After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 9

Uncle Qiao from the farm next door soon found that Yan Xueshan’s helper had disappeared, and he asked, “Where did Arthur go?”

Knowing that Arthur had gone back home, he rambled to him, “Alas, it’s a pity. He worked really well. Just like you, he was born to be a good farmer.”

“By the way, did you know that a few days ago a group of interstellar pirates came to the port trying to scare us? Fortunately they were directly captured at the port. I heard they came just when two Master Mecha Sergeants happened to be traveling here. They straight knocked them out.”

“Tell me, why would there be two Master Mecha Sergeants traveling to a countryside like ours?”

Yan Xueshan thought to himself, ‘It’s true that traveling is meaningless, but retirement farming is interesting.’

When Arthur left, he continued to farm.

He didn’t take what Arthur said seriously.

After going back home that day, he slept, woke up and thought he would see what would happen.

At first he was very busy with farming.

After more than a month, Yan Xueshan finally finished planting his land. Next, he planned to plant some fruit trees and he also wanted to dig a pond to raise some fish. Then he could fish and play in his own pond.

Yan Xueshan had already made plans.

When the farm starts to make a profit , he will keep only one-year of rations for himself and any necessary expenses and donate the rest to the orphanage.

During this time, Arthur didn’t send him any text messages. He also didn’t ask him if he went on any more blind dates.

Instead, he sent him a few pictures of the Artemis.

The mecha designers and repairers were surrounding Artemis, transforming her. Light fell on her body like she was sprinkled with bright starlight.

Yan Xueshan silently liked this picture message, and then read the comment.

Arthur sent him several photos of mecha or sniper rifles everyday.

Yan Xueshan always felt some sense of scheming in it, but he still couldn’t control his hands as he opened the photos.

About a week has passed like this.

Arthur asked, “Master, how are the seedlings I planted before?”

Yan Xueshan showed Arthur the piece of land he planted, then he lost control and took pictures to show him. Then he started taking pictures of his estate and even some small flowers or crops, sending the pictures to Arthur every day.

Arthur was a very supportive person, so no matter what he sent, he would still write a paragraph to praise him, with the central theme of good! Pretty good!

He would also always ask him about his farming plans for the next day.

Yan Xueshan would tell him his plans.

Since Arthur was calling him “Master” every day, Yan Xueshan gradually put his mind at ease.

Adults, even outspoken ones, were usually too embarrassed to reveal embarrassing things to other people and would rather pretend that nothing happened.

After the end of a busy period of planting seeds he was free.

Yan Xueshan planned to continue modifying his agricultural mecha and build a sniper station on his farm.

This wasn’t a big problem for him. His machine engineering was close to perfect, so he could repair and even take over a warship.

However, due to the lack of parts, he had to go to the city to resupply.

Yan Xueshan took his card and went to the city.

He didn’t know if it was due to the pirate attack last time, but this time, as soon as he got off the bus he saw guards patrolling near the security check. There also seemed to be more tourists around.

Yan Xueshan followed the other passengers in line. When it was his turn to check the tickets, the other party saw him and got excited, stood straight and saluted. “Hello!”

“Thank you for coming to my aid last time!”

The crowd looked toward them.

Yan Xueshan returned the salute and said, “Don’t worry about it, the Admiral has already paid a reward. Since I live in this neighborhood now, please don’t make such a fuss the next time you see me.”

The man refused. “No, you are a war hero. What’s the purpose of you coming here this time? We will take care of it for you right away.”

Yan Xueshan retreated three steps. “No, no need. I’m just here to do some shopping.”

The other party said, “You don’t even have a weapon with you this time. Do you know how dangerous it is right now? Please let me send two security personnel to protect you.”

Tan Xueshan refused. “No need.”

This was too polite.

Yan Xueshan couldn’t figure out the reason.

Was it because there could be another pirate attack?

Then he should hurry and build his sniper station. If he had time he could also help Uncle Qiao build one next door .

Then he arrived at the mecha store.

When the owner saw Yan Xueshan, he immediately perked up, smiled happily and greeted him warmly.

Yan Xueshan had been here only once before, but he already created the impression that he was a big customer. This impression became even deeper when he showed his veteran’s card as he bought something last time. Even without these external factors, the shop owner would’ve still remembered him. It was the first time, after all, that he had seen such a handsome person as Yan Xueshan in reality.

Especially the last time he came. Yan Xueshan was wearing a suit, matching his black hair and black eyes. He was so beautiful that it was unforgettable.

This time he was dressed much more low-key. He was dressed in his daily shirt, jacket and jeans. At first glance, he didn’t look as eye-catching as last time. However his black hair was still pretty rare. Due to thousands of years of ethnic integration, the vast majority of the Galactic Federation had brown hair, brown eyes and light wheat-colored skin.

Yan Xueshan’s appearance was very “pure blood”, so he should be very popular in theory.

The boss asked, “Mr. Yan, what do you want to buy?”

Yan Xueshan said, “I want to buy some materials to build a station. Do you have any guns? Let me see, I am interested in long-range, high-energy ones.”

The shopkeeper said, “We have some high-capacity weapons that require a civilian hunter’s license to buy. You would also need to register the gun with the government. What do you want to buy it for?”

Uh, he wanted to modify a normal sniper rifle so it could shoot aircraft and mecha.

Yan Xueshan answered cautiously, “The other day there were pirates, weren’t there? I want to add fortifications to defend against interstellar pirates.”

The shop owner was a very sincere person, so hearing his words he suddenly understood, nodded and said, “Recently there’re a lot of people coming to replenish their weapons. I thought that you as a veteran, so maybe you already heard about it from your former colleagues -“

Yan Xueshan became confused. “Heard what?”

The boss lowered his voice and said mysteriously, “It’s only because you are a veteran, I am telling you this. It seems that it hasn’t been announced to the public yet, but it has been almost finalized so there will be official news in a while.

“The Federation has selected to build a small military base here on Planet Vega. It seems that there are many agricultural stars here, so it’s important to protect logistic supplies. They want to use the military base as the center to carry out interstellar pirates suppression operations in surrounding areas and improve the security of the Galactic Federation.”

Yan Xueshan: “?”

He hadn’t heard anything about that.


The boss’s eyes lit up again, as he spoke excitedly. “I heard that there would even be a stationed Admiral! An S-level Mecha Master! He will be stationed here!”

Yan Xueshan thought, ah, this…. Maybe it would just be better to directly report Arthur’s ID number.


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