After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 21.2

Two of the students exchanged whispers and said, “Did you also feel like Admiral Arthur’s pheromones have suddenly become thicker?”

‘When you say that… Yeah, it’s gotten so sweet? What’s wrong?”

“Yet, his expression still looks so serious.”

Song Chao coughed lightly and lowered his voice to reprimand them. “No excuses.”

The classmate pressed his lips together, expressing disdain for his attitude of thinking he was the leader.

Arthur asked, “Do you know what the most important operational action for a Melee Master Sergeant is?”

The students scrambled to answer, and excitedly named many advanced mecha techniques, several of which were Arthur’s original techniques. He never hid these techniques and revealed them all to the public, teaching them first to the Imperial Military University, and then other mecha universities in the Federation.

However, it is one thing to know about the technique, and another thing if they were able to learn it or not.

Even in the mecha license examination, if you could do Arthur’s “Z lunge” and “high-frequency sword thrust”, you would be judged to have sufficient level to obtain the A-class master license.

Of course, only a very small number of applicants have obtained an A-level license. Most of the people who applied were poorly qualified and became confused just by reading the tutorial.

Yan Xueshan was also listening to the children’s answers thinking, ‘Well, none of these answers were correct.’

The correct answer should be the basic movements.

After listening to the students’ answers, Arthur held up the book and said, “No, the answer is all the most basic moves in this book.”

As he spoke he looked at Yan Xueshan.

The two looked at each other, making Yan Xueshan feel that his mind trembled.

It was like they were synchronized again, connected to each other at the soul level.

He once read about something called a “soul connection” in a book, and thought that maybe he and Arthur were like this.

 Arthur only showed the students one basic move.

He did it in a very standard way, but also in his own style, steady and sharp.

As when he was first partnered with him, there was no hint of laziness.

No difference from the teenager six years ago.

However, the 19-year-old Arthur wasn’t as good as he was now. Now these movements have been refined a million times in his training and countless battles. He performed them with ease.

How should he describe it?

Maybe another Master Sergeant could also do it at this level. After all these were the most basic movements you learned when you first learned mecha operation.

But when Arthur piloted a mecha it was like the humanoid shaped mecha had really been injected with soul, and was moving by itself. Its movements are silky smooth without any unnaturalness.

Yan Xueshan felt almost as if he was admiring art, and a very comfortable feeling welled up in his chest.

It was beautiful.

Watching Arthur pilot the mecha was really a visual pleasure, a perfect display of the beauty of violence and technology.

He was also aware how hard working Arthur was.

Even when Arthur helped him to plant rice seedlings on his farm required him to train. So even though Arthur was a genius, he also had an unparalleled passion for mechas, unlike him.

He only learned mecha operations because it was a tuition free course, and it was because of the high salary of a Master Sergeant that he became a sniper.

At that time, a man in military uniform with the rank of Second Lieutenant walked up to Yan Xueshan quietly and said, “Major Yan, Admiral Arthur asks you to wait for him in the lounge.”

Yan Xueshan replied, “I’m no longer a major.”

Then he said, “I want to watch the mecha from here.”

The Second Lieutenant informed him, “You can also watch the mechas from the lounge. There are seats and the view from above is much better than from here. It’s also quieter.”

Yan Xueshan then left with him.

Song Chao had noticed Yan Xueshan’s arrival a long time ago, and in his mind it only became further evidence that Yan Xueshan might be a spy.

 Seeing that Yan Xueshan was invited away by the officer accompanying the Admiral, he snorted softly and thought, ‘Sure enough, he was arrested and will be investigated!’

In the VIP room upstairs, Yan Xueshan watched the whole class through the one-way glass.

He hadn’t seen a mecha for a long time so he felt very nostalgic.

After class Arthur was again surrounded by a group of children asking him for autographs. It was hard to get away, so he looked up in his direction.

This was one way glass, so Arthur shouldn’t be able to see him.

Yan Xueshan just had the illusion of being seen by him.

Arthur lifted his feet and walked into his direction.

Intuition began to drive Yan Xueshan and almost in an instant, the internal structure he saw when he entered the building quickly emerged in his mind. The images assembled together like a jigsaw puzzle to outline a general map showing the passage structure in the building.

Moreover, if he chooses the right path to leave, he shouldn’t meet Arthur.

Yan Xueshan lifted his feet and left, very vigilant, showing a serious attitude as if he was dealing with an enemy on the battlefield.

He walked down the stairs lightly like a cat, as if muting the sound of his own footsteps. Pricking up his ears, he listened carefully to the surrounding movement, not missing any suspicious sounds.

The doorway was in sight.

Yan Xueshan was about to walk down the last two steps, but suddenly Arthur stepped out from behind the wall on the left, appearing out of nowhere.

Step by step, not too fast, not too slow, easily blocking Yan Xueshan’s escape.

Yan Xueshan seemed to be pinched by the back of the neck, and immediately stopped walking, his heart clenching.

Arthur stood at the bottom of the steps and raised his head to look at him. His gaze was gentle and soft as he spoke. “Master, don’t hide from me.”

Yan Xueshan said, “No.”

Not hiding, just not wanting to see.

Arthur’s eyes were so focused that it seemed that nothing could be hidden from him. It was strange. Obviously Arthur didn’t look aggressive at all and even seemed unusually obedient to him, but it still gave him a strong and terrible sense of crisis.

Not good. Very bad.

Yan Xueshan’s icy expression changed slightly, his cheeks tensing and he even unconsciously clenched his fists.

Still, Arthur wasn’t afraid of him at all. He even smiled with bright eyes as if he saw something cute, and said, “Master, I thought about it and in fact, you aren’t angry, but shy, right?”


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