After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 4

Yan Xueshan has never participated in a blind date before.

It’s not that no one introduced him. On the contrary, there were just too many.

After he obtained his divisional license and got the title of Military Officer, he had many introductions for blind dates made to him by enthusiastic people. Yet he never said yes to any of them out of concern for his own longevity.

Moreover, since about five years before, no one tried to introduce him to anyone again and no one came to invite him out.

This left him with a clean slate.

Still, he always remembered the message in the will his adoptive father wrote to him before he died.

【Xueshan, be an upright and kind person. No need to practice sniping to please me anymore. It’s okay to be ordinary, get married and have children. Spending your life in peace.

My hometown is on the planet Vega K37. You may not have heard of it since it’s a very remote agricultural planet, where people have been farming for generations and most that live there haven’t even seen a combat mecha in their lives.

Originally I wanted to take you there when the war was over. I haven’t been back there for many years.

When I was leaving I sold my farm to raise money for traveling, but even after all these years I haven’t earned enough money to buy it back. I always thought that later when I have fulfilled my dream there would certainly be enough money to go there and spend my retirement.

But by the time you get this letter, I would probably be dead, right? Haha.

Well, in the future, if you have the opportunity, perhaps you can go and see for yourself – there are endless artificial fields, very suitable for growing wheat. When the harvest is abundant, the wind whips through it, making it look like a golden ocean. The stars shine down on the earth and emit a romantic glow mixed with powder blue].

Become Sniper Master Sergeant – he did it.

Save money to buy a farm – he did it.

Now there was just the matter of getting married.

Yan Xueshan carefully read the two-hour blind date rules.

It says, first of all, to dress neatly.

So, he pulled out a set of formal clothes that he usually wore when he went out to deal with people. He doesn’t know how to choose clothes, and doesn’t have the ability to dress himself up. He was used to wearing military uniforms to banquets, so when it wasn’t convenient to wear for certain private occasions, he was troubled.

Then Arthur came forward to solve his problems and bought a suit for him.

A blue and black pinstripe cashmere three piece suit.

According to Arthur, during the Earth Era, ancient humans dressed like this when they attended important occasions. Since it was retro style, it was exquisite to wear with buttons and collar. But he now needed to hurry and take the interstellar bus to go!

The matchmaking place was near the port city of Vega Planet, Precinct A11. It was a very small place, but there was a transportation hub so it was already one of the most prosperous places.

Yan Xueshan followed the public placard instructions.

Finally he arrived at the Star Lord Rose Restaurant.

The blind date had arrived earlier than him and was already seated. Seeing him appear, his eyes lit up as he stood up and smoothed out his clothes. “Mr. Yan. Here.”

The other party was an alpha male – which was also a bit strange. He had sent his profile to the matchmaking company to select a full range of matches, regardless of gender or whether it was alpha, beta or omega. For some reason, the ones interested in him were all alpha males.

Yan Xueshan chatted with him strictly according to the rules of matchmaking he received earlier.

“I saw on your profile that you used to be a soldier. What did you do in the army?”

“Kill people.”

“I mean, what was your position?”


“Do you have any hobbies?”

“Aside from shooting, I have no other hobbies.”

“Uh…you…don’t you feel bad about eating this?”

“This is healthy.”

Yan Xueshan ordered a cheap set meal, simple boiled chicken and vegetables. He ate it a lot when he was in the army so he still eats it now since he was already used to it.

He asked, “Have you finished asking your questions?”

The man was stunned. “No more questions for now….”

Yan Xueshan said, “I have to say something. I want to introduce some of the circumstances I didn’t write about in the profile. The matchmaking company people said that due to system error some elements couldn’t be recorded.”

“If I get married, I will continue to live on the farm. You can stay with me or live where you like.”

“Financially, I can give you 100,000 star coins for living expenses a year.”

“For sexual life frequency, because I am sexually frigid I have no requirements for this aspect. If you need it, I can cooperate with you once a month.”

“In addition, when I was five years old my brain was injured because of the war, so I no longer have the ability to perceive emotions.”

As the man listened, he couldn’t even eat his meal and stared at him dumbfounded.

Instead, his face changed from embarrassment to interest as he quietly listened to him finish. Laughing, he asked, “So you are just looking for someone to get married to?”

Yan Xueshan: “Yes. Can you accept it?”

The man laughed. “That’s interesting. Yes.”

The meal was finished.

Yan Xueshan felt that he had a good chat and answered every question.

The other party proposed they go for a walk together, and then go to the famous tourist attraction on this planet, a watchtower to watch the sunset together.

Halfway there, the other party tried to hold his hand.

Yan Xueshan refused, saying in a serious manner, “For your safety, please don’t hold my hand without telling me first. I just recently retired from the military so I still have battlefield reflexes, and it is likely for me to hurt you. Your life could be in danger.”

Also as the rulebook says, it’s ideal to get to know each other the first time you meet, get acquainted with each other the second time, and then try to hold hands the third time.”

The man stared at him, smiled, and then asked, “You’ve never been in love, have you? I thought since you were 32 years old, you must’ve already had a whole history of relationships.”

Yan Xueshan shook his head. “No, I haven’t. I was very busy in the army.”

The man then suggested, “Then let’s hold hands when we meet for the third time. It’s three hours until sunset, do you have somewhere you want to go for a stroll?”

Yan Xueshan became a little interested and asked, “Then, can we go shopping at a mecha parts store?”

There was only one mecha parts store on the planet called A11.

The area of the store was only a thousand square feet, so it was too small to fit even two mechas inside. There wasn’t a single mecha there. The store just sold some replacement parts, and provided simple and cheap repair services, and repainting services.

Yan Xueshan explored mecha parts section.

The idea of modifying his agricultural mecha came naturally to him. He also wanted to put in a sniper configuration.

Uncle Qiao had told him that in the past fifty years, due to the chaos of war, many interstellar pirates have appeared. In the past few years, interstellar pirates often visited their planet so they had to defend against them.

It made perfect sense.

The man accompanied him in his search and said, “Is this your hobby?”

Yan Xueshan lifted an eighty-kilogram engine with one hand and said, “It’s not a hobby, it’s a survival skill.”

The TV in the mecha store was showing the federal news.

The female host said sweetly and modestly: “… The day before yesterday, the President attended the peacebuilding talks, where he introduced his eldest son, Arthur von Felix, to the outside world for the first time. His son previously participated in several important battles in the army and was promoted to the rank of General after the final battle “Armageddon”. As an individual, he is an S-level  Melee Mech Master Sergeant, with outstanding military service. As a commander, he has also won many victories, such as… and… etc., He would take lead in every battle and in the final battle “Armageddon”… “

Hearing this, Yan Xueshan felt that something was even more wrong, no matter how apathetic he was.

He raised his head and saw on the light screen a tall and handsome man with blond hair and golden eyes in military uniform following the President.

He looked the person up and down and no matter from what direction he looked, he could only admit that this person was Arthur.

 —His partner Arthur.

When did Arthur become the President’s son? Yan Xueshan was dumbfounded.

No, he knew that the president had several children, one of which was named Arthur, but the name Arthur was common; there were few dozen of them in the army alone so Yan Xueshan never thought he could be the president’s son.

After all, Arthur wasn’t spoiled at all. He fought in many death battles and was without a young master’s temper. He has seen many small government officials that were completely different.

He knew of high-ranking officials who sent sons to the logistics for military service, but to the front line?! Are you kidding me? So many people die on the front line every day. If you didn’t have ability you could die in a matter of days.

Especially at the final battle “Armageddon.” His battle plan with Arthur was approved by the President himself! What kind of father personally sends his son to die? Was he really his own son?

It was outrageous.

Yan Xueshan couldn’t react for some time.

He looked at the TV. Arthur and the President had identical blond hair and golden eyes.

He seems to be his biological son.

Yan Xueshan ordered more than three hundred thousand star coins of mecha parts, and the next day the store would deliver it to his home by interstellar courier.

It was a good day.

Yan Xueshan drove out his agricultural mecha and put it in the open space. After setting up the frame he started. Wearing old overalls and working for a while he felt hot, so he took off his coat. His vest was soaked with sweat, so his chest and abdominal muscles were faintly visible.

Yan Xueshan suddenly felt like he was hearing things.It sounded like he could hear Arthur calling out to him, “Master”.

When he heard it for the second time he realized he wasn’t hallucinating.

He followed the sound and turned his head to look.

Arthur stood in the same direction as the sun, so he was blinded by the light, causing him to squint his eyes.

Arthur was wearing his military uniform. His shoulder badges and several medals were pinned to his chest. When he saw him, he raised his arms high and waved them vigorously and cheerfully. With a bright smile on his face, he shouted, “Master!”

As the words fell, he first went from a brisk walk to a trot and then running. His pace got faster and faster.

Still sitting on the elevated shelf, Yan Xueshan didn’t say a word as he watched him run over.

When he got under the shelf, Arthur was panting. His eyes were bright and unblinking as he looked at him and said directly and enthusiastically, “Master, are you repairing the mecha? Let me help you.”

Yan Xueshan answered irrelevantly and even a little coldly. “How did you know I live here? Why did you come to see me?”

Arthur froze for a moment, then smiled again and said, “I got the information from someone…”

He tilted his neck and asked, “Master, didn’t you say you were getting married? I’m your disciple, so I’m concerned about…your…progress?”

Yan Xueshan said, “It’s going well. The first matchmaking meeting has already taken place.”

The smile on Arthur’s face almost disappeared.

Yan Xueshan jumped off the shelf and landed lightly in front of him. Looking at him, he ordered bluntly, “Repay the money.”

Arthur: “What money?”

Yan Xueshan: “The money I paid for your dinner when you first arrived in the army. I thought you were a child of a poor family, so I invited you to dinner. I didn’t realize that you would turn out to be the President’s son. You’re not short of money so why did you trick me into buying you dinner? Pay back the money.”

Arthur: “…”


The author has something to say:

Golden retriever wagged its tail and ran wildly over.


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