After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 24

Arthur smiled and slowly raised his head, his expression full of disbelief.

Yan Xueshan felt a sense of déjà vu. After thinking about it seemed to be very similar to the night before Armageddon, when Arthur also showed him this expression.

Seeing that Arthur didn’t say anything, Yan Xueshan asked, “What’s your answer?”

Arthur immediately sat up straight. “Yes! No, no and no. I mean yes, yes! I am willing! Of course I am willing.”

Yan Xueshan looked at him with a clear and pure gaze, slightly tilting his head because of Arthur’s sitting posture, and asked curiously, “You are always so eloquent, why are you stuttering now?”

Arthur became embarrassed. Just as he was about to answer, Yan Xueshan suddenly understood and said, “Oh now I know. It’s because of me, right?”

Arthur’s face instantly turned red.

Yan Xueshan said with self-satisfaction, “Looks like I’m right, your face is really turned red.”

Arthur stiffened and said, “Master, what you are saying to me now is equivalent to flirting with me, are you aware of that?”

Yan Xueshan was confused. “Ah? Is that so?”

Arthur was like a beast approaching its prey step by step, as if submitting to him. This made Yan Xueshan feel that Arthur was even more dangerous. 

“You are making me want to kiss you.”

Yan Xueshan didn’t move, not afraid of him as he asked, “Are you asking for my permission? If you want to kiss me, you can. We’re dating and will be getting married soon. “

Yan Xueshan watched Arthur come closer, the tips of their noses lightly bumping as he got a closer look at Arthur’s face. He was very healthy, his eyebrows and eyelashes were slightly darker than his platinum hair color, almost a golden brown. This only made his features look more intense. His iris was light gold which was a very beautiful color.

 Arthur adjusted the angle to kiss him properly, his lips just inch away from him.

Because both of them didn’t close their eyes during the adjustment process, they both locked eyes.

Arthur took a deep breath, pulled away, and sighed out quietly.

Becoming unsure, Yan Xueshan asked, “Aren’t you going to kiss me?”

He looked at the time and thought, ‘If he doesn’t want to kiss, I could go to sleep.’ They could do relationship tasks another day.

Arthur held his hand and rubbed his thumb gently on his palm, making it feel itchy.

Yan Xueshan didn’t know what was so good about his hands, he has been working since he was a child and later he joined the army. His hands were full of calluses and weren’t soft or smooth.

Arthur, seeming sincere, methodically proposed, “I was thinking, since you say we should try to be in a two-way relationship, I shouldn’t be the only one taking the initiative to kiss you every time, right? For example, if I kiss you once, you should also kiss me once. It’s the only way for it to be called mutual, right?”

Why didn’t that sound quite right? Yan Xueshan thought so, but it also seemed to make some sense.

Arthur: “Or, you kiss me first and then I will kiss you.”

Yan Xueshan felt that this detour was a waste of time, and before Arthur finished speaking, he took the initiative to kiss him quickly. “Like this?”

Arthur was slow to react. His heartbeat was pounding so loudly as if it was going to explode, still he couldn’t help but to just kiss back.

First gently, then probing deeper.

 For some reason, Yan Xueshan remembered that when he was drunk, Arthur seemed to coax him and teach him how to kiss. Recalling this, he responded to Arthur.

Arthur was stunned for a moment, then randomly, like a spark falling on dry grass, he became uncontrollable, as if he couldn’t control himself and wanted to eat him. While Arthur was pressing him down,Yan Xueshan couldn’t help leaning back.

Arthur thought he was going to escape, so he anxiously wrapped his arms around his waist. His love was almost overflowing.

Yan Xueshan felt that his waist was going to be broken, and he was almost out of breath.

He was confused after being kissed again. Unaware that he was now laying down, Arthur reached out to unbuckle Yan Xueshan’s belt, making a soft clanging sound.

Yan Xueshan grabbed his wrist and turned his head away, finally breaking free from Arthur’s soft kiss.

Arthur stopped, supported himself on his arms and leaned over his body. Unblinkingly looking at him and gasping, Arthur calmly asked even if it was evident that he wasn’t calm at all. “No?”

Yan Xueshan couldn’t look away. He felt that he was kissed for too long, making his brain oxygen deprived. His heart was beating non-stop, but he didn’t speak as he was a little unhappy.

Arthur lowered his head, pressing their foreheads together and said with a small smile, “Master, you’re shy again.”

Yan Xueshan couldn’t bear hearing this, so he replied, “I’m not shy.”

“You are shy.”

“No. I’m not shy.”

“But you are proving that you are shy by being embarrassed to have sex with me.”

“I’m not embarrassed, I just feel uncomfortable.”

“Is it really uncomfortable? You’re obviously having a ‘good time’ too.”

“…. That…that was probably because I was drunk.”

“You’re not drunk today, so we can try again.”

Was that right? Yan Xueshan thought in confusion.

Arthur whispered in his ear, “Besides, you just agreed to fall in love with me. Will you try coaxing me?”

He felt odd. This time he didn’t drink any alcoholic beverages, so why was he confused again?

He felt half sober, half foggy.

Arthur kept asking him if he was embarrassed, so in the end he couldn’t help but cover Arthur’s mouth and let Arthur finish what he was doing.

After he stopped making trouble, Arthur kept kissing the back of his neck. Telling him it was impossible to mark him, but he still kissed and bit him.

However, this amount of exercise was still a piece of cake for a well-trained Master Mecha Sergeant.

Yan Xueshan woke up on time to go back to school, while Arthur followed behind him and complained, “I really want to go with you.”

Yan Xueshan frowned at him. “What are you talking about? Don’t always think about skipping work without authorization.”

Arthur said, “Then when you go back, you have to send me a message and talk with me. This is how you should behave if you are in a relationship.”

Yan Xueshan buttoned his shirt to the top, covering the hickeys on his body, and said in a tone of voice he used while undergoing a mission, “Well, I know. I should contact you every day, right? I will set a time and contact you.”

Arthur sent him all the way to the spaceship.

Before leaving, he said to him, “Dr. Brandon asked me to tell you that you can reconsider the job of a test pilot. He can cooperate with your schedule and do the testing on your day off.”

This time, Yan Xueshan didn’t refuse right away and just said, “Okay, I’ll think about it.”

After boarding the ship, Yan Xueshan looked down on the base from the porthole window. Arthur was still standing on the deck, looking at him from a distance. He didn’t withdraw his gaze until his ship flew far away and was no longer able to see Arthur’s figure.

The base was quite far from the school.

Yan Xueshan stepped on time into the classroom.

As soon as Nana saw him, she became anxious and said, “You’re finally here, why did you come so late? I just remembered that we don’t have your contact information.” Then she smelled his scent and wrinkled her nose. She wanted to ask something, but in the end decided not to.

Yan Xueshan exchanged contact information with her.

Nana waved to Polly and said, “Come and add our new friend too. The three of us will make a small group.”

Polly squirmed and came over, but this time her attitude was much better as she didn’t argue with Yan Xueshan.

It was the first time the three of them had a class and it was quite harmonious.

When class was about to end, Nana couldn’t help asking Yan Xueshan, “Do you know that you have hickey marks and teeth marks on the back of your neck?”

Yan Xueshan touched the back of his neck. “…I didn’t know.”

Nana added, “You’re also covered with a strong alpha pheromone scent. I think all the alphas and omegas in the class should be able to smell it. Several people were looking at you just now. Next time you come over after a date with your fiance you should pay more attention to yourself.”

Yan Xueshan: “I’m a beta, I can’t smell the pheromones.”

Nana nodded. “Your fiancé’s alpha pheromone smells like an S-rank alpha, it’s quite overwhelming.”

“You guys are in an AB romance.”

Polly pulled her a little and said, “Nana, you just need to remember that if you ask too many questions you will invade his privacy.”

Nana responded with embarrassment. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m just too spontaneous and can’t control my mouth.”

Yan Xueshan said good-naturedly, “That’s okay.”

He organized his books and materials and said goodbye to them both. “See you in class tomorrow.”

The two girls said to him, “Goodbye, goodbye.”

Polly looked at his back thoughtfully.

Nana muttered, “He is an adult who just got out of his fiancé’s bed and came to school. He looks like such a serious guy, I didn’t expect him to be so playful in private. I wonder what kind of person his alpha fiancé is…?”

“Polly, what do you think?”

Polly hadn’t been listening to her for a while, but instantly came to her senses, and asked, “Huh? What did you just say?”

Nana asked, “You don’t hate him anymore?”

“I don’t know.” Polly lowered her head and looked at her optical screen. The wallpaper was a fanart of the Blue Reaper, but one that was drawn in a more fantasy-like style.

She was also part of a group of the Vega Branch of the Blue Reaper Fan Support Club on the Internet, where people would get together to praise the Blue Reaper.

It wasn’t just her optical screen wallpaper, she also put up posters in her room so even the bed sheets and pillowcases had the same color scheme as Artemis.

She remarked confusedly, “You know, I had a terrible dream last night—

“I dreamed that I saw the Blue Reaper last night. But when he got off the mecha and took off his helmet he actually had the exact same face as Yan Xueshan!”

The scariest thing was that after she woke up from that dream, although she found it a bit outrageous, it wasn’t completely out of place.

The temperament of the Blue Reaper was really like that of Yan Xueshan.

Elegant, calm and gentle.

 The first thing Yan Xueshan did when he returned to the dormitory was to contact Arthur, because he promised to accompany him in love.

[From Yan Xueshan:

Good evening, Arthur, I’m back in the dormitory. I’m going to have dinner, do my homework and then go to bed.]

Then he turned off his communicator.

His task was completed.


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