home in two hours, and when I get back, I’ll send you the information I’ve compiled over the past few days, which is my family information, personal finances, etc.

“You can take a look at it. It’s all real data authenticated by lawyers without any fraud.”

Arthur finished in a desperate tone,

“Master, when I come to Vega, please tell me your answer!”

Yan Xueshan thought about it, thought and thought….

….thought some more, and finally replied with, “Oh…”

After two hours.

Arthur actually sent him a document, the estimated reading time according to the reading software – one hour.

Yan Xueshan didn’t start reading right away.

He thought, I am now agreeing to go on a blind date with Arthur.


 It actually came true.

Matchmaking and a blind date with each other.

Since Arthur had sent him his financial situation, as the other party of the blind date, he should send Arthur his own financial situation, just to be fair.

His property wasn’t much, but the information should be very well organized.

He just didn’t expect Arthur to find a lawyer for notarization, so should he find one too? However, it was a bit difficult to find the right person to help so quickly…

Yan Xueshan pondered for ten minutes.

He decided to contact a “know-it-all,” Lin Qi, whom he used to know in the army. That person had a wide range of contacts and even was friends with a few lonely eccentrics, which showed how powerful he was.

As long as it was a matter of connections and people, you could definitely solve it properly if you went to him.

Yan Xueshan opened his address book and made contact: [Lin Qi, are you there?]

Lin Qi replied in seconds: [Yes, who would have thought that Master Yan would take the initiative to find me. We thought you disappeared from the world! Are you still alive?”

Yan Xueshan: 【I’m alive. I need your help with something.]

Yan Xueshan: 【Do you know a reliable lawyer friend who can do a quick property notarization for me?】

Then he added: 【Notarization of pre-marital property. ]

Lin Qi: [You’re getting married? !!!!!]

[What about Arthur?]

Yan Xueshan was speechless.

He was about to write the next sentence: with Arthur.

However, this was also wrong. He didn’t agree to marry Arthur yet.

They were still on the dating stage.

He deleted this half of the sentence and just wrote: [Not getting married yet, just going on a blind date. I want to get married. ]

Lin Qi: [You almost scared me to death. So it’s just a blind date. Are you actually openly dating? I thought you and Arthur were a couple? I also thought you were going to get married at the end of the war? But suddenly you retired and disappeared and even Arthur didn’t know anything about it. He looked like he lost his soul for a few days. I need to say it… at that time I thought you guys had broken up.]

Yan Xueshan: [?]

[When I was still in the army we were always just partners, not lovers.]

Yan Xueshan: [I found a matchmaking company, but the blind date they arranged for me was wrong and not quite suitable]

Lin Qi: [That must be a shady company! How can an ordinary dating company find a match for you? Did you write your military rank before retiring?]

Yan Xueshan: [I didn’t since it wasn’t convenient to write it. There are also high-end dating companies?]

Lin Qi: [Haha, no! ]

[But I can help you ask around! A lot of people are interested in you. If people hadn’t thought you were a couple with Arthur, someone would have asked you out already.]

[Send me your matchmaking requirements and I will give you the contact information in a few minutes.]

[I will take care of it]

  [I’ve already thought up the title for you: Retired Sniper God, looking for marriage online. Hahahahaha.]


The author has something to say:

 Arthur who was the first person informed about Yan Xueshan marriage news r: (spitting blood)


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