After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 13

Just as Yan Xueshan finished changing it he heard Arthur blurt out, but only one syllable, “No….” Arthur swallowed back the rest of the sentence.

Yan Xueshan looked up and asked, “No?”

He didn’t take Arthur’s words to heart that he would agree with everything. It should be fair and square since they were discussing it.

Arthur was still smiling but the words that came from his mouth were: “…No.”

Yan Xueshan nodded. “Then it’s settled.”

Arthur rushed over quickly, held his hand and said, “Wait, Master, wait.”

Yan Xueshan: “Do you have any questions?”

Arthur maintained his gentlemanly demeanor, but with a bit of shyness, he said innocently and kindly, “I think, this one, that stipulates the frequency of our sexual life, should be removed. Isn’t it against human rights?”

“I don’t want you to agree to have sex with me because of rules. If you don’t agree, we’ll just not do it, if you agree we will. When the time comes, the specific situation will be handled. This shouldn’t be something that is legally required. Ah, even if it’s your own spouse you shouldn’t force it. You must first please the other person before you can ask them to do… do…“

Having said that, Arthur felt embarrassed again.

Yan Xueshan picked it up for him, “Make love.”

Arthur blushed and looked at him with glowing eyes, “Well, it’s the right way to make love.”

Yan Xueshan thought about it and decided that Arthur was right.

But wouldn’t that be less than fair to Arthur? Because he would never want to do it.

 Yan Xueshan was very straightforward. “It’s okay to remove it. But are you sure that you want to remove it?”

Arthur nodded with a straight face. “Mm.”

Yan Xueshan looked at his sincere and kind expression and felt that something was wrong. He vaguely felt that he had experienced this scene somewhere before, but he couldn’t remember it right now.

His intuition was reminding him that something was very wrong here.

Arthur seems to be tricking him?

But he couldn’t figure it out.

Still, Yan Xueshan crossed that point out.

Now the agreement was finalized.

Arthur quietly put away the agreement, and said, “It’s finished, right? I’ll put it away first, and we’ll go to a lawyer tomorrow.”

Then he asked, “Xueshan, shall I stay at your place tonight? Today is originally my vacation so I’m not absent from my work.”

Arthur changed his tone in a particularly natural manner.

Seems like he was planning this all along.

It also wasn’t that strange, but since no one called him by his name like that in his life, Yan Xueshan noticed right away. He frowned, becoming very uncomfortable as he asked, “What did you just call me?”

Arthur said it voluntarily and enthusiastically, “’Xueshan.’ Can’t I? We are fiances now, so I think I should speak to you in a more intimate manner. You can also call me ‘Artie’, which is my nickname.”

Yan Xueshan felt like this person didn’t know the meaning of the word embarrassment. He was used to being like this and continued until now.

In the beginning, he also started to call him “Master” on his own and now he changed it again.

However, Yan Xueshan felt that there was nothing wrong with it.

Arthur seemed to be opening his chest, taking his beating heart and showing it to him, begging him to take a look.

Yan Xueshan pursed his lips, and said indifferently, “It’s up to you.”

“If you want to stay overnight, you can sleep in the guest room next door. After we get married you can sleep in the same room as me.”

Arthur was stunned. “We can only sleep in the same room after the wedding?”

Yan Xueshan nodded. “Yes, since we will be married we need to sleep in the same room.”

Arthur immediately became visibly happy again.

He looked very innocent again, so Yan Xueshan’s wariness towards him had completely disappeared.

Yan Xueshan asked the housekeeping robot to make the bed in the guest bedroom, checked the room temperature and then looking at the time said, “I’m going to watch TV for an hour, and then go to bed.”

Arthur was surprised. “Watch TV? You actually watch TV?  What kind of programs? Military programs?”

Yan Xueshan said solemnly, “Romance dramas.”

Arthur almost spit out, “.. how can you watch this kind of program?”

Yan Xueshan’s expression showed that he wasn’t sure what was wrong with this and said, “I haven’t seen any before so shouldn’t I watch dramas?”

Arthur held back a chuckle. “Yes, yes, of course you can. Do you want me to watch it with you?”

Yan Xueshan: “We can watch it together if you want to watch it too.”

Arthur sat down and watched TV with him for a while.

He usually has to train and manage the army and in his free time he was busy chasing after his wife. Where would he have time to watch TV dramas? The last time he watched a TV show was before he joined the army, during his college years.

This was his first time watching TV in several years.

The content of this TV series was also very simple. It was about the Alpha son of the Diamond King, who, within the vast universe, meets his destined omega. The two people loved each other to death, and were like heaven and earth.

Yan Xueshan himself couldn’t understand many plot points, even after watching several episodes. Sometimes he felt that those two people were breaking up but they didn’t. When he thought these two people shouldn’t break up, they would break up.

Yan Xueshan was alone before, so even though he couldn’t understand he had no one to ask. Today Arthur was with him. Arthur was also watching it with a smile so he seemed to understand it more than him. When he chatted with him about the TV series he was originally not very interested in, it became much more interesting.

Yan Xueshan asked him, “Why did they do this?”

Arthur replied, “Because of love.”


What was love?

Yan Xueshan had a vague impression of it. Before his parents were killed in the war he remembered that he was once a little baby loved by his parents.

However, he was still very young at that time, so the memories of his biological parents were very scattered.

His mother would kiss his little cheeks and call him “little baby” and “sweetheart” before leaving home every day.

His dad would lift him high, plant a pomegranate tree for him in the yard, build him a swing under the tree and carry him on his shoulders in the amusement park to let him watch the fireworks.

Just a few days before his parents died, they had celebrated his fifth birthday.

He remembered the lighted candles on the cake, flickering brightly, burning too fiercely for him.

He blew on it several times but they didn’t go out, so his eyes filled with tears of aggravation.

He felt very wronged, but his Mom and Dad just laughed happily. His dad smiled and said, “Don’t cry, baby, you are a little man now.”

However, when he was rescued from the rubble and woke up in the hospital after being in a coma for a few days, he felt that normal part of him was gouged out of him by God.

He asked his nurse, “Where’s my mom and dad?”

The adults looked at him with compassionate eyes and informed him of the terrible news of his parents’ death. He then just said, “Oh. I see. Thank you for telling me.”

He didn’t feel sad at all, let alone cried unlike other orphans in the children’s ward who had lost their parents. He even immediately dismissed this matter as if he didn’t care and said, “I’m a little thirsty, can I have a glass of apple juice?”

The nurse looked at him like she saw a monster and replied, “Yes.”

Since then, from time to time, adults would look at him with similar eyes. When he became an adult himself, people he knew would look at him with such eyes.

Several people who almost became his adoptive parents did it, and within days of having looked at him with such eyes, he would be sent back to the orphanage.

Yan Xueshan had a photo of his parents in his collection.

On the anniversary of his parents’ death, he would sit alone at the orphanage table, set up a photo of the three of them together, and light a candle – the same purple candle he had on his birthday cake.

It was a very common candle that was sold at a nearby store.

Then he would lay at the table and quietly watch the candle burn out. At that time he no longer disliked the fact that this candle couldn’t be easily extinguished. Instead, he hoped that it could burn for a little longer.

It wasn’t until he was ten years old that he was adopted by his adoptive father.

Of course, his adoptive father also noticed that he seemed to have some problems, so he took him to the hospital for a relatively expensive psychiatric examination. The doctor said that he had suffered a brain injury and had lost the ability to perceive feelings, similar to a second order mental disorder.

At that time, Yan Xueshan thought he would be returned to the orphanage once again, but even if he was returned he didn’t seem to feel sad.

Contrary to his expectations, the next day his adoptive father acted as nothing happened. He also didn’t treat him as if he was any different from an ordinary child.

Later, his adoptive father happily said to him, “Xiaoxue, don’t think of it as a disadvantage. This may be a gift from God. Look at how suitable it is for you to practice sniping.”


His adoptive father was right.

He was very suitable for sniping. No matter what happened, he could think extremely calmly and wouldn’t be impulsive. His gun would also never shake.

He couldn’t feel love, so he could never be moved by it.

But he knew that his father, mother, and foster father all loved him.

That’s right. Yan Xueshan thought that before he officially married Arthur, he should go to the tombstones of his parents and adoptive father and inform them of his upcoming marriage.

Yan Xueshan turned his head and was about to discuss this matter with Arthur, but found that Arthur’s expression didn’t look right.

Yan Xueshan had some experience with Arthur in this state.

When they were partners, they lived in the same room. There were some times when he opened the door and after he entered he noticed Arthur “entertaining himself”.

Arthur would blush, and his thing would get bigger under his gaze.

Yan Xueshan also had experience in dealing with it. He would politely say, “Sorry to disturb you. Take your time, I will be back in an hour.”

Then he would close the door and go away.

Yan Xueshan asked kindly, “Are you going into heat?”

Arthur turned around and faced him, the wooden support of the sofa making a slight cracking sound, “Well….”

Yan Xueshan: “Where’s your suppressant?”

Arthur: “I forgot to bring it.”

Yan Xueshan didn’t believe it. “Impossible.”

Arthur spread his hands, “Then you can search me.”

Yan Xueshan searched him all over, but he really couldn’t find it. He suspected that Arthur didn’t bring medicine on purpose, but now was not the right time to hold him accountable.

Arthur’s face became even redder. His body temperature rose and his heart beat even faster, which weren’t symptoms of a normal fever!

He rubbed his chin and asked, “Then how do you plan to solve this?”

Arthur asked cautiously, “Master, can you allow me to hug you? Just give me a hug and let me smell your body.”

Yan Xueshan was puzzled.  “I don’t have pheromones. I’m a beta, I can’t comfort you with omega pheromones.”

Arthur said, “It’s okay, I can just smell your body.”

Yan Xueshan thought they were now fiancées, with a marriage contract. They were no longer just simple colleagues so he was obliged to take care of his spouse when he was sick – if this “fever” could be counted as an illness.

At that time, he also remembered another thing, why he had a feeling of déjà vu when he was negotiating the agreement.

Because the tone and look of Arthur asking him to delete that term on the agreement today was exactly the same as when Arthur asked him for help the night before the final battle.

Yan Xueshan stood in front of Arthur and calmly and indifferently agreed. “You can hold me.”


The author has something to say.

Beta cannot be marked.

But if an Alpha lies and says he is having a heat, a Beta has no way to smell their pheromones and no way to tell if it was true or not. Hehehe


Edited by: Antiope1


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